26 points that your online store must meet for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

That 26 points must meet your online store for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

Vivas or not the United States know that the term Black Friday or Cyber Monday means sales opportunities for any business. In fact, according to Adobe, American consumers last year spent nearly $ 2.4 billion on Black Friday . But that record will not last long; Tech Radar as in this 2015 is expected to profit focus on sales of Cyber Monday and exceed the record in every way. It ‘s no wonder that there are more and more online stores.

Running a successful sale this Black Friday can cause a
lot of stress for many storeowners, as you have to prepare for the influx of traffic and sales. I wrote this post thinking specifically help those who want the holiday season this year is profitable for your business.

If you follow this list of 26 points sure your store is ready to receive the
Black Friday and Cyber Monday , plus minimizarte stress and headaches to give you tips to sell more. This list also will help cover all the necessary points for successful sales and give you ideas on how to prepare for the holiday season this year, which ever is closer. Use the ideas that work best for your business and put them up, evaluating results.

Be prepared for this time ahead of time, letting you
know your customers and visitors know it’s an important time and are ready to receive them .

According to an investigation by NFR, each year about
40% of customers start looking for their gifts for the holidays since October . Not only do you need to be prepared for this, you also need to ensure that your customers find gift ideas and information that will motivate them to consume your products.

You’ll see products available at this time and sales plans you want to
make, with time and always by anticipating a last minute inconvenience. One idea is to create a map in Excel sales, where you can include everything related to each product sale and what you want to do with them this season.

Planeacion_excel image

Select the products you want to
sell on vacation and program start date of sale and the prices you’ll manage. Thus when sales peak season arrives, all you have to do is implement what you planned with anticipation, rather than thinking what to do last minute. You can find help from any app to accomplish this in
our app store.

Have you backed up
your business in case something goes wrong? What if your online store falls? What will you do if the courier company with which you work suffers setbacks stop you fulfill your orders? Do you have a developer who can wake up at 4 am for solving a problem with your website?

It ‘s
not about scare; it ‘s just that you make sure you ‘re prepared for any contingency. Think of the worst scenarios that can involve your business and have one or two backup plans.

You’ve probably already faced handle different requests simultaneously, which in most cases reduces the performance of an online store and can even “throw” a webpage.
It is always a good idea that the owner of a site is ready to ensure it can handle the increased traffic.

You can test the ability to upload and download your store server with tools like or .

If you
use Shopify, you probably do not have to worry about this. Many shop owners have experienced surges in traffic, including the
Shark Tank effect , uninterrupted performance.

If your inventory is
dependent on one supplier or your store ‘s flagship product factories with the other team, he believes that this season will increase the demand for experimenting on all this holiday season. Work with your suppliers and ensures that they are prepared to cover the flow of products designed for the season. One of the worst things that can happen is that during a sale, you’ve planned time, quickly sell what you have in inventory and stay without meeting the full demand of your customers.

What better way to promote your products and Christmas sales with excellent images and effects.
If you are planning to use for the first time or change the design of your banners to promote such sales or main pictures of your online store, you do not need to be a graphic designer to do it . You can use the
templates Creative Market has for you, created by freelance designers.


I like to
plan advertising and texts will be used for a special promotion or sale, because I think that the idea that will manage and place in time, following the same line in all my advertising options paid.

If you need help planning these ads, we share some interesting resources that can help:

Just remember that the price of Ads usually increases in competitive seasons, depending on your niche.
This means they can increase the price of certain key to increasing the visibility of your Ads words, so you should consider this in your budget.

How easy it is to
announce that you are ready for
Black Friday or Cyber Monday ; how difficult is to create suspense and interest around this sale that can help make it a success for your business.


Motivate your clients your news through emails or social networking generates publications that encourage curiosity of your customers.
The earlier you start the interest of your customers, but will boost sales as
Black Friday or Cyber Monday when you finally announce official dates.

According to Barilliance, the average number
carts abandoned on Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2014 was 65% purchase . Of course, this is something you have to deal, maintaining this percentage as low as possible.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to do it is by creating impressive emails that drive customer return and recovery of abandoned shopping cart.
Thus, when the client add a product but leave your store, you can invite them to return.

Shopify makes this task much easier by having
my dedicate exclusively to this in our App Store as well as a recovery process documented step by step .

Last year, IBM said via mobile traffic overtook traffic from computers on the day of thanksgiving.
In addition, according to Custora, past
Black Friday and Cyber Monday saw an increase of 26% of orders coming from a mobile device.

Obviously, we will wait and this trend will
continue and possibly increase. This means that as the owner of an online store, you start thinking about moving way.

How is the user ‘s
shopping experience in your online store from a mobile device? It is simple and intuitive, functional for purchases at your store?

All topics we offer in our store theme are intuitive and ready for viewing from a mobile.
If you are not using Shopify, then first
you see your store looks like a mobile device .

What if you could get inside the head of your potential customer and hear their thoughts after having sailed for the
first time in your online store? Things you’re probably not seeing or areas that you think are doing well but the eyes of a new customer is probably not so may exist.

There are many ways to get someone visits your online store and will provide feedback on their performance.
Our favorite is
UserTesting . This tool lets you see a random user through your website, listening to their comments. You can also use Peek UserTesting and get 5 minutes free video random customer using your site.

Listen carefully to
what they have to say your store and do not get excited when making changes. Impleméntalos problem even when you consider that not only affects a person.

If you use paid advertising like ads on Facebook or Google Adwords, you must colorar reorientation pixels on your site so you can determine traffic on vacation.
We share how to find these codes and generate pixels in Facebook Ads or Google Adwords:

According to Nanigans, in 2014 the
rates of clicks ads on Facebook rose 66% in thanksgiving and 36% on Black Friday . This means that people are much more receptive to ads on holiday season.


Because your customers may be paying more attention to ads during this time, they can function and play an important role in the success of your holiday sales.
As mentioned above, create ads with your plan time to do creative, to go according to your marketing strategy.

If you
‘ve already set the pixels to determine the custom audience in your store, it’s time to use them . If you are looking to customers who have abandoned you return to your store, you must make them see that they forgot some important information about your offer and you understand that for that reason did not complete your purchase.

You can think of customers who made a purchase but did not return for a second.
According is
50% easier to sell to existing customers than to find new . This means that people who already have previously sold will be much more receptive when witnessing special sales of Black Friday or Cyber Monday .

Sometimes you can take a
few weeks to adapt your site or add any collaboration or sponsorship you have arranged. This does not mean that sponsorships last minute are not possible, but it is always better to contact blogs or guide sites with time.

Find sites that address the issue of Black Friday or include gift guides is something you should start doing today, so you have time to contact them and ask for
help with that. You can learn more about our post ”
How to hack the press “.

According to Custora, have an email marketing campaign achieved a 27% increase in holiday sales last year.
Each online store must have email marketing campaigns that suit your
marketing strategy and objectives, make your customers feel welcome online store this season.

Planning, creating and scheduling your emails you’re planning to
use to promote your campaign starts
Black Friday and Cyber Monday . Here are some ideas for email campaigns you can launch:

An increasingly common
strategy used is the execution of a sale through quite attractive deals to entice customers to your store. When customers already in this sale, will surely feel interest in knowing more you have to offer.

What kind of sales can work in your online store?
You can focus on promoting a product that you feel is quite appealing to your customers, instead of promoting
Black Friday and Cyber Monday .

Black Friday and Cyber Monday work to build relationships with your past clients and get them back to your store.

Send messages to your previous customers with offers that are striking.
It gives existing fans and customers the opportunity to access a previous sale or proportional exclusive sales just by being a subscriber via email. This also allows you to animate email subscriptions, offering exclusive sales.

With the holidays come many buyers desperate for last minute specials
. It is normal shortage is expected in the
Black Friday and Cyber Monday , so do not feel sorry for work with a strategy of scarcity in your store. Consider including a section of countdown and uses phrases like “limited time” or “limited quantity”.

It is important to
be accessible to your customers (and potential customers) during the
Black Friday and Cyber Monday . The last thing you want is someone to leave your shop because they can not get a fast response.

If you want to
learn more about how to use a live chat and how you can integrate it into your online store,
read our post about it .

The holiday season is the best time for customers, which will
surely bring many doubts. Part of providing an unforgettable experience is to have the customer on time and friendly service.

One thing you can do is have a
couple of pre determined responses and prepared in Gmail, to save some time. You can also share these tips with your entire team. Be memorable this year and surely will remember next year.

Holidays are stressful for
owners of online shops or any other business, but also happen to be a busy time for buyers. Make your shopping experience pleasant and quiet, expressing that have simple returns policies apply. With this are you going to prove that they can trust your product, eliminating the risk that most customers feel when buying online.
Google Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking traffic on any site or online store, quite simple to use and completely free. If you are not using Google Analytics or want to ensure that you’re using it properly, check our Getting Started Guide to Google analytics.

What time visitors click?
How it is that customers read your product pages? While Google Analytics is powerful enough and good enough for most companies, the truth is that you can use tracking tools that help you gather additional data and more detailed.


I recommend you
see applications
heatmaps in Shopify app store and look for some analysis tools advanced.

Keep an eye on the competition can help you keep ahead in your business as well as have ideas for you to
think implement deals on
Black Friday and Cyber Monday . The easiest way is simply to spy subscribe to your email list. Studies how make your messages and how often those who send them .

Also, do not forget to watch how they act your competitors on social networks and use
Google Alerts to see which sites are talking about them. Finally, VisualPing is an excellent way to monitor your competitors sites. When they make a significant change, you’ll be the first to know.

Why end a client-shop online just after this season?
And you invested in customer win, so do not let go. Remember that acquiring new customers costs more to retain customers that you managed to buy on
Black Friday or Cyber Monday .

Keep your customers engaged throughout the year and stay active on social networks and your email marketing campaign.
Buyers at one time probably are not going to register your email list, or follow your social networks, so make a retargeting strategy is an excellent choice.

Remember that once buyers can attract more customers, which can be converted to customers throughout the year.

The holiday season turns out to
be an excellent time to learn from mistakes, failures and successes. The lessons learned in these moments are worth more than any amount of income. That’s why it’s important to keep track of everything and reflect on what worked or not.

While you’re trying something new in your business makes screenshot and notes that you can review later.
This will give you a reference point for the next season and at the same time can work in your business.

Prepare, plan and start acting before.
Those are the keys to the success of these two events. This list should cover almost all the needs of the events you will attend. Hopefully you’ll be in an excellent position this season.

If this
is your first
Black Friday or Cyber Monday , treated as a learning experience. Be ambitious , but do not set unrealistic expectations. Enjoy it.

If you have a question or suggestion, feel free to leave a comment.

Corey Ferreira is an
entrepreneur passionate fan of coconut water and creator of content Shopify. Follow him on
Twitter .

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