5 reasons why opening a virtual store this 2014 is a good idea

5 Reasons Why opening a virtual store esta 2014 is a good idea to

The beginning of 2014 is approaching and you began the ritual probably check if you turned the goals that each year you wear; go to the gym, lose weight, buy a house and / or car and travel are some of the most popular, but so you can achieve all these need goals time and financial solvency, so you need to get a job or change the you already have.

If you want to
improve yourself , this 2014 should add more purpose to your list, one that surely will help you meet all the above goals: owning your own business.

If you are one
of those who are seeking their economic independence for personal or business matters, so do not stay with the desire to have your own business and join the group that is becoming larger
entrepreneurs, We can suggest you have a virtual store and so you start to get acquainted with the responsibilities that come with owning your own business and the benefits you can get from him.  

The big brands are using this resource constantly;
enough just to look like department stores make special promotions for purchases made through its online store with discounts would not be possible to find in the physical store. In addition, sending consider it key point hitch and is provided for free, which makes customers consider the purchase because the product will come to you at the door of your home.

Due to the
increase in e – commerce, payment possibilities in virtual stores have increased and no longer considered an impediment not have a credit card to make the purchase. Platforms like Shopify, already have various payment options including debit cards, credit, bank deposits or Paypal. With strong security processes that prevent fraud, generating brand into disrepute and distrust among customers – they will be sure that your order will be charged at the agreed price and delivered at the door of your home.

With the increased use of smartphones and the proliferation of applications of virtual stores, customers can now make a purchase with a single click directly from your phone.
That’s why most ecommerce platforms already have their app available for Android and iOS with the ability to manage and monitor their purchases, change descriptions, upload new products, but above all be available to the public.

Today’s customers no longer want to
go to a store just to buy also want a personalized shopping experience that makes them feel important. That’s why online stores that meet this requirement by providing specialized products for audience tastes. In addition, the shopping experience generated in these stores is valuable because the user can get unique promotions, discounts that apply to specific types of payment and products per season can be purchased with much higher sales than those They find themselves in a physical store.

The shopping experience generated, affects customer loyalty not only to brands sold in the store, but the store itself.
If this is an excellent service increases, we get a formula for success almost certain that provide economic benefits, image and public opinion.

Social networks currently serve as a
platform to generate interaction between the store and its customers. That’s why this resource should make the most to share the products you sell in your online store and turn them into viral content that can be known by your friends, friends of friends, etc. This is important because advertising you do to your products by these means is relatively inexpensive, and can afford to spend that money on something else. He thinks that if your business is online advertising and also have to invest very little capital in other media; Shopify has the option
Facebook Store , which allows access to everything related to your store.

In addition, as advice to complement the previous point, in your virtual store you must have a blog, where you can create completely original to share content on social networks.
Themes can be as complex as you decide, but always collaborating with the interests of your audience, seeking to answer questions or get tips to improve your day by day.

Now, with these reasons can deny that not be present in e –
commerce with an online store is a good and productive idea that the future can give you strong economic benefits for your financial growth also will provide work experience and management business. It begins as an online store and who knows? In the future you can become owner of a major business chain!

Simply just look at brands like Amazon who have chosen this business model and have achieved significant benefits.
Begins with the right foot this 2014 and test the idea of having your own income through your online store. Remember that if these reasons convinced you to try his luck in e – commerce, then we recommend you read the top
5 things you should know before you open your online store

I need information to create my own virtual store.
data as values and guidance for my own web store … From already thank you !

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