5 rules to choose a memorable domain name

5 rules to choose a memorable domain name

Well, you decided to open your own shop. Shopify provides you with free domain “” but you also have the option to use your domain custom as “”. Having a domain name itself and personalized makes them look more professional to your store and makes it much easier to promote your brand.

Addison, owner of says:

With so many sites out there, often need to
be creative in finding a domain that is not already used. Smashing Magazine Magazine wrote a good article about it and we’ve highlighted 5 points to consider when creating your domain.

Tools that help you make brainstorming for names

NameStation – Generate a list of available domains based on a word.
DomainTyper – check domain availability instantly.
Domain Pigeon – See what your competitors are seeking to register. It serves as a source of inspiration.
Domainr – Type a word and find “domain hacks”.

If you
do not find your ideal first name, do not get discouraged. You’ll find a domain name that represents your virtual store and is to your liking.

here to get your domain with Shopify

Good service.

Thank you very much, Marco


Hello, I understand that acquiring Shopify plans, give me a domain such as
( of course if available) In other words, I do not need to buy a domain elsewhere?

Thank you.

Hello Alonso

So, once you start with Shopify can purchase your domain with us without having to go to a third party.

In this link you can check the prices and features available:


Hello, good evening, we just opened our shop, we
would like to know whether to hire a domain Shopify and then not continue the service, it is possible to resume the domain on another platform ?, or is always associated with Shopify and I can not draw.

Secondly me another question arises, we want to
import products from Amazon, there is a plugin that makes them massively and we facilitate the task, or we have to import them one by one?

Thirdly, we
would like to know if we can use more than one plugin at a time on the platform, or we can only load one?

I appreciate the help

Hello Sergio

can answer your questions in detail, please contact us at for an expert contact you.

A greeting

I have my domain, I bought Shopify.
How I can activate it ?, I can not find the way. And as an active Shopify shop?


Susanna Sedano

Hello Susanna Sedano Mompart,

In your manager Shopify, enter the Settings section, then Online Store, then Domains, and there you can configure your domain where it
says Set Primary domain, and make changes in Manager domains.

The store should be active, anyway checks in the Settings section, then enters Accounts, then Account Overview and make sure that Account Status says Active


Hello Pink took a month trying to solve a proglema I hope I can alludar, fijate that my store is for sales and exports of vegetables but I put items for babies and children can accidentally please me say that camviar ago for that ????

Greetings, I am developing a pet store, bought the domain with a third and added it
to my shop Shopify, from my hosting service of others, I created an email to use with my shop but I do not get the message, there ‘s something I have to do to arrive about me those emails?

Hi Joseph,

Please contact with our colleagues in technical support in Spanish to


Hi Jenny, how are you .. I make a query.
We buy a domain, and it is linked, but the panel adm still valid subdomain, or which provides Shopify example will it be until you upgrade? You can not delete this subdomain? Thank you!

Hello, my husband I shop, peeo not using it
so I decided to take it and want to rename, is this possible? Thanks ..


We are interested in migrating our store Shopify.
We currently have a page with good accommodation, we do not move, we just want to integrate the store with Shopify is it possible to do this by generating a subdomain? ie the subdomain points to Shopify without our having to change the way we currently work with other content of the page.

Thank you very much,

Hi Adrian,

Please contact our customer service so that they will explain in detail how to do it via

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