5 types of digital marketing that you should know

5 types of digital marketing should know that you ‘

After learning about the general information of marketing , it is time to know what are the types of marketing that you can implement in your digital strategy. The truth is that some have already spoken and others may sound like new and risky, but you can not remove them from your thinking and probably at some point have to resort to them.

Any company, brand and who needs to
have an
online marketing strategy needs to read the following types and consider its pros and cons. So put to work and for a moment forget the offline world.

Below are
5 types of marketing you should be considering.

The content is the material that you spend time, believe and hope it will
inspire your customers move from being potential customers to
existing customers . Most businesses, in this case the virtual stores can use a content strategy to position your business and to reinforce certain aspects of your brand.

Create valuable content, whether free or in exchange, it builds confidence in customers, build your brand, keeps people informed and leaves you something to share on social networks, in
addition to content you position your site in search engines like Google.

content marketing you can boost search results, encourage your audience to get closer to your brand, position it and improve to gradually become authority in your niche. In addition, it is a powerful way to increase traffic, sales and generate business.

If you want to
know more about
content marketing , we invite you to visit our guide on video , so that you start with these actions.

This type of marketing aims to
make it easier to focus on potential customers find your brand. All your actions are planned to take place at the right time, thinking not to bore the customer but again overwhelm on information.

inbound marketing , the most important thing is to provide useful information, without stealing attention aggressively; offering something of value in exchange for attention. Some examples of inbound marketing are:

By implementing a
strategy inbound marketing , you are creating actions that will attract customers to your business, then make customers loyal to your brand. With that your brand can become a market leader, save money (to advertise an imperceptible cost), go to potential customers, increase organic searches and position your social networks.

By implementing a
relationship marketing strategy , customers will begin to be the important part, from only create the product and then design distribution strategies in the market to first analyze the wishes and customer needs, customize the product and search strategies sale that impact. Thus, businesses now are listening to customer more active way.
Relationship marketing is the marketing strategy currently employing businesses are looking beyond just profit. Its main objective is to get loyal customers to the brand, which can serve as spokespersons, creating a relationship that benefits both sides.

To accomplish this, within your
relationship marketing strategy you should consider using tools of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), establishing adequate and individualized customer management.

If you want to
know more about this
marketing strategy , we invite you to read This relationship marketing in e – commerce .

As mentioned by
its name, this strategy is designed to achieve your brand and / or products meet the requirements that your
potential customers have expressed to make your potential customers and current talk positively about what you offer. It goes far beyond just thinking about selling a product, you should look to create a unique and valuable experience that is worth sharing with others.

The important factor is the
reputation of the brand . Keep it positive, position your business and begin to see how to increase conversions. Remember that there are three basic questions to see the reputation of your brand:

Surely this type of marketing will sound strange and even unknown, but do not worry because it is a relatively new issue.
Seth Godin was the first that placed this term in his book
Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends and Friends Into Customers: Strangers into Friends into Customers , which mentions that communication between the customer and the brand has changed and now there must be an agreement and a permit to be sent information or advertising business.

permission marketing or permission marketingbecomes an early strategy, since the user has given permission and is waiting for your information; staff, since the message and content is completely related to the target person; and relevant, because the content is created on your interests, so you know in advance who will be interested.

With these 5
types of marketing applied digitally, we are sure you can make your online business is positioned, with loyal customers and especially generating conversions to support its growth.

It’s time to put them
up on your online business and to tell us that it go to our comments section.

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