6 creative ways to surprise and delight your customers

6 creative ways to surprise and delight your customers

This is a guest post by Gregory Ciotti of Help Scout

Just as the
Internet dramatically change the way we buy our products, entrepreneurs are finding a renewed faith in the power of generating large shopping experiences to customers.

Why is this?

Owners of online stores have to be willing to create 
unique selling propositions . In other words, why should a customer buy your online business if you can buy what you are offering you at your nearest Walmart?

In addition to the features that make it
unique to your product and the price you are able to offer, there is another point that makes the difference and can generarte large – scale benefits – leaving an excellent shopping experience on the consumer.

It has been tested in a
number of consumer studies that most consumers would pay for better service, and since an excellent shopping experience is the main cause of increased brand loyalty and many good references, you’ll be happy knowing that Nielsen reports that personal recommendations generate more confidence (and more effective) advertising where the views of consumers are.

If you can not go hand in hand with big business in relation to prices, your staff , and must be amazing to have a winning proposal.

But how you can offer this service as “amazing”?
You’re probably not surprised to hear that customer service really boils down to taking care of customers, and provide them with a
‘WOW’ experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Then I will highlight ways to generate 6 Exceptional experience ‘wow’ without breaking a bank account.

If at any time you read one
fascinating study about the power Mints – where the waiters are 21% better tips when you leave two mints to spare – you know that reciprocity is a powerful psychological trigger , and a lot of money is needed to leave a gift that generate impact.

Those small gifts to your customers (a comb free after a haircut, etc.) are nothing new, so today I thought I would highlight the great example of a company that took things to a whole new level.

The team asked my address out of nowhere one day. About a week later I received a package in the mail full of delicious beef jerky.

Why beef jerky? sells software testing, so it’s a little weird right?

This is where things get a little crazy: I had briefly mentioned on Twitter that the quality of dried meat was running out my portfolio:

I think getting hooked on quality beef jerky was one of the worst financial decisions I’ve ever made. It’s priced like an illegal drug, lol.

– Gregory Ciotti (@GregoryCiotti) 
June 25, 2013
In this section you will see that mention the exact type of dried meat they sent me. It is truly amazing that the company strategist Harvey Ranola remember something, and I think it serves as a great example of how far some companies will come to ensure that people feel welcomed.

You can not buy gifts?

Keep reading.

With the myriad of options out there, is it really too much to
ask that the company say a “Thank you “? You might think that thank -you notes have lost impact, but would be an error:

In fact,
it has been argued (and I have to accept) that the technology currently does not exceed a handwritten note, allowing you to leave an impact yet greater today than it would have in recent years, especially from a business.

There are many cases of customers who are truly grateful to receive these notes.
Grasshopper , a company known for great service, regularly send notes to his customers and even for people who mention or feature them:

In the above example, Matt, who is the person to whom it
is addressed clothing,
sums because the experience is perfect :

“I feel valued as a
customer … based on the principle of give to get, I feel I want to reciprocate and help Jonathan and Grasshopper in the future, either through recommendation, or even in writing this article” .

Another good example is the auto service Jim Shuky, where the owner regularly sends a note to hand to new customers.

A good example was
posted on Reddit, and the response was amazing.

Take this example of
a comment :

“It is with small details like this that wins business.
If I obtain a letter, would not find another mechanic for life. ”

Well said, and share the feeling that many people want to

Thank you
notes serve as element together with the customer service showing that you’re gaining those extra points in those that allow you to conduct business. In many areas, the service is not a definitive factor – while your mechanic will fix the car, most people do not give details beyond price, but if you care deeply about how they were treated.

Here are some quick tips to write a note of successful thanks:

Perhaps one of the ways most adorable of providing excellent customer service is performed daycare pet Doggy Day Care Center in Bark Park, which sends periodic updates to customers on how dogs each person behave … from the perspective of the dog.

Even if your business does not lend itself
to something customized, remembers the power of
email marketing(and tools like MailChimp, Intercom, Campaign Monitor, or AWeber) you can always create a follow – up email to check if customers are comfortable.
This can be especially effective for large or “habit” purchases. If you sell products to a group, for example, it might be good to get first to the beginners or people startup team.  

Imagine the impression that leaves after buying your first set of golf clubs business, have an automatic email from “Jim” wondering how you tried, and if you’ve been able to go to the
driving range.

This is also useful for birthdays, holidays, or other personal event you learned about the client.

Here are a sincere example: my store watches / jewelry recently sent me a letter wishing my mother a happy birthday (had since bought a bracelet for her birthday and said date) Guess where I’m going to go shopping the next time you need a watch?

Too often companies see customer service as a chore rather than an opportunity.

Just take a look at how companies with legendary service, such as Ritz-Carlton will be
proactive are s and get customers by anticipating needs:

“The Ritz-Carlton employees are trained to anticipate unexpressed desires guests.
During a stay the receptionist called me and told me: “We see that his departure is scheduled for early morning. Would we let a cup of hot coffee and freshly made outside your door?

I think this kind of service can not be performed via the Internet

Check out how Archival Clothing treats its customers by email:

See full version )

In short, a potential customer
had added some clothes to your cart shopping, but when shipping charges (which were international), had to stop buying.

Seeing that the car had been full, the clerk approached Archival via email with some creative solutions on how they
could send the products to the customer at a lower cost.
The client ended up completing their purchase and buy more archival , and I think his comment on that second email says it all:

My mind is in shock. This is perhaps the best customer service I have experienced. ”

You do not even have to do detective support – just take a page from the book of Derek Sivers and delays when interacting with your customers.

For example, if a customer is having trouble “start” (whatever that means this for the product) and is stuck in step 3, after solving your problem, you should ask if you can assist you
in step 4 .

This form of “social sensitivity” – or understand how they feel the others can be a great asset in predicting problems that customers may have, so you can help this happen before.

In many ways, excellent customer service really is about worrying about the details.
It has been found that ”
even a dime can make a difference ” on reciprocity. People respond with good will, even the smallest acts of kindness.

This view was
beautifully expressed by the CEO of LL Bean and Chairman Chris McCormick:

“Many people have many good things to say about customer service but it
is something of a day in , day out, never ending, persevering and changing “.

Consider this story of the legendary Nordstrom …

When a woman in the store
lost her diamond wedding ring , distressed and began to crawl along the ground looking for him. An employee at Nordstrom saw this and, once aware of the situation, I immediately got on his knees and joined the search

When the couple came up empty in their search for
the ring, the employee asked the help of two workers construction services. Together, they looked through bags and found mixed with diamond dust and dirt.

Above all is the duty, and the only reason why Nordstrom has a reputation like this:

(Short story where you ask the public what the department store with better customer service, to which they replied “Nordstrom”)

And when we consider that Nordstrom has invested well in this, has one of the biggest advantages: superior service for businesses, especially taking into account the experience of one of its competitors, JCPenney, trying to
eliminate the sales strategy of your competition (sales and coupons).

Try saying “yes” to small and reasonable requests that customers do, most are sincere and simply seek support on an issue.  

I’ve always thought that the term content marketing sounds a bit strange, as the part of “marketing” only comes from helping customers.
In that sense, the
relationship marketing through the act of building relationships with customers to be truly useful seems much more relevant.

The problem is that many companies leave the help content and FAQs and not give them the necessary importance, forgetting that
all content is marketing . What this means is that if this helps people solve their problems, decreases the likelihood that they will turn around and do not return .

You’re actually seeing an example of this right now.
Shopify blog regularly offers content related to e – commerce potential to your customers and which goes hand in hand with e – commerce software they sell.

Let ‘s
say you own a local store that sells golf clubs (golf have in the brain). How cool would be conducting regular events involving experts to discuss the equipment and the proper way of doing things? The more educated they are your customers, the more they will appreciate what you sell and therefore are more valuable for your business.

Good information not only educates, motivates.

This often is even more evident for online businesses.
You can use your blog, seminars, technical documents and free training to help people make the most of your product or service. Blog
Help Scout gets regularly new customers thanks to the content that is aimed at helping entrepreneurs and managers support to provide better customer service: It

helps customers to become better at what they do and help them understand your service you can become a basic component.

About the Author: Gregory Cottis is the marketing manager Help Scout , software support email invisibly small businesses love their customers. Greg looks over to check their free resources on providing good customer service

Much appreciated and valuable information!

Thank you very much for the help they give to customers and above all the marketing they do.
I apply with my clients.

Thank you very much for your comments.


near perfection.
Very good post

Thank you, Amanda.

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I loved the article, I’m learning and creating Q IF MY SITE IS THE BOTHER THEM SAY … .WWW.KIOSQUEATE.MERCADOSHOPS.COM.AR


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customer, that aplicare my own business thanks to the exemplary author I am an expert in business management

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Hello this post very pursing customer service an important factor because they are the source of our growth.

This is stratecsa, customer service is very important.

Do not forget that a satisfied customer can recommend and help your business grow.

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