7 points that every plan to launch a new product must have

7 Points That every plan to launch a new product must have

When you are creating your online store, you probably care about design issues, image and product demand; Once you have everything assembled and ready to start trading, it’s time to think about what actions should be taken to publicize the products you are going to market.

That’s why we talk about the launch plan, including: a do you mean, what is your goal and 7 points that should contain.
We remind you that it is clear that can not always meet all, but surely can adapt to your business, product and store.

The launch plan is part of a marketing strategy that provides specific details to perform at the time that you want to publicize a business or product.
Remember that all marketing strategy is designed to promote a brand, product line or services, together or individually.

The launch plan is created to have a solid directory under which to
create strategies and actions to provide a product or brand, with objectives previously raised. With this you will probably have in your sights target market, your sales targets and possible actions your feedback.

There are
7 recommended that any release plan must contain elements. These are basic to know the market you are targeting, how to publicize the products and what goals can be met and improved.

E – commerce: this type of studies can through social networks, surveys via email or with people in your environment.
E – commerce: This point can be implemented using your keywords and searching Google to see what other virtual stores sell something similar and what part of the world are.
E – commerce: You can do the same by sending free trials to a select group of people who are committed to give you feedback and inviting them to give their opinion on the content of the product you drive to your page, social networking and Blog.
E – commerce: Online promotions, ads on social networks, content on external blogs and customized emails to a database generated directly from the profiles of people with similar interests are good resources.
E – commerce: You can generate a list of specialized blogs where you think your product review can attract readers. By now you must already have the keywords you want to position (check our beginner ‘s guide for Keyword Research in e – commerce ) to use when generating reviews of your product and ask to share in specialized sites. Other ideas you can implement are online radio interviews and writing articles on topics related to the product benefits.
E – commerce : The customer is given on social networks, live chats and email support and attention. It is essential in these cases have cordial and timely responses, since they do not have personal contact with the client, the client may feel that not taking him into account.

The plan to launch a product or brand, although under the marketing strategy of your business, is a resource that has its own implications and should be addressed with the same seriousness as any other stage of production.
Always try to be aware of changes occurring in the environment, and avoid adversely affecting your reputation

If you
have made a launch plan is successful or failed, we hope your comments. 

that the
difference between a marketing plan and launch one actually is the same !!!! ????

Very useful information, thank you

I’m looking for
something more specific for launch. I do not know if you can enlighten me .

I would like to
know how to know which ad strategy to accomplish. To publicize the product does not know if it ‘s interesting to use online media to campaign ads on websites, RRSS, Google etc .. and if yes, how to find the ideal product for your brand and campaign.

Thank you!

Hello Lara,

To help you
need to know which product you want to sell, and other details of the business model, otherwise I can not orient.


Hello, I am creating a plan to launch an alcoholic beverage in Spain but I do not have
the product. It is first to produce the product and then do the test or do the test and then decide whether or not to launch the product? I wonder basically because the minimum order is 6,000 bottles and if it does not fit me like potatoes … thanks!

Hi Marc,

since the ideal is to
do what in English is called MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or Minimum Viable Product or acceptable, test, and based on the results, improve the product, completely change it , or produce it . So you save money losing full production.

And the potatoes?
Best omelette!


Hello knowing launch plan an ecological diaper objectives and type of pitch and type of events

I am about to
launch a service where US people have the culture of debt by buying your house to pay it off in 20 years which I will I make a plan for your same lifestyle I mean not save exactly they can pay in 5 years and save yourself a lot of interest but I am in doubt about how to launch it already what my market but as plantiarlo with my clients so they can pay and trust

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