7 simple ways to increase the profits of your business that you probably had not considered

7 Simple Ways to Increase the profits of your business that you ‘probably not HAD Considered


As the song says … “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” …

Christmas is now present in every detail of the lives of most people.
At least that’s what it feels like if you have an online store with Shopify. 

It’s no secret that the
holiday season is usually the time of year where buyers tend to purchase behavior related to giving and receiving, an increase in profits of most businesses. In 2014, the holiday season accounted for 23.4% of total annual revenue in e – commerce .
Making a list … Checking …

if you own an online store and you’re looking for
information on
marketing techniques online to increase sales of your business, you may find yourself people without checking their veracity, share data to try to help you manage holiday hysteria.

As we do not fall into false hopes and waste of time, the following list simplifies 7 simple ways you can boost sales of your online store, increase your income this holiday season

It is important to
understand your market, to understand what the goals of your ads and what are the most important dates to promote.

We recommend investigate time and find out
which are the best days of shopping in e – commerce. Poses a calendar and capitalizes on your efforts and
online marketing techniques .

There are
many resources, including research and marketing firms that provide this type of information online and totally free, but if you’re in a hurry and want to start right away , you share some important dates to begin.


When you’re trying to build an email list for your online store, it is a bit difficult to
get prospects that have not been previously registered as clients. One way to attract new customers is to offer free in exchange for your email you share a gift.

The gift can be something as simple as a discount coupon or special promotion to redeem inventory;
everything depends on the business where you are and how creative and splendid allows you to be (free ebook, a report card or small gift product). If you are interested in knowing what offers responsive to certain kind of audience, we recommend you keep reading until our choice.

One important thing to remember: when a customer is already registered on your mailing list, they become part of your email marketing campaign.

A recent study by Custora, found that email marketing was the third
channel marketing more led traffic (organic and paid) for 2014, accumulating 17.7% of online orders and about 10 times more if combined with generated by social networks.
channel marketing_ecommerce

Custora )

After analyzing this graph, we note that campaigns through Social Media seem to
be the preferred tactic among many SMEs, making it possible to consider developing a strategy much more effective set.


Statista )

According to eConsultancy, online stores
Product Reviews can see a 4.6% increase in conversion rates , and average 18% increase in sales. You might think it’s no big difference, but have reviews helps a lot in the purchasing decision of customers.

Customers enjoy reading what other customers have to say about a product, especially before buying.
They rely more on word of a client that paid advertising.

An investigation by the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and Dresden University of Technology showed that during 2013 the
85.57% of customers read reviews from other customers almost always before making a purchase .

And they were not only positive reviews … customers who read reviews,
83.65% compared positive and negative reviews . Your customers tend to rely more on online reviews if there are both positive and negative.

As for getting your customers to
write a review for the product, some do by choice and others need a slight boost. Because of that this season is give and take, we shared 2 excellent Shopify applications that you can use to give gifts to your customers in exchange for a review:

And do not worry because your customers to
write negative reviews … it’s a possibility. But remember, the negative reviews also increase the credibility of your brand; the same aforementioned report found that
76.92% of customers who have taken the time to write reviews have made positive comments on them .

In addition to the familiar official celebrations, remember this is an excellent season to sell.
During December there are other holidays (depending on your country). We recommend you find out what you can take advantage and include promotional activities such dates. 

Remember that if you have not heard of any celebration, do not have to worry.
They are basically days during the holiday season that can work as a pretext to generate sales in your online store.

To what extent are these dates important for owners of online stores?

Consider that when you’re planning your schedule ads and your marketing strategy, knowing these dates can help you generate important actions that allow your brand to
keep in the public and be constantly relevant in this shopping frenzy.

We have already mentioned how effective are
email marketing campaigns and because they tend to work better than social media campaigns, but you can create a calendar to send promotional emails during the holiday season?

Of course.
Start, you must know the exact dates. Then you must write on a calendar to help you organize your actions. Finally, you should jump-start the plan.


Is that these marketing efforts are consistent in deciding which days to
send these promotions. Get your creative side when you’re planning special offers, coupons, post and designing custom banners. Remember, you want to be specific (perhaps your customers interested to campaign “12 Days of Christmas”) and have related this time to efforts to
increase sales and profits.

(Via: )

Additionally, when you’re creating your calendar, be
sure to take advantage of the
tool Shopify analytics , including Google Analytics , product reports, export reports and traffic reports / references.

Do not stay just to see what developments have achieved the best results;
expected to reach 7 of this option list where you share more information. In the meantime, another
email marketing strategy that may not have considered is …

Do you remember the Christmas catalogs that arrive in your mailbox since September in which you could find gift ideas and find a product you probably never would have thought but now consider that you saw on these pages?

Well, even if the catalogs are passé, imagine that you can re-capture the interest of your audience to that degree …

Look at
a catalog is like being in a department store, reach a specific department and all from the comfort of your home , office or favorite place.

With the increase in popularity of mCommerce (mobile commerce), smartphones and tablets, online catalogs (eCatalogues in English) are not only a valid way to show your products, it
also represents one of the
online marketing techniques more successful of yesteryear.

If you are from storeowners who want to
cover everything and are familiar with InDesign and Photoshop, you may prefer to create your own catalog. Otherwise, do not worry, you can always hire a freelance or contact a
Shopify expert to create one for your business. Remember, if you already have a description of your products and ready photographs, facilitate the process and faster results will be obtained.

When you
already have your catalog, choose the best way to distribute it . It includes a link to your online store or distribute it to your customers enrolled in PDF format to your contact list. Get ready to see how your sales increase.

You are looking to
gain experience and generate excellent catalogs? Try the app
Automatic Catalog Builder .

We arrived at the last section: What types of promotional offers will get the best answers from your customers, achieving an increase in your earnings season?

The following chart (in English) shows what information (distributed via an
email campaign or online marketing ) influence buyers and drives to make a purchase during the holiday season.

Statista )

up to you what kind of campaign going to choose to
launch marketing and on what days (at this point you probably have some ideas) but one stands out from the rest: the liquidation of inventory.

We are close to
the big day and the end of this year ‘s activities of your business, why not take your products stuck in inventory and generate the highest possible income)

You can have your clearance sale so close to Christmas as you want.
Do not forget to consider shipping days.

And it’s as simple as that … Follow these 7 Simple Steps, sing a carol and hope all your wishes come true. 

James Corr is ecommerce consultant and founder of Only Growth.
As expert Shopify , it specializes in generating traffic, sales and customers for life for your brand.


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