8 marketing tactics (and apps) that will turn your customers into loyal buyers

8 marketing tactics (and apps) That will turn your customers into loyal buyers

As the owner of an online store, you’re always looking for more traffic and sales. With so many ways to achieve these goals, it can sometimes be difficult to determine the best place to start. Previously we share 13 actionable tactics for you marketing , and today more like 8 share.

In this post, we will show a variety of tactics you can implement immediately, through an app for everyone.
Since automate your email marketing campaigns, to implement marketing efforts reference, and all that it entails.

We find out how you can increase traffic and sales.

When it comes to driving conversions, a channel usually has better performance, which is email.
In fact, according to a
research recently , the email has a return on investment of nearly 4,300%. If this is not enough to get excited about email marketing, consider the following:

If you have not taken the time to develop a marketing campaign via email, be sure that you’re leaving money on the table.

Klaviyo lets you send newsletters excellent and automate your emails into segments of your list, using a customizable template.
Want to automate sending coupons thanks to your loyal customers after the second purchase from your store? Klaviyo can. Want to send automatic emails to anyone who has not bought in your store for six months? Klaviyo can do this. The best part? Klaviyo automatically tracks all your sales from your campaigns on email, so you will know exactly how well it works.

If you
saw the first tactic and tool, and you thought “but I do not post so far”, then this next tactic applies to you. See your favorite blogs and maybe get hassled a bit but nevertheless the popup mails have shown
again and again  that increase your number of subscribers, with a very low negative impact.

Add an e-mail popup on your site can help you build your mailing list, so that you can start using your marketing email, to make effective sales.

Say someone comes into your store and after looking at it for a while, finds several products they want to
buy. Add them to the cart but did not complete the purchase. Later when you get home and open your laptop, you will discover the empty cart and have to re-add all items.

This can be a frustration for your customers and a source of lost sales for your business.
In fact, the
National Mail Order Association , found that nearly 35% of buyers took more than 12 hours to complete your purchase, and 21% took more than three days.

The calls to action are powerful tactics exposed.
There is nothing simpler and more effective than point out the logical next step in converting users. The effect of adding calls to action in the right place really makes all the difference to generate leaders.

A call to action can be any text or graphic that provides a clear link with a clear next action.
This can serve to highlight a sale, promotion, or even just to subscribe to the newsletter. In any case, a call to action must be obvious and simple, with a clear action you want your visitors to take.

A good contest can increase commitment to your subscribers and customers, but also can help you reach new customers.
In fact,
BeardBrand   was able to grow their social presence by 300% and double your mailing list in less than a week with a good contest.

The references in the marketing, in a
nutshell, the marketing word-of-mouth from your customers and is one of the most powerful and influential forms of marketing out there. In fact, according to
Nielsen , 92% of people trust recommendations from family and friends, over all other forms of marketing and 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when they have learned to use by friends and family.

studies suggest that 21% of online shoppers prefer to talk through a live chat, rather than other methods of communication, such as telephone or social networks, and of that 21%, 79% mentioned that they liked because they have been able to answer immediately. This is important because in the world of electronic commerce, answer the questions of your consumer and determine objections before leaving your site, it means increasing your chances of making a sale.
Excellent writing product descriptions is an art . It is not only an action, it is extremely important for online businesses have unique product descriptions in addition to help sell the product, they will help your SEO strategy. Unfortunately, most people tend to deny this in your shop, choosing only to write a few lines or maybe just copying and pasting descriptions suppliers.
Here it is. Eight tactics and 8 apps that will help you increase your conversions and sales in your online store. For more marketing tactics, be sure to read our guide ” How to Sell Online ” and more apps in our app store .Copywriter app gives you access to hundreds of professional writers, translators and regular readers. Copywriter used to help you create unique descriptions for each product. Additionally, you can use Copywriter for post press releases and blog. Writers provide fast and quick response content having predefined keywords.

Tell us in the comments what tactics you’ve recently used and how they
worked for you.


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