8 tools to investigate your competition

8 tools to investigate your competition

Sometimes the best way to take your ecommerce store to the next level is by gaining a deep understanding of how your competitors work. If you do not know what your competitors are doing, it is difficult to make smart choices that will keep your current customers and attract new ones. This guide will show you how to identify your top 5 competitors and will show 8 tools that will help you collect information about your depth competitors strengths and weaknesses.

You want to
see what competitors occupy the highest positions in Google for specific keywords in your industry. Make a list of the top keywords that bring traffic to Google and enter them. If you do not have a store electronic commerce and are still doing research prelaunch simply looking for relevant keywords. Make sure you’re browsing in
incognito and you’re in the corresponding regional area (if you want search results are from the United States and you are outside the US adds & gl = usat the end of the URL search). Notes who is occupying the first page. You should also write “related:” in the Google search field for a list of companies that are similar to yours.

Now that you know who you face, you start browsing through online stores your competitor.
Get a good idea of your site, and make a list of all the things you like, and all the things you do not like. You ask yourself these questions:

Now that you have a list of the top 5 competitors and have done basic research on how they operate, it is time to dig deeper.
Use some of the tools described below (some paid, most free) to obtain in- depth information about what they are doing.

Alexa has been in
place since 1996. It is a free service (mostly) that will help you analyze traffic in e – commerce store your competitor. Enter the URLs of your competitors and Alexa will give the positioning of its global traffic, the number of sites, search analysis, the average audience penetration, site loading time, and more are linked. You really can deepen with Alexa, but it is important to note that there are inaccuracies with information from Alexa, since the data of those who have installed the toolbar for IE and Firefox or installed extension Google Chrome is obtained. Take the numbers carefully.

With this service you can easily compare page titles, meta information and common phrases in the home pages of your competitors.
I suggest you include your URL in a search with your top 5 competitors. Coca-Cola used and Pepsi as an example:

This service will
allow you to easily analyze the keywords and the amount of traffic generated by those words. It also allows you to optimize your search by including URLs and specific, such as clothing, cosmetics, or whatever categories. You can use the keyword tool from Google AdWords to estimate how much your competitors are paying per click of your ads. In addition, you use the
Traffic Estimator Google to find out the number of ad clicks bidding and prices of different keywords.

Internet Archive (Internet Archive) has scoured the Internet and take snapshots of web pages since 1996. Using his free
Wayback Machine can see how a website looks through the years. When looking into the history of the websites of your competitors you can see the changes in design trends and prices. ┬┐Wear their homepage for Christmas every year? How has it changed its position – could be towards your market? Sometimes you can learn a lot of subtle changes that your competitors do on your site. Since 2006, the Internet Archive has taken over 600 screenshots of Shopify’s website. As an example, then you will see what how our website looked on November 2, 2009.

Enter the URL of your competitors in
Whois receive a complete record of that domain, such as: Registration date, contact information, server statistics, links input / output, and other domains registration has.

This is a paid service ($ 79 / month) that allows you to
spy on AdWords and keywords your competitor. SpyFu really allows you to dig deep. You will be able to see what worked and what did not work in AdWords campaigns of your competitors. When you can trace the footsteps of your competition, you can avoid the mistakes they made … it ‘s like they’re doing market testing for you.

This service has a limited free plan and pay service which is $ 99 / month.
You can compare your online store with a maximum of four competitors on page authority, domain authority, link following domains; and the Pro version, you can compare social statistics. I like to use Open Site Explorer to quickly see who is linking to blog Shopify and what kind of impact can have on our SEO. You can search the e – commerce store your competitors and see not only who is linking to them, but what authority.

With this free service from Google, you can get updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries.
You must have Google Alerts set up with the name of your online store, but it is important to set alerts for your competitors as well. I would also suggest you get alerts of key industry terms, so you can easily control the broadest for new developments that could affect your business e – commerce market.

Now that you have evaluated your competitor sites, you
will have to start analyzing your own e – commerce store. Try to objectively look at your online store and see how you can improve. Uses all tactics you used on your competition and be as critical as possible. It is also important to be fair to give your opinion.

So now you have all this information, what should you do?
Use your learning to optimize your ecommerce store. Tries to exploit the weaknesses of your competitors. If you are clearly outperforming in some areas, make a great effort and be more competitive. Remember that to remain competitive is important to operate with flexibility and be able to turn your direction. But that does not mean you should simply try to please everyone. You do not want to bite off more than you can chew it, and certainly do not want to lose whatever it is that makes you unique.

I would like to
perform these tests in depth, with the help of someone who finds it done before.

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