Ajax alarm: wireless security, without fees and 100% effective

Ajax alarm: wireless security, without fees and 100% effective

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Wireless security alarm AJAX competes directly with hardwired.

Cutting edge technology, proven, remote control from mobile and discreet and elegant design. These are just some of the features of Ajax alarm no fees we have incorporated in our catalog. You want to know more details of this new commitment to active safety ?

In Todoelectronica we specialize in security systems no maintenance fees , highlighting security cameras and alamas. In order to keep our catalog always our catalog to the last, we have incorporated the Ajax alarm.

Undoubtedly, it is a revolution in the market to bet on them wirelessly ensuring good results hardwired any alarm.

Ajax features Alarm:

  • It has its own radio communication protocol, ensuring results as good as any wired device.
  • It is one of the most economical systems security professional market, with excellent quality / price.
  • No maintenance fees.
  • It can be installed in both homes and businesses, shops, residents, etc.
  • It can be controlled from any web access to or from a mobile app.
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Ajax alarms without quotas and control via web or mobile app.

technical details of the security alarm Ajax:

  • Jeweler 868 MHz radio technology long range (up to 2000 m) between the central panel and the other elements of the system.
  • Dual Ethernet and GPRS track, double safety.
  • Rapid monitoring (configurable for 12 s), virtually instantaneous.
  • minimum battery consumption, the length can reach 7 years.
  • Detection of inhibition.
  • Web access and free mobile App to set up quickly and easily.
  • Shortly Grade 2 (draft available).

Another of the most important advantages of this alarm is that it can be configured as. It has a catalog of original accessories detectors and Ajax. Let’s see in detail:

Ajax alarm kits:

These kits alarm no fees include all essential elements:

  • Control Panel.
  • PIR detector volume.
  • Grade 2 magnetic contact.
  • Remote control.
  • detailed step by step.

Ajax detectors:

Indicated to reinforce alarm applications. There are different types: glass break detectors, PIR, smoke, flood, etc.

Ajax accessories:

Accessories are an optional add-always an improvement. We refer to remote controls, sirens, control relays or keyboards.

ajax alarm todoelectronica

Ajax alarm professional has an excellent quality / price ratio.

More information Todoelectronica

All components are tested alarm Ajax, one of the most reliable alarms on the market today.

Well well … Are you worried about the safety of your home or your business? Take charge of your safety!

Alarm Ajax is one of the most serious alternatives in the market. If you have questions or require personal advice on other alarm or security system, do not hesitate to contact us . We will help you without obligation.

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