Anatomy of an e-commerce site of $ 122.5 million

Anatomy of an e-commerce site of $ 122.5 million

How do you get more sales and loyal customers for your ecommerce business?

This is the first question that much of the owners of virtual stores want to be answered.
Most of the time, is accompanied by making small improvements and optimizations to your site over time.

But where do you start?

To give you
some ideas and inspiration, we decided to take a look at
Harry’s , a business e – commerce created 12 months ago and driven by $ 122.5 million in venture capital funds. Harry’s sells shavers and grooming products for men and was founded by Jeffrey Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield. Raider was one of the cofounders of Warby ParkerThe popular e – commerce service for eyeglasses founded in 2010 and is currently rumored that is valued at about $ 500 million.

Surely with all that money and experience they must be doing something right.

We find out which is

the site design is clean and Harry’s Uncut.
It is a simple but effective template built with
great pictures of products.

Having an
e – commerce site attractive to high – quality photos is important because it helps make your products look more valuable and helps your business to have a more reliable presentation . Remember, people can not touch and feel your products in an environment of online shopping as a physical store , so you need to make sure to show your products in the best way possible – something that Harry’s achieved particularly well.

In addition, your site is suitable for mobile devices, where splendidly looks – something that is currently a critical mission for the
entire store. In fact
premium theme for mobile or hiring a web designer.

On previous visits the page, they were using a carousel showing a rotating selection of photos with a mixture of product and company information.
At the time of writing, the carousel is no longer used and are using a static image. The
A / B testing may useful to see if put them relief to certain products and information stands elsewhere.

In any case, large images are definitely “in” at
the time and are typically used to show pictures of lifestyle offering the product in action. If you decide to use a carousel on your site, be sure to try it because it
has been shown to decrease conversion rates.
Update . Matthew Tully Harry’s confirmed that indeed executed an A / B and the win was confirmed static image.

If we continue on the website of Harry’s, we can see that they have chosen to
display its flagship products, followed by a selection of content, including online magazine,
pop up-shop and the history of the manufacture of its products. Be sure to tell the story of your website and communicate what makes your business is unique and remarkable and because this is more important than ever with Amazon a click away .

Finally, in the footer there are some elements needed to boost confidence that include links to your email and phone as well as your social networking profiles.

The product page of Harry’s is exceptionally well designed . Studies show that images of products can increase online sales by 9% and in Harry’s has taken advantage of this.

Your free shipping offer is easy to spot and buy button highlights in sight.
Offer your customers free shipping can be an effective way to improve conversions on your site – especially if we consider
that have shown that shipping costs can become number one factor abandoned shopping carts.

product descriptions in Harry’s are relatively short but are reinforced by their excellent way to present more information about the product features. In addition, because it does an excellent job of communicating its “history of quality and craftsmanship , ” offering a glimpse of his factory.

Each step of the
buying process is an opportunity to impress your customers and to retain them and show the voice of your brand. In other words,
do not neglect the transactional elements of your website as your order confirmation page.

Harry’s put this page to use by including the following information:

This is a good mix of elements that make your customers feel secure in their purchase and at the
same time help Harry’s to improve your business by collecting comments customers.

Other information you can consider informing on this page are:

Check out all required pages your site has for your customers interact with you and ask how you can improve.

When most online retailers think about making a strategy
email marketing , often only think about sending monthly newsletters or sales information. However, transactional emails are as important as web pages.

In fact, every email you send to a current or former potential customer is an opportunity to add value and have a conversation that will
generate sales.

A month after I made my purchase at Harry’s, they sent me the previous email asking if I
needed more product. This is a great example of
how the value of a client’s life is increased. If you sell a consumer product, you must anticipate when a customer will be without your product, to contact them. If you do not sell a consumable, find other offers and products you can build your business.

This is something that can be automated with
software email marketing.  Increased customer lifetime value is one of the best things you can do for your business.

There is
no doubt that in Harry’s are being a lot of things right. But there is always room for improvement. Here are some opportunities and tactics in Harry’s not taking advantage and could help boost conversions are presented. Harry’s may be aware of these opportunities and just be choosing not to use them because they are not “brand” or for other reasons.

Have professional photos of products is very good.
But what they do is prove that people are buying them and use their products. That’s where you must use generators product photography.  

A new study has found that using an imaging in the context of electronic commerce is a great opportunity for all brands. According to research, manufacturers experience increased 5 to 7 percent conversion rate and an increase of 2 percent in the average value of orders when they enter or link to the content generated by users on the product pages.

Check out the way
Black Milk Clothing incorporates Instagram photos from your customers on your site.

If there ‘s
something you want to try on your own site, check the
apps integration .

When it comes to making purchasing decisions online,
customer reviews and testimonials can be the deciding factor between making a sale or not. Seeing positive feedback from your customers on your website demonstrates you have existing sales and provides social proof for potential customers who are considering making a purchase in your online store. 

In fact, word of mouth advertising is the main factor behind
20 to 50 percent of all purchases , while 63 percent of online customers say they are more likely to buy on sites with positive reviews. Harry’s currently no customer testimonials show, but it could be something for them to consider using them , being a brand new e – commerce.

Most striking about the shopping experience at Harry’s is that they
do not send
emails from abandoned carts buyers who have left the site before buying. Given that studies have shown as 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned, this is a missed opportunity for them.

If you’re in Shopify and have a professional or unlimited plan, you can figure out how to
configure emails recovery of abandoned carts
here .

In addition, there are several successful applications that can give you more features

if you’re not in Shopify, you
still have options. These include:

With the above, Harry’s is setting standards in fairly high e –
commerce. Your page provides a lot of inspiration if you’re looking to improve and optimize your own website and shopping experience.

Let us know in the comments if you think implement any of the ideas described in this post.

Mark Macdonald is Content Manager at Shopify. Learn more about Mark on Twitter and Google+.

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