Animal repellers: types, characteristics and tips to choose

Animal repellers: Types, Characteristics and tips to choose

The repellers are an effective system to keep out animals.

There are specific deterrents for birds, rodents, foxes, dogs and cats, insects, etc.

Currently there are deterrents for animals of all kinds: from insects and rodents to dogs, moles or birds . The repellers are a very effective system to keep away these species, without any risk to other animals, the environment or to human health . On the other hand, there are two main types, repelling sonic and ultrasonic . Say goodbye to bugs, rodents and other animals in the garden, crops, pools, when you play sports, at home or in the car …

The repellers are a very effective system.

The repellers do not kill the animal, only disorient or push to flee.

One of the most effective ways to combat pests are repelling animals, an effective solution that also poses no danger either for the environment or human health, an important plus point when compared with poisons and other chemicals. Let’s see step by step what kinds of deterrents that exist, specification advice to choose the right one.

Repelling sonic or ultrasonic can be, what the difference?

  • Sonics : These ahuyentadores emit vibrations or ringing to keep away animals to certain species. They are often used to birds such as pigeons, sparrows, gulls or insects like mosquitoes, moles, etc. Use sounds that put on alert even such special gunfire, pushing them to flee. It is a very effective system.
  • Ultrasonic : they are based on the emission of ultrasonic waves not perceptible to the human ear but very annoying for animals. They can be used for all kinds of species, because there are specific types.

What are the advantages of repelling animals?

  1. They do not kill animals. It is one of its main advantages. The ahuyentadores not seek to end the animal, but simply zoom out. Either with sound or ultrasonic waves disorient and the ‘Stun’, pushing them to flee but to end his life.
  2. They are not harmful to the environment. Unlike poisons and chemicals, ahuyentadores have no negative effect on the environment.
  3. Do not affect human health. While poisons could be dangerous for people, ahuyentadores are even unnoticeable.
  4. Ease of use and low cost. Its handling is very easy and are very affordable economic systems. Without a large outlay a very effective device is acquired.
  5. Ahuyentadores specialized. The key to the effectiveness of these devices is that they are specific to each species. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, plugging into the power network or batteries or portable batteries.
Repelling animals are not harmful to the environment.

To scare birds there are different systems.

What species there are deterrents?

As mentioned, there repellers for rodents, pests, insects, birds, moles, dogs … We show what are the main and we have in Todoelectronica :

  • Dogs and cats : use ultrasound to keep out dogs and cats, in this case we must keep in mind that not all animals have the same sensitivity, which for some will be more effective than others. It is becoming increasingly frequent use by cyclists and runners , who sometimes suffer discomfort while practicing sport dogs. On the other hand they can be used to train puppies , keeping them away from the coverage area.
  • Pet flea deterrents : a simple system is placed on the collar dogs and cats with flanges, creating a protective halo that keeps away fleas and parasites.
  • Mice, rats, bats and cockroaches : the device intermittently emits waves only perceptible to the animals, so that leaves the place in question.
  • Birds : pigeons, gulls, terns, eagles … there are several devices to ward off birds. On the one hand motion detectors that emit a sound similar to three shots when the birds approach, and secondly those using sweeps ultrasound .
  • Topos : in this case the device emits vibrations in the ground that scare types, forcing them to flee the garden, orchard, harvesting, etc.
  • Flies and mosquitoes : emit ultrasound waves only perceptible by these insects, an unbearable sound that drives them away.
  • Anti-mite : the ultrasound keep away mites, preserving, especially important for allergy sufferers clean atmosphere.
  • Spiders : ultrasound confuse spiders, but have no effect on other pets , so it is recommended for use at home.
  • * Ahuyentadores Kemo : In a separate section we find the repelling of the German mark Kemo, as they have a wide range of devices suitable for all kinds of animals and to install in open places, homes, in the car, etc … They are systems very effective and low cost.
There repelling insects, rodents, birds, dogs and cats ...

The deterrents are not harmful to the environment or to human health.

In any case, you can always resort to evaluate universal repeller , a good choice when the goal are cockroaches, small rodents or insects.

What to consider in choosing a repeller?

First it is essential to know exactly what the animal we want to keep away. It is advisable to perform a inspection and continuous observation for a few days the site concerned, in order to be clear about the problem species. Then we must evaluate the installation options : internal or external, with source or laptop plugged into the mains supply, etc.

And finally, a tip : If you choose to use animal repellers, we must put aside other systems such as poisons ; as some are meant to drive away and the other to attract, so the combination of both will fail.

If you still do not have clear not hesitate to ask us , we will advise delighted.

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