CCTV video surveillance system: elements and functions

CCTV video surveillance system: elements and functions

Cctv video surveillance kit

Cctv video surveillance kit

In homes, residents, businesses, corporate headquarters … the surveillance is increasingly widespread in the fight against theft. Therefore in this article we are going to tell you what are the elements of a video surveillance system  CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). It’s time to take security seriously and take action.

When you install a video surveillance system CCTV many doubts assail result of ignorance. Normal questions, but have simple answer . In addition, in stores like Todoelectronica personalized advice provided and even sell kits with all the elements necessary for installation.  It is always better to turn to professionals.

video surveillance and security in todoelectronica

In Todoelectronica no kit CCTV video surveillance systems already prepared with all necessary elements.

In any case in the following article we tell you what are generic devices needed to install a CCTV surveillance system , take note.

  • Security camera: security cameras can be of different types and technical characteristics depending on the needs of space and functionality. In this regard, also it varies the number of cameras required.
  • VCR:  is the device that displays live images, record, play, make back up and remotely access. You can have more or less storage capacity, configuration, different resolutions, etc.
  • Hard disk: with different storage capacities, the hard drive is responsible for saving images so they can be displayed at any time. Once all memory addresses, the images are overwritten.
  • Power supply: essential to feed the plant.
  • Wiring: depending on the installation must resort to a wired or another.
  • Posters and stickers. They are accessories required to report the existence of a video surveillance system.
  • Mouse: to control video recorder functions.
CCTV video surveillance kit todoelectronica

We provide personalized advice to install the system most suitable CCTV surveillance.

These are the essential elements for the installation of CCTV, although as always there will be different accessories and add- ons . In some cases it may be necessary, but with the most basic kit video surveillance is sufficient.

Personalized advice

In Todoelectronica we provide advice without obligation to our customers and help them choose the kit video surveillance, either pre-configured or customized, that best suits your needs.

When it comes to video surveillance it is better not to gamble and have industry professionals. If you need to answer questions, preguntadnos without compromise in or 949201023.

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