Christmas gift ideas (VII): Electronic trainers, fun and learning

Christmas gift ideas (VII): Electronic trainers, fun and learning

They are minilabs to learn electronics and electricity.

Electronic coaches combine leisure and training.

A coach electronics? Yes, it is small prepared to experiment with electronics and electricity doing all kinds of practical laboratories . The best way to learn and to arouse interest in technology. In Todoelectronica we have several coaches, with different objectives and a variable number of practices and for all levels. 

In the case components are included for the 500 practices.

500 practices coach is advanced level.

This is a great gift for technology students and people who like to experiment and test their manufacture things for themselves, and even schools . It is the best that there are labs of various levels, both for those who have no knowledge of electricity and electronics as for those who have an advanced level.

One of the most economical coaches (24.50 €) is the Electronic Elementary with 10 practices , recommended for children from 10 years . In the kit all items and materials required to perform each practice, which in this case also does not require tools or welders are included.

Among the experiments that are in this trainer is for example an morse code using light, a siren patrol car or a burglar alarm. In the list there is an antenna components, transistors and diodes, resistors and headphones … in short, everything you need to successfully complete each of the practices.

Coach Electronic Instant

This other kit, with a total of 30 practices to carry out, is suitable for anyone. Even without knowledge of electricity or electronics can be completed successfully proposals in this mini lab. Of course, along with detailed instructions, including all components.

Some of the practices that can be done with this trainer are: Radio invisible power, dawn and dusk, music with a pencil, an oscillator with two transistors or rain detector.

Coach ‘pros’ 

A laboratory for electronic learning by doing.

10 practices for children from 10 years.

The case 500 practices will thrill fans and professionals with advanced level in electronics and electricity . A complete laboratory practices inside a carrying case for easy transport organization.

It includes all necessary for practical material: resistors, LEDs, transistors, cable, diodes, LCD displays, etc.

500 mounts among which are for example the electronic bird, transistor radio, a digital roulette, a telegraph light, an electronic timer and so on for those who love electronics.

This coach is also recommended for schools and training and is an excellent resource for teachers of technology, electricity or electronics and related matters.

You see, training is not incompatible with leisure and fun . Why these coaches are a perfect choice to give knowledge and good times .

As always, if you have any questions, consultadnos without obligation . In you can see in detail the characteristics of these products and many others that are educational and fun at the same time.

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