Comparison: HD-CVI vs. HD-SDI technology, which is better?

Comparison: HD-CVI vs. HD-SDI technology, which is better?

HDSDI vs hdcvi

Technology HDCVI , English High Definition Composite Video Interface , has as main features the HD available in analog video transmission over coaxial cable, long distance transmission without latencies, good resilience to interference and the ability to send video, audio and data.

As main advantages we have the high definión video (HD), its low price, transmission by coaxial cable or UTP transmission distance up to 500m without interference, and streaming video, audio, data over a single cable. On the other hand, as mentioned disadvantages it is only compatible with family HDCVI.

The image can have two different resolution formats:
-720p 1280 × 720 HD 1Mpíxel Almost Ready

-1080p 2 Mpixel 1920 × 1080 Full HD

comparison full hd hd readyCoaxial cable connection:

Cable hdcvi HDSDI

-Easy replacement of facilities

reusable -WIRING

No need to
learn new concepts

The coaxial cable  is used to carry electrical high frequency signals and which has two concentric conductors (one central information manager and an outer, which serves as a ground reference and return currents), between the two there is an insulating layer .

To connect the cameras by coaxial cable , simply plug one cable that transmits video and audio + + telemetry.

Cable hdcvi HDSDIHowever, if the connection is balun (impedance matching device that converts transmission lines symmetric asymmetric) network cable (UTP) is used for sending video, audio, power and data. The camera and recorder are connected using a balun at each end (not necesariemente at both ends):

• Camera side: balun emitter.

• Side recorder: balun receiver.
According to transmission distances, and the type of cable to use (in this case speak of coaxial) no more than 500 meters for a resolution HD READY and no more than 300 meters FULL HD is recommended. In the case of connection balun, 250m and 150m for HD READY for FULL HD.

balum HDSDI connection hdcvibalum HDSDI connection hdcvi

The HD-SDI technology

The HD-SDI technology delivers quality still above HDCVI image . For this technology are cameras available with 2.43 Mpixel resolutions and 3 Mpixel. Camera of the same resolution, the amount of information that transmits HD-SDI is superior, and the end result is better. The images do not suffer from compression or coding so do not lose quality. No latencies associated with, suitable for applications where no delays between an event and display are allowed IP systems.

The transmission distances are 100 meters and 200 meter coaxial cable Coaxial Cable HD HD-SDI while for HDCVI are 300 to 500 meters as mentioned above. One thing to mention is that with HD-SDI only be connected by coaxial cable, not for UTP.

Image quality hdcvi

An important thing to consider is that you can not connect an HD-SDI camera with a traditional recorder or vice versa, since the technologies are not compatible (although the cables and connectors are the same). A camera HD-SDI has to be hooked to a recorder HD-SDI.


The conclusions we can draw from this comparison are as follows: resolution and image sharpness technology HD-SDI is higher than in HDCVI, but the first requires less cabling distance, while the second allows you to connect a greater distance without losing quality. In turn , the latter is cheaper because of their lower performance. If we look for better quality in our recordings ideally HD-SDI , whereas if you do not mind having the best quality and image clarity and want to save a bit on your budget, your best bet is HDCVI.

-To view cameras and video recorders available technology HDCVI click here.

-To view cameras and video recorders available technology HDSDI click here.

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