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Dropshipping Complete Guide

Definition : Dropshipping  or drop shipment is a popular way to sell online in which the store does not need to have your product in stock. When a store sells a product, buy a third person and this sends it directly to the customer. With this method, the shop owner never sees the product and much less comes in contact with him. Only it serves as an intermediary.

This is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of our ebook “Complete Guide Dropshipping”.
This guide consists of 8 chapters and a glossary of related terms. Every day from today, we will put at your disposal a chapter for you to be an expert in this technique retail end.

Let ‘s
begin …

The term “dropshipping” generates a variety of reactions.
Some think it is an excellent way to get started in e – commerce. Others dismiss it immediately, having heard too many stories of scams and dropshipping products that promise the moon. With so many rumors and so much misinformation going around, it ‘s hard to know what to believe, and that’s why we wrote this guide.

This is the most detailed and comprehensive guide to dropshipping you will
find. There are no scams or commercial speeches, only the truth, written by people who have used dropshipping to create large and successful e – commerce businesses. I will not say what we think might be able to run, we’ll tell you what we know works based on real – world experiences.

This guide will teach you
everything you need to know to launch your own dropshipping business avoiding costly mistakes that can end the enterprises of this kind. We will cover all topics, from the basics of dropshipping to how to run a business of dropshipping and how to deal with some of the problems that may arise.

To manage your products you can use the
app Oberlo on Shopify.

Create an online store from scratch with this free step by step guide.


Dropshipping is a method of sending and delivery of retail orders which do not need to be store products sold in the store. But when the store sells a product, buy it from a third party and does send directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product.

The biggest difference between dropshipping and retail standard model is that the seller need not possess or store their own inventory.
Instead, the trader buys inventory as needed from a third party (usually a wholesaler or manufacturer) to complete orders.

This unique model has certain benefits and certain disadvantages:

REQUIRE LESS CAPITAL: The biggest advantage of dropshipping is probably that you can launch an e – commerce store without investing thousands of dollars in inventory in advance. Traditionally, retailers have had to commit large amounts of capital to purchase inventory.  

With dropshipping model, you do not have to buy a product unless you’ve already sold and received payment from the customer.
Without large investments in inventory beforehand, you can start a successful dropshipping business with very little money.

EASY START: Running a business e – commerce is much easier when you have to deal with physical products. With dropshipping, you need not worry about the following:
little overhead: You no longer have to deal with the purchase of inventory and warehouse management, fixed costs are quite low. In fact, many successful dropshipping businesses are operated from a home office with a laptop for less than $ 100 a month. As they grow, these costs are likely to increase, but still be low compared with those of a traditional business.  
FLEXIBLE LOCATION: A dropshipping business can be operated from almost anywhere there is an Internet connection. As long as you can communicate with suppliers and customers, you can handle and manage your business.
BROAD PRODUCT SELECTION: As you do not need to buy in advance the items to sell, you can offer a wide range of products to your potential customers. If providers have it available, you can include it in your list of sales on your site at no additional cost.
Easily scalable: With a traditional business, if you get three times more orders than normal usually have to make triple the work. By having dropshipping providers, most of the processing work for additional orders will be made by suppliers, allowing expandirte with lower costs and less work. The sales growth will always involve additional work, especially with regard to customer service, but businesses using dropshipping are easily scalable in relation to traditional e – commerce business.  

All these benefits make dropshipping is a very attractive model for both beginners and traders established.
Unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold dropshipping. All this convenience and flexibility have a price.

LOW MARGINS:Low margins are the major drawback of operating in a highly competitive niche dropshipping. Because it is so easy to get started and fixed costs are minimal, many traders set up shop and sell their items at rock bottom prices in a bid to increase their income. They have so little invested in opening your business that can withstand operate by tiny margins.  

It is true that these traders usually have websites of poor quality and very unsatisfying attention to customer (if they do).
But that will not prevent customers compare their prices with yours. This increase in cutthroat competition will quickly destroy the profit margin in a niche. Fortunately, there ‘s plenty you can do to mitigate the problem by selecting a niche that is right for dropshipping. We will discuss this in more detail in Chapter 4.

ISSUES INVENTORY: If have in stock all the products we sell, is relatively easy to control what items are available and what are over. But when you are taking products from multiple stores, which in turn also complete orders for other traders, inventory changes daily. Although there are ways to better synchronize inventory of your store with your suppliers, these solutions do not always work perfectly, and providers do not always have the necessary technology.  
Complexities SHIPMENTS: If you work with multiple vendors, as most of dropshippers, products on your site come from various dropshippers. This complicates your shipping costs.

Say your customer places an order three items, all are available but from different vendors.
You ‘ll have to pay three separate costs for each item send customer shipment, but it is not advisable to pass this charge to the customer, because they believe they’re charging outrageous for shipping. And even if you wanted to pass this cost on to the customer, automatically calculate it can be difficult.

ERRORS PROVIDER: Have you ever been blamed for something you did not do but you should take responsibility for the error anyway?

Even the best make mistakes dropshipping providers to complete orders;
mistakes for which you’ll need to take responsibility and apologize. And the mediocre and bad providers will cause countless headaches losing items, ruin shipments and use poor quality packages, which can damage a company’s reputation.    

As we warned you initially, dropshipping service is not perfect and stress free way to build a successful business.
The model has some indisputable advantages but comes with certain complexities and problems that need to know including handle.  

We examine these problems and how best to solve them
in future chapters. The good news is that with planning and detailed consideration, most of these problems can be solved and should not prevent your dropshipping business grow and be profitable.

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fence this business idea is
not bad but you teach me to know how to sell and market the network or that I have to learn to separate

Hi Isaac.

On this site you will find you need to get you started selling online, so we hope you do not need to
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first I find a guide with a sincere introduction DS without much “commercial speech” forces that try to sell me . Because

I have doubts about how to professionally my online store for dropshipping business but very good first –
hand information congratulations.

I have mi.propia store and see that esta.opción is best, taking into account the purchasing methods they have today.
How to run dropshipping me is more or less clear but I doubt the beginning that is … as I choose the name where I must register that must be provided and where to register … and once I regard my store legally established … as I sign in dropshipping and where I can create my website?

Thank you for everything, have lengthened my wings to take off porfin

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Thank you very much for your comments …

Kelsy, you commented that this information not yet available to
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Thank you for your comments.
We do not have available a list of providers by country.


Hello good greetings!
Thanks for such valuable information.

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Good, what margin is usually obtained on the sale of these products?

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start my own business as I do to enroll, contact suppliers, create the page

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We share the information you need to
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Hello Camilo

This is a guide that lets you know how Dropshipping create a business from scratch.

I leave a link to all the chapters:


I have many doubts about the dropshiping, such as starting, and shop in Shopify, and have a reliable supplier and good prices and above all the stock, I
live in USA and I need help on how to start.

Hi Edgar

This guide will
find everything you need to know about dropshipping, check out chapters to get into context: -Chapters

once you have a clear idea, create a store with Shopify it is simple just create an account and let our platform you select topics and start creating the store.

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Hello, I’m setting up
a business dropshipping line is more and I have registered in Shopify store, is shoes, I’m looking for wholesale suppliers of this, which are advisable?

I want to start selling online, but have no idea how? I wonder if besides the tutorials are on page? there is someone who can advise you by telephone? Thank you!!!

Thanks for your comments.


To find suppliers all depend on
the country or town where you are. We recommend to search for specialized directories for your products. In this link you will find tips for finding suppliers:


Shopify is an ecommerce platform that lets you create a virtual store easily.
We have a variety of tools to help you start selling your products.

We do not have phone line, however, the
first thing you need is to have a business idea in mind. So I recommend you start working with it, these guidelines can help:


• https: //

Greetings create-un-plan-of-business-all-the-chapters

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Hola Wilmer,

to have 2 pages Shopify selling, for example: 1) women ‘s
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There are many free apps in our store, so you can try and save a little.


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as I download this information about Complete Guide Dropshipping enunformato pdf

How do to increase my capital through shipping?

When creating the company or sell products, how to
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Thank you!

Everything looks good but the big problem and default are the times of shipments.
There are times that take up to 50 days.

Thank you very much for this information they give us!
a question, most suppliers have managed are Chinese and I live in Colombia and I plan to make sales in my country and in other South American countries. I advise you to use these Chinese suppliers to start business or think there are providers who can make me faster delivery? thank you very much!

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Like many of you, I wanted to
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This company claimed to
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The stick came later, as our experience was disastrous, not only to find that it was not really Partner of Prestashop, also to check that the services they offered us were nonexistent, the modules without warranties and service a real nightmare.

We were sold a wine shop, and a handful of modules for the activity.
Recommended themselves their own shop called drop shipping from where we were swindled 3800 euros, allegedly themselves, I say allegedly because I have to say that a judge since we have denounced. Among the false orders, shop and modules we have allegedly defrauded more than 4,600 euros.

There are plenty of forums where they
talk about the company and how it operates, Here I leave one of the links:

Here you last forum: My experience is very similar dropshippingimportprestacom-con /

say that none of the the forum that I put the link say they
have recovered their money, even though as you will see the owner intervened on several occasions to redeem his guilt and say that refund all amounts.

I know there are more than 5 complaints, so
far we can only speak of “alleged fraud”, but I am convinced that very soon we will remove the alleged.

The reason for this post is none other than to alert the community and you see not surprised by this company.

Always buy on sites that have been verified and tested.

I also put screenshots of dropshippingimportpresta company which claimed to
be partners Prestashop. Indeed the latter company closed the overnight and now operate from the other

Also I leave an email, if you want to feel identified and a group of collective complaint:

hello a Super doubt, I’m from mexico, if I want to
do this I have to get him inside my tax movements ?, ie pay taxes, give bills, etc?

that relationship has the dropshipping with Shopify?
I can put my online shop without the need to make it through the PAG Shopify?

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