Complete guide alarms: types, degrees security, operation

Complete guide alarms: types, degrees security, operation

guide alarms

Currently, installing alarms in your home, home, business or property must be prioritatia when protecting their safety. Robberies are increasing and in most cases the affected is the one who loses for not preventing these sudden events. In security systems and alarms . The alarm systemsThey are one of the tools that we have to try to prevent theft. Within the market we find numerous teams depending on their characteristics. At the time of selecting the alarm system that best fits our needs, our choice should be based primarily on the degree secu rity we want and need.

Degrees of security alarms

Order INT / 316/2011 BOE 01-02-2011 and the standard UNE-EN-50131 classified electronic security systems on a grade scale from 1 to 4. According to the grade assigned, the system can be used in a type establishment or business, or other: 

Grade 1:

Ara appropriate alarm systems equipped with acoustic signaling, that will not be connected to an alarm center or control center.

Grade 2:

Dedicated to homes and small shops, businesses and industries in general, seeking to connect to an alarm center or, where appropriate, to a control center.

3rd grade:

Intended to be fitted with security establishments and other commercial or industrial installations to which its activity or other circumstances, be required to have connection to alarm center or, where appropriate, to a control center.

Grade 4:

Reserved for infrastructure called critical military installations, establishments storing regulated explosive material, and security companies deposit cash, securities, precious metals, hazardous materials or explosives, required, or not connecting with central alarm or, if applicable, control centers.

As alarms work

The alarm has you informed at all times via your computer, mobile, tablet by sending all the information and images of the intruder. From the mobile device or PC you can capture images, see what happens, arm and disarm the alarm, see who enters and leaves the house . All this at no cost. It can be your solution for home, home, business, or even in any property you want to have an eye on maintenance costs 0. Ideal for empty houses, cottages, rendered useless for most of the year, storage, roofs, parking apartments etc … in places or vacant houses run the risk of any mishap like theft, fire, flood, squatters or anything. The alarm system will allow you to have controlled your places at all times and avoid inecesarios expenses in case of unwanted contingencies. Do not let this happen and foresee all accidents unwanted alarm installed. Detect movement: the best to detect if a burglar is inside are motion sensors. They are the most common.

how it works alarm

The motion detector emits radio energy into the room and monitors the reflection pattern.

It works as alarm 2

If someone modifies or is included in the reflection pattern, the motion detector sends an alarm signal to the control panel.

Activating the alarm: there are several types of alerts when an intruder disturbs the system:

-Sirena, horn, light: alert and deter the instruso to leave.

-A phone call automatically: call the selected media security message or play direction.

Alarm types

hardwired alarms


Based alarms cabling systems are the most tradicionales.Van installed wired to all zones controlled. It is one of its advantages, but in turn, having to make a physical facility for complete installation can be a little more expensive to install.

Wireless alarms

The system most widely used and sold by its system by wireless motion sensors and image, without wiring and easy installation. They have a control unit, a console, a keyboard and disconnect concetar areas. Another of its advantages is that it can be controlled at all times by the user and ensures active safety.

Simple alarm system


Are the simplest alarms since only feature the acoustic system, with the sole purpose of scaring away intruders. They carry no external connection, and are not connected to any central, so if stolen, no one is warned.

GSM Alarm systems Installments

With the new system of alarms GSM without Installments, only you need a mobile phone SIM card to control your home, cottage or beach, business or office. If someone accesses your property improperly, the alarm will send an SMS message and call you directly to your phone.

IS NOT NECESSARY hiring fixed telephone line. The only requirement is a SIM card from any operator with coverage to alert messaging via call and if mishap.

-full from your mobile

The GSM alarms are fully manageable via the mobile phone. With a simple text message or phone call can arm and disarm the alarm, set the phone numbers that you want to alert, change the zone configuration, graduating the volume of the siren, etc. All without cables, only to have a mobile phone.

-alarm no monthly fees

NO NEED to pay fees of any kind. Unlike other systems, GSM alarms protect their safety and belongings without any cost or Installments . The kits Powermax alarms and alarm kits G5 are two of the most established market for their excellent performance, price, easeinstallation and maintenance 0. Greater control at all times, at zero cost.

Advantages alarms for home & business

-control telephone alarm: armed and disarmed away with a single SMS or call , you can arm and disarm the Alama in a very fast, easy way, anywhere.

-these home alarms are easy to install: having no wiring, it is only necessary to place the sensors in the right places.

-Installation can not easily be boycotted: installed in strategic locations hinder their boycott.

-Great variety of wireless accessories for different uses: all kinds of accessories to ensure and further increase the security of what you most want.

Wireless – communication with accessories: no need wiring for communication with any accessory

. -Aviso telephone when an alarm occurs: in case of alarm, people immediately configured in the system receive a call where they can hear everything that happens.

-CONTROL ABSOLUTE and 0 ANNUAL COST : absolute control is guaranteed because from anywhere and from your mobile, PC or tablet you can keepeye on everything that happens in place wherehave installed the alarm. Without any annual payment since it does not connect with third parties, only the owner.

When an alarm is required to connect to a central station:

From February 1, 2011, be approved after several ministerial orders (INT 314-318) are regulated more specifically some aspects of security were incomplete in the Private Security Regulations (RD 2364/1994 of 09- 12-1994).

One of those orders, INT / 317/2011 01-02-2011 provides that certain activities and businesses are required to have certain measures of active and passive protection against theft or robbery ( video surveillance system , safe, alarm, etc.), and specifies the characteristics of these measures. These businesses are required: credit institutions, armorers, jewelers and silversmiths, art galleries and antique shops, gas stations and other fuel supplies, pharmacies, lotteries and betting shops (casinos, bingo, gaming machines). Except pharmacies, all those other establishments bound must have an alarm connected to a central monitoring station , and a recording system and recording images (video surveillance / CCTV).

Private homes and businesses not detailed in the INT / 317/2011 01-02-2011, are not required to connect to a central monitoring station . The rest of businesses and private homes, are NOT required to connect to a central monitoring station . But they can have alarm, and connecting or not to a central station is, from a legal point of view, optional.

Regulations and law private security alarms

Private Security Act (Act 23/1992 of 30/07/1992) specifies obligations, requirements and the proper functioning of companies brindadn private security services detailing security measures against theft, you have to have business or required to have active protection measures and / or passive establishments. On February 1, 2011 (INT 314-318) incomplete points of Private Security Regulation regulates.

Adobe-Reader-logo-pdfOrder INT / 1504/2013, dated 30 July

Order INT / 1504/2013 of 30 July, amending the Order INT / 314/2011 of 1 February on private security companies, the Order INT / 316/2011 of 1 February on operation of alarm systems in the field of private security, the Order INT / 317/2011 of 1 February on private security measures, and amending the rules of enforcement of standards are set UNE or UNE-EN in the field of private security. BOE-A-2013-8706





Adobe-Reader-logo-pdfOrder INT / 314/2011 of 1 February on private security companies.


Adobe-Reader-logo-pdfLaw on Protection of public safety – Law 1/1992 of 02.21.1992

Basic principles of public and private security, on which have developed specific laws and regulations such as the Law of private security, etc. to download

Adobe-Reader-logo-pdfThe Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD), applied to video surveillance

How the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD), for the particular case of monitored sites with video cameras (CCTV) applies. to download

Instruction 1/2006 11.8.2006 – Annex – CCTV RĂ³tulo

characteristics approved label to be placed in locations monitored by video cameras. to download

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