Configure HikVision, H-Series, Safire and DVR video recorders for remote viewing


Configure Hikvision, H-Series, Safire and DVR video recorders for remote viewing

set-video recorder-remote

IMPORTANT: To set the video recorder must have prior knowledge of computers and networks, in todoelectronica offer remote service configuration to a price of 40 €. With the following instructions can be configured perfectly.

To access via any browser and from any mobile phone to our DVRs only have to open ports on the router, 8000, 8080, 554 and 443 and redirect both TCP and UDP for IPv4 address.

You also have to change the following values in General Configuration System-> Network:
– IPv4 address : (this is what the router assigns to my videograbador but yours may be another, this does not change)

Subnet Mask IPv4:

IPv4 default address:

DNS server favorite:

alternate DNS server:

generation> More settings:

server Port : 8000

HTTP Port: 8080

Port RTSP : 554

Puerto HTTPS: 443 (it may not appear).


With network parameters correctly configured DVR, you can also access it from a remote access outside the local network in which the computer is connected.

The procedure is the same local network access as to how to use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or any browser. (write ip: port).

The only difference is that, in
order to remotely access, do not use the IP address that has been set for the DVR (since this is an IP address of the local network), but you have to use the address
external IP of network router.

Getting the external IP address of the router

For the address
external IP router network can consult the following website http: // www.

is a website that directly shows you your IP address to access it without having to do anything else.

Access problems: changing the HTTP port

Is relatively common remote access fail if port 80 as HTTP port is used.

If this is the
case, you need to change port 80 for another port on the menu “Network” setting up the video recorder. For example, it is very common to use port 8080, or 8083.

Logically, it is necessary to ensure that the newly selected port is open on the router as well as redirect it into the router if necessary (all this through the Service NAT).

If the HTTP port is changed, when access the video recorder through the web browser is necessary to indicate, in addition to the IP port for which you want to access, for example, if the external IP is and it defined the 8080 port to access through web browser you need to put in the address bar the following:
http :: /

If you want that ‘s set up remote access to your VCR CONTACT HERE

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