Differences between distrubuidores, derivadores and PAU

Differences Between distrubuidores, drifters and PAU

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– A distributor or dealer splitter are three different ways to name the same thing. It is a passive element having its input (IN) and two or more outputs (OUT). It is what is used inside the houses to make a connection signal for multiple connections.
Examples : Distributors

– A diverter is similar to the distributor but is used in large homes or communities. Has an input IN, several outputs plant called (TAP) and these outputs have established a signal loss, 10dB, 15dB, 20dB, etc. and an output (OUT) with little loss to give signal to the immediately lower level (and place another diverter cascade, etc). It should calculate the loss you need to have each diverter of each plant depending on the number of plants, jacks, etc.
Examples : Derivadores

– Finally , a PAU also resembles the dealer with the proviso that not only has an input (IN), but has two inputs (IN). What happens to one of the inputs is simply to place the coaxial cable so it is not loose, but really that entry or used to mix the signal or serves to divide the signal into its (OUT) outputs . The PAU are used in communities with ICT project. The PAU is placed in the junction box of the entrance of the house and comes two wires from the community. Usually black or two white and white. The two leads from the community are connected to respective inputs PAU, but only one signal is divided by the number of outputs X have the PAU.

Why do you do this with the PAU? That in communities with ICT project as legislation is sent by a cable signal TDT + SAT1 (usually DTT + ASTRA19), and the second cable TDT + SAT2 (usually DTT + nothing or TDT + HISPASAT30). And interior installation user can not put two satellite signals simultaneously, the user can choose whether to put one or the other satellite in the housing, and for this you only have to swap cables (IN) position. The issue of leaving the cable position in the PAU and not leave it outdoors, it is so that no interference to the community facility, because by putting it in the PAU are connecting to a terminal load that avoids precisely the signal is worse of TV.
Examples: PAU

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