Electronics workshop: electronic assembly circuit electrifier

Electronics workshop: electronic circuit assembly electrifier

electronics and mounting kit todoelectronica

Circuit mounted image.

We propose a new electronic assembly, in this case an energizer circuit . Basically, it emits strong voltage pulses. Often it used as energizer fences to ward off animals or perform other experiments. We get to work …

In this case we will focus on mounting an energizer circuit fences with animals repelling effect. If you urge you to ride this circuit Take precautions to avoid any incident . Now, we begin.

To construct the electric fence can be used two types of threads:

  1. Galvanized wire thread. Galvanizing protects it from deterioration by providing durability and provides good conductivity.
  2. Electroplástico thread. It has less conductivity, so it is not advisable to exceed 500 meters in length.

* Steel cable can also be used, but only in small and temporary fences.

electronic components for mounting kit todoelectronica

List of components for the circuit.

Assembly instructions

Once we have all the necessary components, welding start smaller: the resistance and diode . The next step is to weld the electrolytic capacitors . Remember that the long leg is the positive terminal or the strip drawn into the capsule condenser is attached to the negative terminal thereof.

Then we solder the transistors . Finally, the welding transformer suitable for this installation, we recommend using the TR01 Kemo , which provides more intense loads, but serve another standard. The transformer must be connected to 12V next to the circuit board.

23OV side come the high voltage pulses, may increase up to 3000 volts.

When this circuit is used in a near one pole of high voltage is connected to earth by a metallic tube or about 50-60 cm pica. The other pole is connected to the fence wire. The bare wire closely be fixed to the stakes with plastic high voltage insulators. If the wire is not insulated to 100% of the stake to the attachment points, leakage losses occur, the high voltage is canceled and void.

educational electronics in todoelectronica

Todoelectronica the magazine nº42 all components are sent.

How does the circuit work?

Transistors T1 and T2 together form an asymmetric multivibrator. The short pulse edge multivibrator opens the switching transistor T2 periodically. This short – term switches a current through the winding low voltage transformer connected, and thereby induces high voltage pulses to the high voltage side of the transformer.

In the case of the fence, to be effective scaring animals, they should touch the ground and the high voltage wire at the same time to receive the download. If this is not possible (for example a cat, which can be uploaded to the fence), can be laid two bare wires are insulated from each other at a distance of about 2 cm and connect them to one of two transformer connections 23OV ca respectively. If now the animal touches both exposed wires simultaneously, if you receive the download.

📌 The more detailed and some extra tips, instructions can find them in the journal Todoelectronica # 42 . In addition, the magazine all the necessary components are shipped to mount the energizer circuit fences.

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