Fleet control by gps, the most efficient solution for transport companies

Fleet Control by GPS The most efficient solution for transport companies

GPS locators and fleet control in todoelectronica

GPS locators are the best choice to manage and control transportation fleets.

In other articles we’ve talked about the operation and more frequent uses GPS locators . A device increasingly used in industries such as the l OGISTICS and transport . The fleet control by GPS locators is the best solution for businesses and professionals who want to control their vehicles and the routes they do, improving security and internal organization .

Basically GPS locators that are used in vehicles allow always know your real – time location with great precision . No matter the distances: with a GPS locator no borders, coordinates can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Currently the GPS locators are used increasingly to control fleets of vehicles , whether trucks, vans, motorcycles, cars … can be installed in all vehicles to have them controlled live.

From a software on your computer or a mobile application can control the location of the pager.

From a software on your computer or a mobile application can control the location of the pager.

¿ How they work ?

Installation is very simple. The first step is to introduce a SIM card into the GPS locator. Then, simply connect the vehicle to start running. From a completely free online platform for life , or from a downloaded application on the mobile phone , the user will see in real time the vehicle location. All this at no extra cost.

¿ What are the advantages of GPS locators for fleet control ?

  • Real – time tracking: live and can direct the location of vehicles with total precision.
  • Free tracking platform: accessed from a computer to a platform with user and password can be controlled at all times the location of vehicles. Also from the Smartphone downloading an application. These platforms have no additional cost, are free for life.

    GPS locators todoelectronica at the best price

    GPS locators are very reliable and easy to use devices.

  • Very simple installation. Locator installation is very simple and it works. They are very reliable devices.
  • Security measures. GPS locator is also a safety measure, since knowing at all times the vehicle’s location can also know if you have had an accident, if it has been stolen or has arisen any incident.
  • Resource Optimization. Know exactly routes and optimize vehicle allows better study them in order to save time on transportation and fuel.
  • Improvement of the organization. All of the above has a major advantage for businesses and professionals, and is that all data can be performed statistics and analyze the best routes in order to optimize the organization.
  • National and international level. GPS locators send their position from anywhere in the world. For example , a vehicle may be performing a route by the US and viewed and controlled from Spain without any problems.
  • Seamlessly autonomy. Locators designed for fleet control are directly connected to a power supply of the vehicle, discarding the problem that the battery ran out.
  • Reduced dimensions. The size of these devices is very small, so do not disturb and even go unnoticed.
todoelectronica GPS locators have the best quality price

GPS locators provide cost savings to companies of transport and logistics.

Practical examples fleet control with GPS locators:

  1. And courier delivery companies increasingly use these devices to be controlled distributions live and direct.
  2. Logistics sector. A major and minor scale locators are used in trucks and large vehicles for location and even modify the routes in real time depending on traffic and possible incidents.
  3. Transportation managers to better study the routes, staffing requirements, costs … improving the organization and optimization of resources.
  4. Emergency services and security. GPS locators are also very useful for emergency and security vehicles, which allow the location of each vehicle and better manage their business. For example security companies, firefighters, rescue teams, etc.
GPS locators and fleet control in todoelectronica

Monitoring is done in real time from a free platform for life.

Other Uses

Beyond what we have discussed, GPS locators use increasingly sophisticated and efficient technology. So much so that they have different alarm systems, for example in case of a fall or collision, disconnection, speed alarm …

In Todoelectronica we have the most reliable GPS locators on the market with latest technology and the best value for money. The GPS locators our platform is free for life.

For any questions or advice, c ontact with our technical team and will be happy to help .




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