How consumer behavior has evolved in electronic commerce

How consumer behavior has evolved in electronic commerce

Business owners and those who work closely to achieve their success, they know it is a challenge to understand what the market demands. After doing a market study to support decisions by the brand, one of the results is probably that the product you are suing is not strictly related to the need to seek to satisfy. When that happens it’s time to analyze consumer behavior , because in many cases what they say they want is not the same as actually needed.

On this occasion we want to
show how it has been the
evolution of the consumer with the advancement of time and technology to share you the following deliveries which types of consumerswith which you are probably currently trying to your online store and what tactics could implement them, depending on your spending habits .

Let ‘s
look at a little history and let ‘s begin.

consumer behavior is not new. If we go to marketing terms, consuming something is to give end – use products specially designed to meet certain needs. If you interact directly with the person performing this action we have that consumer behavior is directly related to the search of products at its discretion they will meet your needs. Really is not as complicated as it sounds and plays a basic process:

All who have purchased a product, either physically or in an online store, we have gone through this process, maybe we can include sometimes how the environment has previously evaluated a product, using information as a
backup in the purchase decision, but it is actually something that yet and the
evolution of technologies, is ongoing.

In the
late 90’s and having experienced the birth of the web, electronic media were not so accessible yet and the first stores began to appear online. The way to advertise online was quite difficult and costly; Google began to have visibility and PPC campaigns were not as successful as they currently are. The
consumer felt the need to understand the environment but still had reservations. With all the understandable fear of the unknown, they did not deny him a chance to electronic commerce.

The picture showed the future was promising for both brands beginning to see a new environment where venture to the
consumer , who could get to purchase a product differently than he knew and thus change their consumption habits .

Later ,
with the growth of internet and above all, the emergence of electronic devices such as smartphones, purchase a product via e – mail became an interesting possibility for those who wanted to experience in this area, presuming they could purchase a product from your phone. Perhaps it is not required that the site had a design specially created for these devices, which later became known as Responsive Design; what mattered was the ease with which the customer when having an impulse purchase, could purchase a product.

Currently, it
is a little difficult to remember that time when the only way to purchase a product was going to the store – face manner. The development of more electronic devices such as tablets and smart TVs now can know almost immediately launching a new product or collection, Adema pre order and buy from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere where you have internet access .

And this is
not to say that physical purchases are in danger; On the contrary, it is an opportunity to understand the
consumer behavior in both media complement each other , since you can visualize a product physically and purchase at lower or more attractive directly on the online store brand promotions costs.

The interesting thing here is to
know how those technologies have affected
consumer behavior , specifically in the electronic commerce environment.

Initially, the
consumer acted on impulse, perhaps by buying products backless interest. When you see a product on a site like Amazon, it was swayed by advertising the brand made its product. There was a blind trust in the brand and what it communicated, especially in prices.

The big jump came when thanks to technology and digital media, people now had an
opportunity to consult opinions regarding the product not only personally and in their trusted environment, also dating from his trust and figuring out with people completely unknown what was your shopping experience and whether they may or may not recommend the product. Advertising continues to play an important role, especially at the time of publicizing the product, but in fact the change occurred when the client understood that because the offer was, he was the one who had the power to decide whether to purchase or a product. And not everything was based on that blind trust, let alone in prices, as currently marked largely by demand.

Being impulsive became a demanding and knowledgeable buyer.
They are willing to pay what they considered not just a product and its benefits. In addition, not only concerned about the price of the product; now they have social issues that worry.

For example, currently organic and natural issues play an important role
in customer tastes paper and not to mention the issue of care for the environment, since now a brand that is considered sustainable it is above those average in the market, even if they demonstrate on issues such as packaging and ecological packaging.

With the advent of the
Internet, a means of sharing information immediately, especially to find out is also presented
shopping experiences . Social networks, forums and blogs are places where anyone can have access to free information. PWC agency data show that 80% of consumers today perform one or more online research about a product of interest, using smartphones and tablets to perform them .

The jump not only gave technology;
environment and financial changes also affected the behavior of the
consumer . Purchasing decisions are considered by the world economic and social crises that force them to spend wisely. And fortunately these social media is much easier to alert others to do the same, creating a chain of actions that drive to make secure and backed purchases.

One thing is sure;
the current client is not left with one opinion. And that’s why you should pay attention to the reputation of your brand and how it is perceived in the environment. Advertising and does not have all this responsibility; promotion among customers is now an important point that requires attention. Do not neglect your customers; You should be aware of what they want and how to evolve their buying process.

Surely you’ve gone through this and have something to platicarnos about it
, so we hope we can share how you’ve faced this
evolution and that is what you’re doing to succeed. We remind you that in the next installment we’ll share what types of consumers with’re probably trying to your online store.

1000% agreement.

I have an online store for
many years. In recent times, I must say that advertising pays no works for me .. I’ve realized that the best advertising you can do is have a management most excellently for the same customers return to buy and also recommend me.

And in online shopping, excellent management begins with an updated web and all forms of contact clearly visible and track customer responsible.
Make your shipments in a timely manner, provide the posbilidad to make changes, product variety (if exclusive better) at competitive prices, etc, etc.

And if we talk about advertising worthwhile, nothing better than a good SEO.
People looking for something specific google, there are great chances that I ended up buying. I do not know why but the sponsored ads by Google do not give as good a result as natural SEO. No doubt that for someone who is just beginning, it is better to pay, but work on SEO every day, give good results in the long run.

Hi Fabiana

Thank you for your comment.
How good you share a bit of your experience.


Hello, I

need to
get my shopping combos

where you can select different tours package 3

with reservations per day

‘m currently testing bookthatapp and well

but does not give me the option of reservations for different days

I can recommend another option besides bookthatapp to try??



Hello Mario

Maybe I
can funcionarte Assistant Shopify.

Much success!


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