How to locate suppliers in electronic commerce

How to locate suppliers in electronic commerce

Having your online store is a challenge. Test design and manage finances, products, customer service , etc. it can be quite overwhelming. The truth is that every owner of a shop needs help from third parties to take a load off occasionally.

If you
manufacture your own product, if someone else should surtirte inventory regularly or get your products through a strategy of
dropshipping , it is necessary that do not leave without products and, above all, we provide care and support that will surely You will need. You need to locate online providers reliable than having the ability to provide your business products and inventory. (Dropshipping complete guide )

In a physical store, usually it occurs provider gives you samples of their products and offers replenishment plans;
e – commerce this task becomes a bit more complicated in the middle whereentire transaction takes place.

Whatever method you choose to have products in your
online store . You must remember that require one online provider that can communicate with you, to be able to negotiate prices and payment plans; and especially to understand that sometimeshave economic ability to acquire lots of great products and sometimes only ordain the least.

several methods to find
online providers only needenter Google and find what you need. However, before starting to work, theresome elements we want you to consider. This time we will sharethe basic questions that every owner of a shop must know when locating, contacting and negotiating with online vendors .

As mentioned above, there
at least three types of
online providers that may be part of the team trust of your online store . The options depend on selling needs you have:

The next step is
know if the provider gives you the best deal is geographically near or outside the country where you are. Normally, when discussing
online providers outside your country we refer to those located mainly in Asia (China, India and Taiwan), where production costs and therefore the product are generally lower.

Now that you have a clearer
of what you’re looking idea, ittime to
start looking for the ideal supplier of your online store . OnInternet you can find excellent candidates, but today theresome places where you can make your search for a more specific way.

Search engines like Google and Bing are naturally the best place to start looking
suppliers, and also the best known. Almost all people are accustomed to looksomething from Google, usually finding the desired on the first page thanks topositioning of many of the results pages. But the truth is that many
online providers do not provide the required attention to their websites, much less have an SEO strategy . This means we may never find.

So the question is: how
find search engine providers?

It is time for you to open interests pages 2, 3, 4, 5 ….
and expectfind what you are looking. In addition, your creativity should do this to create and adapt related to your search terms to find various viable prospects.

Some of the best options
online providers you can find online are available in directories created especially for these issues. These profiles contain hundreds of online providers that have registered, waitingcustomers. We shared 3 of the best choices:

You’ve probably open your local newspaper and you’ve found a classified section where people advertise what type of work performed and a contact number.
OnInternet therealso
digital newspapers , with a classified section, where you can find people offering various services or selling products wholesale.

the recommendations of another person can function as proof of performance and attention for online provider . By now most people share their experiences as users onInternet, we can useas resources to find online providers worthwhile. Social networks, forums and online groups makemuch easierfind viable prospects, with recommendations that come from friends, family, followers of your profiles and even strangers who kindly share their opinion.

Specifically, a social network that
recommend is LinkedIn. Try to find leading people within your industry and get close to them to know that
suppliers online can recommend.

The main thing is that between the supplier and the
owner of the shop onlinethere is trust. So it is recommended that before any trade deal the store owner knows the attitude of a professional vendor, references and market knowledge. If communication flows naturally, then it is a supplier will surely be good choice.

If you get your provider to
understand you , you can share your experience for others. In the
e – commerce recommendations are worth gold, and better than someone who has helped you with your business growth for part recognition.

If ,
however, you had the misfortune of running into an unprofessional person also share your experience politely so that people who are just beginning their business to see that is not a recommended option and avoid working with him.

The truth is that having a
online provider of trust is almost as difficult as getting your first sale, but anything is possible if done through a process of verification and analysis.

Would you share with us
online vendor you consider reliable? We waited in the comments section. 

The largest source of suppliers in Spain:
đŸ˜‰(less buy out and the ones here)

According to the comments made.

A reliable supplier


Thank you for your comments.


want to
try the service online store with you, but I find a way to communicate, not vizualizo a contact form on your website.

For me it
is very important to make a few questions before you start.


Hi Anny

Gladly you can send an email to for us
to give solution to these questions.



I need to
contact Shopify suppliers for a project in Mexico DF.


I am interested in
opening an online merchant can give me reports. Thanks

Hello Sara

We are an e –
commerce platform with which you can make your online store. We have different benefits, all available to hire any of our plans, ranging from $ 29 to $ 179 per month, which is completely unlimited. Having a plan with Shopify lets you access various internal tools as well as a selection of themes and apps available for setting up your online store as you want.

You can


hello, thank you very much for conpartir so valuable issues which have been of great help, given that today almost everything is handled online, I took some time studying the possibility of placing a virtual store, 16 years ago reaches USA I am professional but due to various circumstances I have desactializado but again I am taking control of my life and I’ve been studying about digital marketing, creating web virtually content, so I
turn to you in aid plan. Given that in terms of sales categories that stand out are electronic, fashion, shoes and ebooks have been studying for some time the possibility of creating my own online store dedicated to fashion and accessories, and what I have maqueteado and CREI my business plan, but not the most important ,, the part of the logistics and how to start it .

I appreciate your help and prompt response.

Lida Gonzalez Martinez

prodrĂ­a someone inform me about suppliers for e-commerce in Venezuela?

Hi team if you shop on 26 October to send them a message and have passed almost 4 months and have received no response.

Lida Martinez Hi,

I would like to apologize for the delay.
Our comments section was unattended for a few months by internal changes in our division in Spanish.

We have reviewed all blog comments and have not found your comment or question.
We only got the comment made by Lida Gonzalez, but we’re not sure it’s the same person, and that comment has no specific question.

Could you send us
your specific question to find out how we can help?



greetings you in your service listing the benefits offered by chance reflect market studies trends and popular products?
since this is a very important for those who are newborns in this market and know how to start and have a margin of guaranteed success basic theme is paramount himself given preparation to foreign as the subject of sale within the United States , Canada and others? or give you leverage to not only be a supplier of sales portal rather a business partner. I would like if possible to talk with someone on your team who could clarify several questions.

Good morning over here, cordial greetings,

thank you very much for sharing such valuable issues which have been of great help, because today almost everything is handled online, I took a
long time studying the possibility of placing a virtual store, and signed a course online sales, but this information is much clearer yours. without detracting which gives me this course. I congratulate you and thank you very much again for your valuable contribution.

Hello, I am in search of ADM RX 480 a graphics card of 8 GB.
ME you suggest some online provider? In Shopify I can sell these products?

Eujeidis Hi,

Unfortunately we can not recommend any supplier because we can not be responsible for
the service. I recommend contacting several vendors and look at the scores obtained from customers and comments before making a purchase.

If you create an online store Shopify you can sell your products.


a supplier of electrical appliances

hi jenny live in Tijuana but can cross Diaren to me and I sandiego facility to ship all over
Mexico would like to dropshipping I leave my mail and my e 6644945437 we can do business greetings

Good I’m from Spain nights my dream is to have a store of modern sportswear clothing brand and choco and current girl … .e searched and can
not find the provider you help?

I am interested to
open a shop online, I can send all the information required to study the option of uatedes.

Regards !!!

hi some reliable provider for mazatlan sinaloa, ??

Hello Perla,

We do not provide lists of local suppliers.
I recommend looking at Google, in business directories in your city or the chamber of commerce in your area.



I want to
open an international online store to make the sale of products and services, and are my suppliers responsible for sending. Therefore the only web would be a sales platform. My question is, what percentage of commission can charge my suppliers to make a profit?

Thank you.

Hi, I’m with the idea of starting my own business selling clothes online, worse eh been looking for
suppliers online and not found or rather eh not like looking for some that are reliable and good quality.

I look forward to your comments,


Hi, I
find this very timely post. I began my store with Shopify since December dropshipping model with aliexpress and oberlo.

I’ve had few sales because I preferred to experiment with suppliers, such as quality, price and delivery time.

I do not feel very satisfied with the experience as sending delay up to
2 months to arrive and quality does not seem very good. It is urgent for me to get suppliers to give a time frame of more “decent” Shipping and of course your product quality.

Where I can recommend providers that meet these two requirements? .Thanks

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