How to start an online store when you have no investment

How to start an online store When you have no investment

Ambitions often hampered by financial constraints. But with dropshipping , starting a business has never been cheaper. All the tools you need to start selling online are at your disposal, and practically free.

The challenge is to
launch an
e – commerce business with $ 0 and win $ 65 over the next 14 days.

All these tools offer a trial version of 14 days.
After those days, you must pay for the tools and continue
building your business or trying something new.

Your goal is to
make sales, so do not obsess about the details. In most cases, the first shop name and design of the banner are sufficient. Do so and click. Be sure to
start your store as quickly as possible and focus on generating sales . You can always make changes later.

This is the map to follow: find a product, create your Shopify store and generate your first sale.

Let’s start.

When selecting a product, people often fail in two ways:

For the purposes of this challenge, try to be in the middle.
You have to
validate product data, but do not get stuck and looking for something better. The dropshipping allows you to quickly switch between ideas, so if the first proves to be incorrect, you can easily try another.

I always look for
product ideas in other stores and shopping sites.

When exploring other shops, you can see their offers, the list of the most sold and marketed products.
Many stores have a lot of data and employ their sales departments to organize and choose their products. Uses this information to your benefit.

Some places you can get

Create an account on sites like
Polyvore , Wanelo , Fancy , and Pinterest , and the most popular searches in different categories.

There are millions of products on these platforms and people often overlook these sites in their investigations.
They are very valuable.

In conducting research
product ideas , consider a few factors:

People are exposed to thousands of daily deals.
Seeks to supply products to
niches neglected s by major vendors in the market. For example, there is an interest group specifically for normal belts, but you can easily find a product for cyclists who may have positive impact among cycling enthusiasts. Looking for niches such as clothing for plus – size women , leggings for exercise or yoga accessories.

With a lower price range of $ 40 or $ 60, profits are relatively good and the conversion rate is usually higher because the purchase requires less consideration customer.

Google Trends to see which products are trending and revises the demand for these product ideas . Look for products that are increasing rather than decreasing.
leggings product idea

Physical activity and clothing for exercise are trendy.
Thanks to new technologies that make the social sport, there is a great impact on Instagram and applications such as Endomondo or Nike +.

Product Idea sun lenses

These products
season are among the best selling AliExpress.
MEGIR: idea shop online

A popular brand watches AliExpress offers affordable luxury with a nod.
And they are well received worldwide. You can find excellent reviews on
YouTube and Instagram to test the quality.

We return to the
goal: to launch an
e – commerce store with $ 0 and earn $ 65 within the next 14 days.

What you really need is an easy way to sell your products.
A basic shop serves to meet the target perfectly. Again, we just have to cover the essentials before going on to add products and ultimately sales.

There are several things you can do to create and configure your store.
For the purposes of this challenge, I suggest that you focus
on the essentials . You can always fix after you have activated your idea with some sales.

Choose a name should not be a big concern at this time.
Think of something simple like Watchman, DealsDealsDeals or Always Trendy Shop.

If you have trouble finding a good name, test
name generator companies .

In the old days, it
was necessary to get a server, load an e – commerce system, hire someone to adapt it to your needs, and pay to maintain the site. That was expensive, time – consuming and the end result was a slow and ineffective site.

Shopify , you can create your online store with just a few clicks and all server configuration and maintenance is worry free.

Go to, Click on “start your free trial”, enter the name of the store and click on “create your store.”

Visit our
Shopify store theme , select a specific theme. There are many free options. To save time try to find one that does not require many changes. Some popular selections are New Standard , Supply and Simple .

Once you find something you like, click on “start with this issue.”

Shopify themes
Adjusting the topic

To edit the look of your store, go to (Online Store) → Online Shop (Themes) issues → (Customize Theme) customize themes.

On the right sidebar you will see each section of the theme: header, body, footer, etc.

Opens each section and experiment with what you can do with it.

There is something specific you need to
change, but it’s good to know you can do if you ever want to personalize it .

If you
do not have design skills, enters the
generator Shopify logos and test different variations to get a great logo.

This is an example:

logos creator Shopify

The content is important, but the following sections should be sufficient to start: About Us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy and return policy, shipping and delivery and Contact.

To create a page enters (Online Store) Online Store → (Pages) pages → (Add Page) Add page.

About Us : This page is where people go to learn more about yourself when you are deciding if they want to buy or not. You can be short and simple for now.
Delivery and Delivery : Most sellers on AliExpress have similar prices and terms of delivery can be copied and pasted.
Contact : Maintain contact with customers is very important. Be sure to place a visible link to this section in your store.

To create a contact page, click the (Add New Page) “Add a new page” and change the page template to contact.

create contact page - Shopify
Necessary policies : to create pages for your store basic policies go to Settings → Checkout and down to reimbursement, privacy and declarations section to generate each sample policies.
Online Store Policies

payment gateways such as Shopify Payments to your store so you can start receiving money.

Most AliExpress sellers offer free delivery, so I suggest adding a free shipping option for all your orders.

Go to (Settings) Settings → (Shipping) shipments and removes all non –
international, edit the zone type as free.

Later, you can adjust shipping rates to include delivery options, but free shipping is enough for now.

If you need help, you can watch this short
video demonstration .

Before launching your store you will need to enter your billing information at Shopify, but will not be charged until you finish your 14 –
day trial. That access (Settings) → Settings (Account) account and add your data.

Now your store is ready!

We return to the
goal: to launch an
e – commerce store with $ 0 and earn $ 65 within the next 14 days.

We need to
add products quickly. Select a fulfillment process is a matter of preference. Each model has advantages and disadvantages, and they can provide examples of successful companies that use this solution.

AliExpress dropshipping is a quick and easy way to
start an online business . After all, 14 days are a major constraint and need something quick and easy.

AliExpress dropshipping works in a
similar way to the traditional dropshipping method. AliExpress copies product to your store and you set your prices and profit margins. After selling a product, AliExpress purchases and send it directly to the customer.

AliExpress dropshipping has many advantages, but the dropshipping is more than just store inventory.

You can compare the dropshipping compliance with other models here:
The Complete Guide dropshipping

Here are
the specific advantages and disadvantages of AliExpress dropshipping:



Is it worth a
try? Definitely yes. I know that more than 2,200 stores use AliExpress dropshipping and made more than $ 8.9 million US dollars in revenue over the last 6 months.

We tell you
how to get started:

Go to AliExpress.con and look for products that you
decide to sell. Once you find a product that matches your search criteria, you add to your wish list.

AlliExpress example

Usually, the price on AliExpress is related to quality.
So do not get too excited when you find the same product at a lower price.

Although a lower price does not necessarily mean lower quality and vice versa, it is highly recommended to
avoid such situations:

Evaluate products AliExpress

The two most important things when evaluating vendors on AliExpress are feedback score and positive feedback.
Feedback score indicates the volume of sales, while the positive rate of votes represents the type of feedback that the supplier has received. Always points to 95% or higher rate of positive feedback and a score of at least 2,000.

AliExpress find Suppliers

You should also consider individual feedback of the product and the number of orders.
It is safer to buy a product that has been ordered thousands of times with a positive feedback score of 90%, a product that has been sold twice, but has a score of 100% positive feedback rating.

evaluate products

Say you have an emergency, there was a problem with the client on your PayPal account and insists on a return.
You need your provider to provide an immediate answer, right?

Supplier Response

To protect against this type of situation, always check how responsive provider AliExpress before you import your products.
Write a message via AliExpress and see how fast you get an adequate response. You can even create a fictional scenario in which you indicate that you have not received your order. Takes into account the time it takes your seller to respond and how he handles the situation.

Products can be installed manually to your store but you can also use an application like
Oberlo to automate the process. When an order is received, Oberlo send the products to your customers automatically.
I oberlo
Set Oberlo

Before importing products to your store, you must configure the application.
Go to page Oberlo configuration, set the price multiplier, and explore other settings.

Import products

If you have not already done so, install the Chrome extension Oberlo to expedite the import.

Once you’ve installed the extension, go to your wishlist AliExpress and imports all the products you have previously saved.

Alternatively, you can navigate through AliExpress and then find the products you want to
import, click the blue arrow button in the lower right corner of the browser window.

Import products AliExpress

The product is added to the list page import Oberlo where you can edit and publish your store.

If you have time, here are some things you can do to improve your store.

You would
not buy someone you do not trust, right? Most of your visitors will see your website for the first time and can shew distrustful to buy from someone they have never heard of . Seals
confidence show a set of safety logos at the bottom of the page that can help reduce customer concerns.

Unlike the paid traffic, you can not control the traffic coming to your site for
free, and many of your customers may come from different parts of the world. You can optimize conversion rates by using a currency conversion tool.

The most effective way to answer customer questions is to
achieve alone they can find the answer. Create a place of self-help in your store and answer common questions like, how long does delivery?

Almost 70% of people who add a product to your cart does not conclude the purchase.
You can recover these potential customers by sending emails.

In addition, it sets a popup to collect emails from your visitors and encourage them
with offers and discounts.

I suggest using images of products rather than design a custom banner.
Make a good banner requires a lot of time and money.

If you decide to
do, you use a tool like . Select the dimensions of the banner (1200x360px), upload an image of one of your products, select the bottom, insert a few lines of text, add a button “Buy now” and you’re done.

We return to the
goal: to launch an
e – commerce store with $ 0 and earn $ 65 within the next 14 days.

Now that you have a store fully operational, what remains is to
get the first $ 65.

During the remaining time of your challenge, some of the ideas below and set up your own experiments to see what works test.


Your posts on Reddit will only succeed if you get enough votes to stay on top of publications (think of them as “likes”).
To receive them , posts must be useful, unique, interesting, fun or enjoyable (without being too promotional).

Do a search on subreddit of related to your product category or store content and then think of ideas on how to
position your brand with content: either by sharing blog posts, a video demonstration, a post of your product, your business story or even a contest.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to reach a lot of segments without spending.
However, a lot of groups have strict rules and if you become a member spam, you knock your socks off.

Looking for
relevant groups to your product and win public confidence. Discuss other publications or share valuable, non – promotional content. After a while, publishes store promotions and share a little more about the history of your business or just yourself.

Tip: Do not post the same message in several groups simultaneously. These messages can be identified as spam.
Instagram influencers

Instagram is a powerful tool to get your product in
front of thousands of people worldwide. However, organic growth for sharing photos with specific hashtags can take time. Create a list of profiles
profiles Instagram with influence related to your product and ask them to promote your brand or invite them to become affiliates .

Tumblr is another social network based on niche content.
Create presence will require some time, but worth the effort.

Be active, frequently publishes, and be
sure to interact with other blog owners and their followers.

My goal is to
show how easy it is to start and provide a path to show you how.

Now you get to
take your own measurements.

Not reach the goal in the established time is not an excuse to stop trying.
Repeat the cycle over and over again until you do.

 Tomas Slimas recently created your business dropshipping $ 3M and now helps store owners with dropshipping in
Oberlo .

Great product.

You’ve motivated me to try it

I start today.

Hi Carlos.

Thank you
for your comment, we wish you much success with your new project.


Very good article.
I wonder if I can recommend a workshop course on how to open a store on this platform, the

article seems very full but for me that I would like to
know more starting to detail. Greetings

Excellent article, I have always wanted to
put some business and my barrier has been the initial capital, plus I’m not proficient in new technologies, but just going to save the link and espeto mature some idea and to start my online business. I will like to start more tips to power without fear of being wrong. Thank you.

Thank you
, thank you very much for Tomas Slimas for you and Rosa Salazar. This article is an incomparable and unique jewel. Thank you again for him.

Good article, and if you have investment you can do?


Thank you
for your comments.

David, you can read more about creating your store these items:

https: //es.shopify. com / blog / 15268753-6-video-tutorials-for-that-inicies-your-store-virtual-to-Shopify

David and Natan, please consult our guides to learn more about how to
start running your online store. -of-our-guide-50-ways-to-make-your-first-sale


Thank you for this great article definitely will carry out my project with you and I see that as progress.

I thank you
much, just a question if I may, to create an account Basic Shopify is also supported me the possibility to store facebook? or that is a separate cost?


Very good article!
Congratulations! My question is should we register in Social Security and Finance to create an online store Shopify? I am very entusiamada to create my online store with Shopify but I worry about the legal issues of Spain! Please me you can tell me about this? I have my clear ideas to create it but I braked and the legal side! Greetings


Thank you
for your comments.

Daniel, about your store Facebook no extra cost.

Elena, start with Shopify is as easy as providing an email and your business name.
But legal issues are required to have a formal business in your country. The procedures depend on the type of business you want to start, I recommend you investigate a little more about this in the institution of your country, there you will find more specific information on what to do.

If you
have any questions regarding the creation and configuration of the store, you can send an email to for an expert’s advice.




In the case of Dropshiping

If a customer places
an order from my online store Shopify the money will be retained within the payment gateway Shopify. Do not? … .No you can use this same money to make the purchase at the store provider?

I want to
know I am whether I have available money to purchase and send them to my client.

because in this article we talk about start with 0 $


Hello Lidio

In your Shopify store you have the list of products with the prices at which they added a profit margin, so that when the customer places
an order. AliExpress using dropshipping with is as simple as ordering the product after receiving an order and enter the customer’s address.

In these posts you can read more about dropshipping:



Hello good day this very interesting proposal I would try only I would like to
have more details as the cost of having the service after the 14 day trial and that way I get profits as Ke collectability I have PayPal account or something? I would greatly appreciate your response

Hello Manuel

In the following link you can meet our packages, prices and features.

The platform has different options of payment gateways that can integrate country.

For more details about setting up
and receiving payments, please contact us at for an expert to help you.


You can make more money in the days of probation or only limited to that amount?

excellent article good ideas and high quality councils thanks …

I’m starting with my virtual store, but I wonder if Oberlo only allows me to
import only 500 products, I could not matter more.

Thank you

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