How to take advantage of a transactional email marketing campaign

How to take advantage of a transactional email marketing campaign


Your dog will not learn a trick unless you teach it, right?

Well, the same applies when it comes to learning new tricks related to your
email marketing strategy . The difference is that the “tricks” you are about to learn are the type that can earn you a lot of money, rather than getting a ball.

And if you’re willing to learn new tricks, you’ll have the opportunity to outdo many of your competitors.

In fact,
80 percent of your competitors probably are not creating a relevant and focused communication to your prospects, let alone rely on the activity they have on the web. If you’re one of them, you’re letting you opportunities that can generate recurring sales.

If this is your case, you are complying with:

If you’re OK with this then keeps sending campaigns with little personal emails and promotions that probably would
not make sense to the user. Of course, you ‘ll agree that a little low CTR.

But if you get tired of these results and want to
improve yourself , in this post you will find what you need, advice equivalent to a gold mine.

What we mean by this?

You’ll have access data
behavior of your customers , who also happen to be some of the most valuable tips completely free business.

Rather than sit and ignore what each customer does, use it to create personalized messages based on buying.
You can translate into additional sales.

In a
nutshell language and dog training, we will train your email to behave according to what your customers do.

WARNING: This is probably not easy, but we are confident that with hard work can achieve.

Apart from all the technical aspects related to your business, related for example to an automatic email that works according to the
behavior of your customers, consider that you are a vendor who sees unique operations at the end of the road. Have an initial sale is what you need to offer customers a
shopping experience full, to decide to stay with you for life. You get to create a message and direct it directly to the target.

If you think the initial transaction with a customer is the beginning of a relationship, an
email marketing campaign created by behaviors is essential in strengthening trade relations, ensuring that resists even with the passage of time and changes in the environment.

If a customer fills the shopping butt but soon abandoned, as is the case of 74% of the carts in online stores, how likely is that person receives an automated and personalized email, where you show items he left?

If you’re like most marketers, the chances are slim.

Only 20% of marketers are using triggers related to customer behavior to create marketing strategies by mail , completely customized, engagement and increase sales.

We’re talking about emails that cause the
purchasing behavior of the user wakes up.
MailChimp has a clear definition of what is a transactional email:
“What is transactional mail? According to the type of thought in MailChimp, maybe you just want to think of it as “anything that does not make lump”. Basically, it’s an email sent to a person based on their buying behavior. It can be:

Unfortunately, many marketers never have the opportunity to try a transactional email campaign, or when you want to
do, you probably already too late. Some research suggests that the
cost of customer acquisition , especially for companies located in electronic commerce, is so high that it is unlikely to get it . Even financially only they based on one – time buyers.

For example,
the same study found that the average buyer of an online clothing store does not become profitable for the business until you have purchased 4 times on the site.
grafica_primera purchase

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The chart suggests that the seller must retain the customer at least 12 months to make it profitable.

Read between the
lines and realize that the data show that
loyalty is almost always the key to being profitable in e – commerce. Apart from the rewards programs that really well spent you can generate millions of dollars , creating relevant and personalized emails you can trigger specific behaviors and is a proven way to win the loyalty of customers, leading to another level the value of existing customers.

The problem is that
41% of marketers have no immediate plans where they can begin using the orientation and customer behavior, much less as part of your email marketing strategy .

Do not run as part of that 41%!

What are we talking about?

You’ve automated your emails Based on behavioral triggers.
Now, what ‘s next?

Yes, it ‘s
true it’s great that 59-65% of people who have already automated their
marketing campaigns by email have benefits such as subscriptions or site visits, according to the latest census of email marketing, but can be more sophisticated.

See more in depth your customer data and identify factors that trigger these behaviors can help you lead a more significant commitment that generate rewards that other stores do not have.
In fact, transactional emails triggered by
user behavior will open up to eight times the normal post promotional campaigns.

Why does this happen?

Some industry estimates suggest that
35% of targeted emails based solely on the subject line to open it. Instead of guessing or testing to boost your open rates, send emails Based on the customer behavior gives you something specific, concrete and people who insert in the subject line.

Even better, e –
based inspirational messages also result in big profits for sellers:

transactional tasa_correo

Image via: 

In fact,
Forrester Research found that email marketing campaigns based on customer behavior generate 4 times more revenue and 18 times higher profit margins. In addition to making money in the here and now, transactional email is probably what you do to increase the value of customer life, and grow the confidence that often fails between the consumer and the seller.

So what types of behavior should consider?

How can you customize the creativity of each message to reach your goal?
What kind of results can you expect?

How glad you asked!

Before that provide four triggers can be
used to create messages Based on the
behavior of your customers , with the goal of improving your conversions after a sale, through cross – selling or recommendation- check out the results of a campaign transactional email marketing , made by the following company.

No one knows the problem it means to
have an inventory as interior decorators.

What is fashionable today, tomorrow can be completely avoided.
This is especially true when your products are seasonal in nature.

Creative Co-Op , a seller of decorative accessories, found himself in a desperate situation quite recently, because it had excess inventory.

Instead of creating a promotion understaffed bulk mail, the company was based on data purchasing customers, to drive a segmented email marketing campaign.

After identifying the products needed to
sell settlement, Creative Co-Op established
relational data tables showing the behavior of each client, coinciding with the purchase histories of items on sale.

An automated and personalized message looks like this

creative coop_tienda

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How was it
received this campaign? Results include:

Remember that most sellers are losing some of the rewards that brings a
campaign email marketing behavior .

You’re wondering what’s the catch here, right?

The benefits of selling through behavioral email marketing campaigns are evident, supported by data, and frequently generate returns that would
shame any vendor involved in a
campaign email marketing .

Still, not everyone is benefiting from this, as Lands ‘

Initially the company was not able to accurately track each potential client who was a trigger via email, for example that he left his cart abandoned.
However, after implementing CRM system, this
case study suggests that Lands ‘ End was able to increase its revenue by 9%, driven by an email marketing campaign.

It is essential to note here was the main technical barrier, on which Lands ‘
End had to jump to raise their income.

marketing strategy by email behavior works and actually generates a change to increase your earnings exponentially, why not use it all?

Why only one in five sellers take into account?

As is often the case, it is due to
lack of technology which prevents sellers reach their potential. Specifically,
this brief created by Adobe & Econsultancy found that about a third of the vendors interviewed said their customer management systems did not allow customize the message to their emails as they wanted.

The problem may also be the thinking of some.

In addition, the price of five or six figures annually that
generates create a campaign email marketing transaction may be another impediment. Marketo, a provider of automation software, suggests that many traders have no interest in learning how to use necessary to trigger the behavior of such emails technology.

“This is a great secret: the sellers have no idea about this technology ,
” says Sanja
Dholakia to . “Currently they bother just to have to figure out what the technology is and are doing everything possible not to use it .”

Combine all this with the concern that arises in customers for the use of their personal data, which can quickly kill an entire
email campaign transactional marketing , and can now understand why mails behavior are not being used, despite the clear benefits.

Take a
deep breath and relax, we ‘re almost done.

If you sell dog food, you know perfectly well how much he takes the bag to your customer.
It will soon be empty. Take advantage of this and combine it with the information you have regarding the purchase dates in order to send reminders of purchase.

It is exactly what makes Warby Parker:

warby parker_tienda

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these emails are rare.

This year, it
is expected that only
twenty percent of marketers use the product life-cycle management to fire a sales email.

only 27% of marketers send an email marketing campaign customized to cause downloading content such as reports, ebooks or case studies. Content downloads are almost always tailored to solve a problem, pain or challenge.

Why not include a solution after discharge?

Are not you sure points of pain or problems are your customers?

Use the data you have on the sites that the user is watching to send them
an email or simply make them wonder they need, as exemplified below:

call to action_ejemplo

Image via: 

Throughout the contents have talked about behavior, but when you consider what happens when there is
no behavior by customer.

spite of needing your customers buy more than once to be profitable , 66% of sellers will not reach all those inactive customers this year. However, some sellers are extremely active when it comes to inactive customers.

This is the situation
dropbox , and attempt to recover inactive clients:

Image via: 

Let ‘s
clarify something: existing customers have given you permission to have a business relationship with them and yet choose to ignore them and forget about your
purchase history ?

Unfortunately, these cases often arise.
76% of marketers have no plan to use customer behavior to trigger sending emails offering cross – selling.

Amazon uses a recommendation system to suggest related products, generating sales opportunities through cross – selling. But it’s not the only one:
I stitches_ejemplo

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These are only four triggers that can be
used to launch a personalized email marketing campaign, you have more chances of success and you know you will generate an increase in your income. Of course no data on customer behavior you have no idea of its existence, but that you can use to interact better with them.

But let ‘s
be honest, probably you will not do. The following table illustrates the infrequency with which marketers are using customer behavior to drive commitment on your part.


Image via: 

So get up and see the gold mine on which you
are sitting. Know these data, identifies the behavior of your current clients and seeks to achieve. And we show you some ways to make your emails are dynamic and personal, that evoke the feeling of loyalty and buying customers.

Anything is possible if you teach your email how to
behave after the initial purchase.


Nick Winkler is a
writer Shopify blog Plus. It helps people and organizations to generate new ideas, make money and drive business growth through their stories. Find out more about Nick
here .

And I set those emails in Shopify?

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