Invisible electronic lock for doors and windows to be insurmountable

electric lock wafu

The high security electronic lock is a very reliable alternative to protect homes, businesses and even commercial vehicles(vans, trucks, etc). They are invisible to the outside and have an encoding impossible to copy . That is why, given its high performance, we have incorporated the Wafu invisible electronic lock with remote control into the Todoelectronica catalog.

The thieves manage to overcome all the security barriers that stand in their way. That is why our mission is to make it more difficult for them to access private property. In that attempt, we bet on the Wafu invisible electronic lock, prepared to withstand robbery techniques such as bumping, drilling, levering, picking or extraction.

Electronic security lock

The Wafu invisible electronic lock is antibumping, anti-drill, antigaszúa and anti-extraction . In short, it resists all the usual robbery techniques of thieves.

Coded electronic lock

This lock has an evolutive encryption impossible to copy, being extremely safe.

Electronic remote lock

The opening and closing of the lock can be done remotely with the specific controls . From the inside it is not necessary to have a control, it can be opened or closed from the touch panel located in the body of the lock itself.

The lock emits sound and light notifications when opening and closing.

Other functions of the lock

The operation of the Wafu electronic lock is very simple and intuitive. Anyway, it has some features that simplify it even more:

  • It warns of low battery status one month before it runs out.
  • In case of lack of power , it opens automatically.
  • It can be powered by the electrical network (DC5V) or with AA alkaline batteries (not rechargeable).

wafu allelectronic lock

Where to use the electronic security lock?

This type of lock can be installed indistinctly in glass, metal or wood doors and windows . It is recommended for private homes, offices, stores, storage rooms, etc.

On the other hand, it is increasingly used in commercial vehicles such as vans or trucks to protect merchandise, work material, etc.

When placed on the inside of doors and / or windows, it is invisible to thieves, who in case of trying to steal will not be able to do so.

electroelectric lock wafu allelectronica 2

Extras of the invisible electronic lock

Originally the Wafu electronic lock consists of four 2.0 HF010R controls . In any case, more devices can be purchased independently. The system allows linking up to 16 controls in the same lock, or a control with several locks.

In addition, the kit includes the charging cable, 2 AA alkaline batteries, the necessary hardware and support for the assembly and the instruction manual.

Other additional security measures

If in addition to the invisible electronic lock you consider the possibility of betting for other additional security measures, take note:

  • Surveillance cameras : a CCTV system that you can view from your mobile and with which you will have graphic tests in case of theft.
  • Alarms : you can manage it from your mobile. It is one of the systems that never fail in homes and businesses.

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