Is there life beyond the PDF?

Is there life beyond the PDF?

A couple of weeks ago at a seminar on new forms of digital communication to the back of the room someone asked me. I can explain why they have such a bad reputation pdf? The truth is that the question at first I was amused but then on reflection I thought it was responding to a reality: “the use and abuse of PDF as a means of communication between people”.

I mean, the PDF was born out of a dream , “the company or the paperless office” and saw   John Warnock , one of the founders of Adobe. Adobe engineers made the dream by creating in 1993 the first Portable Document File, known universally as Pdf. Pdf Revolution was underway, finally a file type that could send and receive from any operating system. At first he did not have much success as Adobe put an exorbitant price to the tool for creating PDF files.

Success came when it appeared the free version of Adobe Reader. Finally there was an application that allowed the electronic exchange of files quickly and easily. It was no longer necessary to send by mail documents. In retrospect seems a joke, but there it was: there was no alternative to paper and mail. Pdf at first could only be exchanged electronically but not print. This feature came with the standard print: PDF / X-1.

Thus he was born the Pdf as we know it today. From this date Adobe was releasing the market continued improvements in different versions. But the essence was the same
then: What is a PDF? It is not a digital communication system. Because it forces the user to download it and in most cases print: John Warnock dream of the paperless office remains halfway.
Here is a very common situation . Imagine that we have created a product catalog Pdf our company or the presentation of our services and we sent a list of customers. What happens in most cases? Well that ends in the trash. Why?
Because it is a logical reaction. Reading a Pdf becomes unbearable. Being a plain text reading requires rote, because when I’m on an advanced page I do not remember the first few pages. Let us not forget that human beings are accustomed to reading step horizontal pages. “SWAP FILE IS NOT COMMUNICATE”

And what about the Pdf that are hung in doorways or Web’s? It’s something like what happens with shipments email: in most cases are filled with dust because users can not think of downloading them.

In conclusion Pdf format is a good support for sending documents electronically but they are not as communication formats.
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Excellent information, I am
sure many think that the PDF is a good alternative because it is easier to share a document that contains information created in other programs (word processor, spreadsheet, images, etc) and easily transform it into PDF format by a program (either paid, free or available on the network), which in most times not know how he does, but what matters is the versatility of the document that causes us (easily transportable, hardly changeable and often small dimensions) that facilitates the exchange of information without thinking about losing the format which was originally created and has the ability to be easily read on a variety of platforms (paid or free) and now PDF readers are almost basic or readily available on any platform and does not require having to have a specific program (either paid or free) or versi specific n in other cases complicates reading by the person receiving the document. On the other hand, they also often lack knowledge of other alternatives such as those raised in this post, which is definitely a disadvantage to increase our ability to communicate ideas or share information, but now with these proposals, the challenge will enable us in these issues, since at the time, knowledge and management of these programs is very unique to people who are fully dedicated to the issue of marketing or the like. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and appreciate it if possible indicate where or how I could train in Digital Publications as tools that can help us and give us communication with our potential customers. Exitos


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