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Display example on the web platform GPS locator.

More times we have spoken of GPS locators . I have always said that its operation is very simple ; Well, today we show step by step. With a start up very fast , you may know the location of the pager at all times and even configure it remotely through a web platform or an application from the mobile . Take note, we started this little guide …

GPS locators todoelectronica

Example display from the mobile app.

As you know, the GPS locators allow us to follow, monitor and control the location of the person or vehicle carrying it.

How does it work?

  1. Charge the device for 24 hours.
  2. To put up the first step is to insert a SIM card (not micro SIM) on the device (can be from any company).

Then you just have to activate it to start working. If the card is prepaid must be checked from time to time you have balance. As for the type of card, it consumes very little data, so a 600 Mb can last up to one year.

  1. Then you have to access a web platform to create a registry account and register the device with its specific data.
  2. Once discharged, you can already access the web platform for real-time viewing device location and movements.
  3. On the other hand, it can also handle from the mobile by downloading a free app (available for Android and iOS). Once downloaded device data are input to discharge. From that point you can access the platform indefinitely.

todoelectronica geolocators

In the mobile app and web platform are available all data on the device.

What you see on the web platform and mobile application?

  • First, in both we find the exact position of the GPS locator in real time and their movements.
  • They also allow  query data locator identification, battery level, features, etc.
  • On the other hand, you can set the alert settings. Many tracking devices include speed alerts, fall, SOS, etc. From the platform and from the mobile you can enable / disable and configure.

In Todoelectronica GPS locators web platform is in Spanish and English mobile application. In both cases the operation is very intuitive, you just have to explore on their menus. In any case, the Spanish product manuals are detailed instructions.

GPS locator types and frequent use

The GPS location is booming, so there are devices for persons, vehicles, pets, livestock … in short, a long list of possibilities.

These are the most common uses :

  • Spying, research and monitoring work.
  • Organization, control and management of commercial vehicle fleets: transport companies, delivery, etc.
  • Athletes and adventurers.
  • elderly and children can become disoriented.
  • Control of cattle.
  • Safety pets.

These are just some practical examples of using the GPS locator. In Todoelectronica we provide advice to our customers to choose the most appropriate option and support for resolverles all your questions. Count us if you need a GPS locator!


From the web or travel app GPS locator is controlled.



The GPS locator is controlled in real time.

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