Marketing mix: The evolution of the 4 P’s at 4 C’s

Marketing mix: The evolution of the 4 P’s at 4 C’s

One of the biggest changes we have witnessed in marketing strategies is that of the 4P marketing mix. They have moved from a focus on selling a product to one that focuses on the customer’s wishes before thinking about a strategy of branding marketing.

Of course the
marketing mix based on the 4P’s still running and many people still based their campaigns on it, but the reality is that the customer has become the main element of the marketing strategy of any brand, so you must adapt your campaigns what it wants.

Traditional marketing dictates that the brand has market power.
The reality is that the customer has always had the power, but now it shows a much more noticeable and authoritarian way, because it lets you know any business that it is he who has the last word.

That’s why this time we want to
share you how most businesses have decided to spend the 4 P’s 4 C’s. Marketing evolves day by day, so we need to adapt to what the potential customer wants. Maybe this is one of the keys to survival that any business should consider.

Know well
the commercial mix or 4 P’s, created by
E. Jerome McCarthy where marketing managementa product focused on four elements:

While in the
developing the marketing mix you should analyze these issues from an internal point of view, as are four basic variables present in most of your activities that aim to influence the decision of customer purchase. While it is true that many businesses have decided to modify these 4 elements (passes of 4 P’s 4 C’s), the reality is that its use is a fundamental rule in marketing and are still very useful.

Custom Fit Online

With the evolution of communication channels, which are now more focused on the customer and provide the ability to share shopping experiences in their environment, businesses and brands have had to seek new ways of approaching customers and let them know that it
is not only important money is also very relevant experience. Since he decided to buy until they tested the product at home.

That is why evolution arose
marketing mix of the 4 P’s at 4 C’s. This new consumer model emerged in the early 90s, derived from research conducted by Robert Lauterborn. While it is true that there is another stream of the 4 C’s created by Koichi Shimizu, today we focus on the contribution of the first author.

His approach completely customer –
oriented, is designed to move from mass marketing to a specific audience focused on marketing. The major changes are:

Next we will
detail the change suffered by each of these elements.

Having a customer –
oriented thought generates products and / or services based on the actual needs of each, thus guaranteeing market acceptance. Lower costs and improved production results, because by listening to what the public wants to obtain, it is easier to develop and offer.

We’re talking about a strategy beyond just obeying what the customer demand;
It serves to get the information each is used to constantly improve product development, to remain close to the tastes of their tastes way. It is noteworthy that such an approach can integrate the own client in the process of product creation, enhancing the relations between the brand and its consumers, generating mutual benefit.

Customer satisfaction has a cost, other loyalty.
Everything has a cost which in turn will generate higher profits. Remember that attract customers has a higher promotion and marketing, loyalty that price. In addition, a satisfied customer will promote the product at no charge.

So in this sense, the cost does not refer to the
price that will have a product but the cost of customer satisfaction that will, including invested in the purchase or cost by consuming certain product instead of another time.

Take the example of buying online.
Perhaps the product cost is a little higher than that found in a physical store, but this will increase the cost can go to the store, time spent searching for the product and may not be available, etc. Anything that has a cost to the customer, is included here.

Customers no longer believe anything you tell them, much less traditional commercials.
Questioned ads, seek counseling, etc. It’s time to make communication campaigns that are designed to communicate a value, not just looking to sell a product.

Try to
make more interactive campaigns, establish communication with each customer, to report something, to invite them to know the brand and products.

It is your duty to
know each of the communication channels you will use in your strategy and which will consider the impact on your potential customers to designate specific resources to each.

The first thing to do is to
question where the public is your brand, so avoid losing money and time at this point. It’s time to find out how your customers buy and see how to facilitate the process.

Everything that helps the client get stressed less when making a purchase is useful at this point.
Think about how you can save time and make Generale memorable shopping experience, you can share with your environment and make it back to your business.

Most brands are not yet accustomed to talking to their customers and receive feedback.
To include in your marketing strategy this new
consumption model , your customers will feel more identified with your brand.

What do you think of the model of the 4 C’s?
If you have already implemented or plan to do so, share with us how was your experience in the comments box

Well, thank you
for this practical approach of Marketing.

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Thanks for the explanation Andrea.

I still believe that the passage 4 C’s P’sa 4, is
only available to a small number of the population; so its massification has generated many problems.



Thanks for the explanation of sa 4p 4c s interesting

and with the theme of Digital MKT now talking about the 4 F’s …….

Interesting article, very clear and easy to understand, thanks for your input.

I think we have more experienced customers, more aware of their rights and white silver users and not “swallow whole” read the fine print of insurance, claim the supplier, ensure complete a procedure, and are not very confident about the brand, better cost / benefit

excellent information, I hope to
continue receiving information everything about marketing

a good summary.
Thank you very much !

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