Mini-guide Motorized cameras and PTZ controls

Mini-guide Motorized cameras and PTZ controls

The cameras video surveillance motorized are ideal for situations where the user requires monitoring of a person or active object. The camera is controlled manually and allow a rapid displacement of up to 400 °. Available both as indoor and outdoor use and are effective for reliable control of the camera.

Controls PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) , the bread is the horizontal axis of rotation, the tilt is the vertical axis tilt, and zoom is the focal length of the camera.

motorized camerasBefore starting our motorized dome camera, we set three basic parameters:

-direction: Camera ID, a value between 1 and 255 different from each of the cameras connected to the same control device.

-Protocol: the rules for authentication, signaling, representation and error detection required to send information through a channel.

-rate baud: baud rate, communication speed, baud rate, etc …

IMPORTANT: The dome camera and the control device must have the same configuration parameters.

We have two settings: on the menu and by DIPs (common encapsulation in building integrated circuits) inserted in the camera plate.

motorized cameras domemain features

-points preset

preset -points

-Setting a preset: the camera to the desired position moves and that position is recorded with a numerical value.

-Call to a preset: corresponding to the position to which you want
move the camera, and it moves impinges numerical value. You can only call preconfigured presets.


-Tour circuit …

continuous -Movement in the chamber passes successively through various presets points preconfigured with a regular interval between them.
The presets have to be previously configurados.En some cameras the interval between presets can be variable.Con several routes, each identified with a numeric value.

Linear scan

continuous -Movement in which the camera moves between two preset points indefinitely (linear movement).

-The presets have to be preconfigured.


continuous movement in which the camera endlessly repeats a route previously done by the user manually.

-function default

Acting default camera.

It is what the camera does when starting and also when passing a given without any manual drive it to occur.

Preset point, travel, patrol …

Downtime can be configurable.

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