New spy devices: mini cameras, spy microphones and much more

Spy pens? A bottle that records video? A hidden microphone? The espionage and covert surveillance sector is increasingly sophisticated, using state-of-the-art technology. We know it well, that’s why we have renewed our catalog with all kinds of spy and counterintelligence devices .

With the aim of always offering the best to our customers and users, we have expanded the espionage and counter intelligence catalog . We have added new products: spy cameras, microphones, spy detectors …

In short, increasingly innovative devices that use the most modern nanotechnology. The quality and performance of each device are assured.

This type of spy and counterintelligence devices are aimed at different types of customers:

  1. On the one hand, the espionage professionals who use hidden cameras, microphones and other devices to obtain information.
  2. Security guards and professionals, who resort to spyware to improve their work. In the spy devices, he finds additional tools to carry out his work without attracting attention.
  3. As well, there are many individuals that use voice recorders, mini spy cameras or microphones to obtain information that they otherwise could not get. Also as a tool to preserve your privacy and privacy – for example with communication encrypters or signal inhibitors.


News on spy devices

Spy cam

Mini spy camera Full HD 1080p compact with video and audio recording and card up to 32 GB.

Mini spy camera for 1080p WiFi integration with 3 interchangeable lenses.

Mini camera hidden in a  spy alarm clock with night vision.

Spy watch HD 720p with WiFi and night vision.

mini camera spy sports watch 4

Mini spy camera hidden in a bottle of water.

Voice recorders

Spy voice recorder EDIC B70 , the smallest in the world, with removable memory.

professional spy voice recorder edic b70 allelectronica 3

Spy voice recorder in USB .

Professional mini voice recorder with up to 1200 hours of recording.

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