Qviart, the receivers that have everything

Qviart, the receivers That Have Everything

Satellite receivers and decoders Qviar meet all expectations.

The Qviart COMBO is one of the best selling devices.

Changes that have occurred on television in recent years, consumer habits and that users are increasingly demanding, have caused the world of r eceptores and satellite decoders has been made last. One of the most prominent brands in Qviart , with a wide range of models is insufficient to meet and exceed the expectations of users betting on the Full HD and multifunction devices . Qviart COMBO , Qviart UNDRO, Qviart Unic and Mini are the highlights, analyze them one by one.

Qviart COMBO : is the jewel in the crown, the terrestrial satellite receiver that has it all . A device designed to meet the needs of the most demanding users in every way, and adapted to European standards DVBT reception.

Since its attractive and functional design to its technical characteristics, it has everything that the user can specify. For starting a powerful 667 MHz processor, 2GB of RAM, 1080P resolution, recorder, player and Internet connection (WiFi, Ethernet or 3G).

Of course it features USB multifunction ports for connecting an external hard drive to record, apply the function TimeShift (enables rewind, fast forward or pause live what you are viewing) and update the software. Furthermore the Qviart COMBO has a card reader, support channels 8000, 4000 and 100 satellite transponders, 7 days EPG, Teletext and supports DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 (USALS) and UNICABLE. They also have applications like Youtube or Google Maps, includes games and multi language. Available here all its features .

The Qviart bet on the Full HD and versatility.

This model is a complete evolution of satellite receivers.

Qviart Unic : This model is an evolution of satellite receivers also positioning itself as an excellent recorder and player with real Full HD. It has internet, is compatible with any external hard drive (lets you record, play, pause or use the TimeShift), card reader, channel list management, web applications, etc.

Qviart UNDRO : This satellite receiver HD is special because it combines Android and XBMC . Dual Core processor that supports 1080p playback experience is authentic. It also has wireless Internet access or cable by converting a normal television into a Smart TV. It is one of the most complete options.

Receivers have Internet connection and installed applications.

The Qviar UNDRO is unique in combining Android and XBMC.

Qviart Mini : its main distinguishing feature is its size, much smaller than a regular satellite receiver but with excellent performance . Like their peers is high definition, which makes him a great choice of Media Player and recorder. It also has internet – via WiFi, Ethernet or 3G are not served by Cables- and pre – installed applications (YouTube, Google Maps, weather, GrooveShark, etc). It has two USB ports for connecting external hard drive, using the TimeShift function or updating the software.

The Qviart are the best selling receivers.

The mini is characterized by its small size and high performance.

There are many customers who ask us for advice before buying a satellite receiver, and in almost all cases the answer is the same: “Bring a Qviart” . Devices at a very competitive price, with strong technical features and the latest technological advances . In short, a bet ensures the best value .

If you have any questions, you can ask us and we help .

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