Selockey smart lock, a robust security alternative against thieves

Selockey smart lock, robusta security against thieves alternative

Todoelectronica has alarms, CCTV and security locks

This type of intelligent lock can not be crossed by thieves.

The security is a priority for anyone. With good weather more time is spent away from home -small trips, holidays, travel … – and to enjoy it is essential to know that the home is safe. So today we share a new security measure: smart and invisible locks Selockey . Security GUARANTEED!

At surveillance cameras (CCTV) and the alarms of Todoelectronica, we add a new safety device . This is the Selockey lock , intelligent lock that is placed on the inside of the doors, being invisible to the outside and therefore going unnoticed thieves.

Todoelectronica is a guarantee of safety, quality and value.

Commitment to active safety.

Some of the techniques used by thieves to enter the houses are bumping, master keys or picks . With the intelligent lock none of these methods they will help them cross it .

Its operation is simple. It opens and closes with a remote control (range of 10 meters), but also has a function of self – locking . It has a system of notifications by voice. From inside it opens and closes with an electronic switch .

For more security, you can also completely blocked manually to make it impossible to open anyway.

Regarding the food , it runs on batteries or with a network of 12 V. And just in case the batteries fail, has an internal battery emergency in no case the user is left without access.

What are its main characteristics?

  • It is made of steel and weighs two kilos , the most robust market.
  • It has a double circuit : Double electronic and internal Li-ion battery safety. Features voice warning system and LED indicator.
  • It automatically locks the closed sensor.
  • Each lock supports up to 25 controls, with an encryption system impossible to copy (Rolling Code).

Where you can settle this lock?

  • In housing: it can be placed anywhere gateway to housing.
  • Shops and establishments: a security measure to protect more inside a business.
  • Professional vehicles can also be used in vans, trucks, commercial vehicles and distribution system feeding directly from the battery, in order to safeguard goods and materials.

 Full information on the smart lock Selockey can find it on the sheet .

BONUS * What other security measures can use this summer?

This summer and throughout the year, alarms and closed – circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras are most often used to keep safe homes, businesses, shops, residents, garages and storage systems , etc.

Alarm fees g6

No fees alarms and real-time monitoring from an app.

In Todoelectronica we are not only specialized in this field of video surveillance and security, but our devices have no maintenance fees and can be viewed in real time from a mobile application.

If you have questions or need advice, preguntadnos without obligation .

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