The 10 best places where ecommerce entrepreneurs can find product ideas

The 10 best places ecommerce entrepreneurs can find Where Product Ideas

This is the second post in a series of articles detailing the process of getting started in e – commerce. In the following weeks we will be up – depth articles on aspects of finding and evaluating products to sell online. To read the first post of the series, Click here .

Having a great idea for a new product to sell online can often come when you least expect it
. Often, however, it is something that sometimes requires you to be proactive and look for ideas. While it is true that the Internet contains a wealth of ideas and inspiration, as a new entrepreneur must know where to start, as they go aimlessly in this quest will not make you go far, so we’ve compiled a list of the best resources for give direction and start.

As you begin to move through all the resources listed in this post, it
is vital that you have in mind two things:

In this post we will go into detail about the best places where you can search and find inspiration and ideas to sell products.
Let’s start with some general ideas to start your search and end with more specific resources.

Let’s start.

By going through this post and the resource list at the
end, the best you can do is capture all your ideas on paper. Once you have your rain recorded ideas, you will be able to consult them later and assess whether they are viable and have potential.

Before you start searching for your product ideas on the
Internet and the ends of the earth, it raises the ideas you already have. Maybe it ‘s a product or idea you’ve had for years or perhaps there on a business plan half – written on your computer desktop. Worth look and see what we were. At the time you thought was a great idea right?

Here are some questions you should consider when making your list:

Example : Max had a big problem because his hair was unruly and messy morning. Harto taking a bath every so often just to stylize your hair, he decided to ease your discomfort with a product, Morning Head . This is a cap with an absorbent towel included that can absorb water and rubbing it for a minute, allows you to get a hair styling easier. 

Sometimes, you do not need a new idea at all. Businesses traditional brick and cement are much more durable than many existing e – commerce businesses. Pay attention to trends in retail, identify them and adapt them to your online store can be the solution you need to create a profitable and unique business. Look in your community and notes the new and interesting concepts that people are talking about. Local print media can serve as a good resource to read such news.  
Example : Yummy Tummy Soup Company is the perfect example of someone who saw the opportunity to take the concept of brick and mortar and put it online example. Tummy Soup Company sends homemade healthy soups, cakes and pastries packed into thinking someone you love, giving you the tools you need to feel better and heal their problems. Cook or bake all day and ship products from coast to coast in temperature – controlled containers. 

A great place to start searching for product ideas is to look at some of the major publications which speaks of trends in consumption of a product. This is a good way to start getting ideas from consumer products and see which direction to take, plus they give you a glimpse of what entrepreneurs are entering the market. Following these publications you can also exponérsete to new product categories and sectors that had not previously taken into account. Present – day trend may help to think of new goods, services and experiences that expose your online business.

There are several publications on popular online trends, but it is
clear that not all limited to them:

Trend Watching . It is a firm of independent fashion that explores the world in search of the most promising consumer trends and different views on the same. Trend Watching has a team of thirty professionals located in places like London, New York, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney and Lagos all in search of a report on global trends.
Trend Hunter . Trend Hunter is the largest and most popular in the world community. In addition to gathering 137,000 members and 3 people, 000,000 fans, it has become a resource for entrepreneurs with an insatiable curiosity.

Its founder, Jeremy mentions: “Like many, I was a businessman who did not know what idea he wanted to
carry out. I chose the career I thought I would take my business idea, but after years of searching, was still hunting for inspiration. It was then that I began Trend Hunter, a place for the insatiably curious people could share ideas and inspiration ”

Springwise . There are millions of business ideas in the world that operate in a specific way, have their own style and fill the market in a unique way. It is not always possible to travel the world in search of these ideas and this is where comes into play Springwise, which has become a necessary resource so you can travel the world in search of ideas to undertake, trends and stories to share. Springwise is published daily and weekly basis and you can get it free by subscribing .
Example : A great example of somebody who noticed a trend in another country and brought home it is Dan with your product Inkkas , which are beautiful shoes, unique and authentic created using textiles in South America. The idea came up when Dan realized the trend of these styles of shoes in Peru. With the determination that was a great product and would succeed in North America, he brought this idea home, achieving funding from Kickstarter, raising more than $ 77,000 in pre-orders.

If you know the industry you belong and your niche, you can use different tools to discover the factors of influence.
Follow the right people on social networks can help inspire new ideas through a steady stream of content, carefully cured others. 

There are several online tools that you can use to find these leaders in your industry, including:

Such sites can function as a
source of ideas and inspiration. Sites like Uncrate (products for men) and Outbluch (products for women) are a good way to see trends of new products daily. What better way to get inspiration daily meet new and interesting products that other entrepreneurs are bringing to market.

Here are just a
few examples of blogs popular products to help you start consumption:

Not only you focus on large and popular sites, explores review sites occasionally.
Consider what types of products and niches are particularly interesting for you and looking blogs consumer product reviews.

Pinterest and other sites of healing images can be a goldmine for product ideas and niches of opportunity.
Many of the images contain interesting, new and trend products. By using these signals you can sometimes get an almost immediate sense of its popularity. It may be your first clue as to whether there is a market opportunity for this product.

Some of these sites are:

What better way to get ideas of products directly from the source.
This has been a popular choice for e – commerce entrepreneurs for a while, and this list would not be complete without the B2B sales. Market sites like Alibaba sales and suppliers show hundreds of potential products and ideas. At first you may be overwhelmed, so take it easy.

Some of the most popular sites are:

Although it
is accepted that Alibaba is the largest supplier site online, there are other similar sites like Alibaba inspiration you can use to find product ideas.

Some of your competitors are:

Another resource full of products and ideas are consumer sites online.
Millions of products are probably here, so maybe you want to start your search with popular terms and find other sites and categories that interest you.

eBay . It is the largest online auction site. 
popular eBay – A list of some of the most popular products and their respective categories on eBay.
Amazon . It is the largest sales site on the Internet
Amazon Bestsellers – The most popular products on Amazon, based on sales. It is updated every hour.
Amazon Movers and Shakers – Contains the biggest winners in Amazon sales rank in the last 24 hours. Updated hourly.
Kickstarter . Kickstarter is the largest crowdfunding portal.
Discover Kickstarter – Board to all people of all projects by popularity, how to finance the business, its staff selection and other options. 
Etsy . Etsy is a marketplace for handmade items.
Trending Etsy Items – Check out the elements of current trends and announcements at Etsy.
AliExpress . AliExpress is a wholesale consumer Alibaba allows you to order in small quantities.
AliExpress Popular – The most popular products bought on AliExpress.

Reddit is the largest aggregator of news from social networks. It describes itself as the first page of the Internet and is greatly influential. Reddit has thousands of ” subreddits ” which are sub-sections or niches that cater to different topics and areas of interest. It is within these subreddits where you can find plenty of inspiration for your next product or business idea.

If you have an idea for an industry, niche or product category, worth doing a search and find a community as appropriate subreddit for you to
join and become an active part.

There are also many subreddits focused on products that are full of ideas.

Here are some examples:

There are also several subreddits for products on Amazon.
Be sure to check the following:

If you are active on Reddit, pay close attention, because sometimes you can come up with interesting post like this:

No matter what
approach you take, Reddit has always been and remains a valuable source of ideas and inspiration business, along with great support and
great community.
Instagram is not just pictures of food and dogs, it is also an interesting product ideas to inspire choice because it is based on images, making it much easier to generate ideas very quickly.

There are some ways you can use Instagram, which will serve you for ideas for products and niche markets.

Surely with this list of resources and ideas, you will be able to get an initial list of products to get started.
In the next post we will look at the resources and share some ideas with you products.

This is the second post in a series of articles detailing the process of getting started in e – commerce. In the following weeks we will be up – depth articles on other aspects to find and evaluate products to sell online.

Richard Lazazzera is Content Strategist at Shopify.
Find out more about Richard at

very good note, not wasted !!
excellent background work for all of us to expand our earnings bsucamos

Thank you, William.

Greetings and happy holidays

A strong greeting Richard Lazazzera congratulate you for this great content but I leave one more tool you can not miss …

for me all this is new and interesting but confusing for my lack of technological expertise in niche management tools bloggs pages Etc.

Thank you for your comment, Fernando we

hope this blog will
help you get a clearer idea of these issues.



you think of DHgate?
I do not see in the list of stores.


do you think DHgate?
I do not see in the list of stores.

Hi Johanna

Thank you for your comment and for your contribution.


could tell me some e –
commerce in Europe, US, Latin America and Asia with its advantages and disadvantages

Hi Alexis

Can you be more specific?

Rosa Hey thanks I see you know enough of the subject, I have received a recommendation through my facebook this page of a particular product I want and I find it
very economical, you think your ?. I’m just aware of these issues

Shopify is a sales platform like Amazon?
or only serves pages E-Commerce to be established by them.

This means I put my domain, you. I provide the template of the page with all it requires and upon completion, with my products, the Merchant, etc.
From then on you. I go up, they promote it and of course … or mesualidades charge? or sale?

Hello Ciro

No, we are not a selling platform like Amazon.

Shopify is a SaaS platform to create e –
commerce stores without technical knowledge. Customers have access to design templates, integrated pasaleras different payment, and more.

See more details and pricing on this link:

can start your free trial for 14 days.

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Sanz Sixto

I’m looking all google and I can not come up with any result on any page or ranking which shows what the markets that best operate / purchase by online stores. I am about to launch a website through Shopify but not that enforcar advertising market, because through this sales channel I can reach anywhere in the world.

I’m looking all google and I can not come up with any result on any page or ranking which shows what the markets that best operate / purchase by online stores. I am about to launch a website through Shopify but not that enforcar advertising market, because through this sales channel I can reach anywhere in the world.

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