The 5 types of electronic commerce

The 5 types of electronic commerce

E – commerce or e – commerce is only the primary term, but there is a background where we can find 5 different types of e – commerce are classified according to the environment, participants, features, advantages and disadvantages unique. 

Remember that e –
commerce consists mainly of exchanging commercial information, whether products or services provided on the network. This concept is basic but later you will understand why we made clear.

Because the market has different needs, the techniques used in the ecommerce adapted to suit each of those involved, which resulted in 5 types of trade with the same members but with different function.

B2B is short for
business to business(business to business), and is one where only the commercial transaction takes place between companies operating on the Internet, which means that consumers do not intervene. There are three modes:

To participate in this type of e –
commerce, you must have experience in the market. The relationship between the two companies whose main objective is to sell the final piece to the consumer, but that’s another guy I’ll talk later.

E –
commerce at this level reduces errors that may appear, and increases efficiency in sales and business relationship.

This is the kind of e –
commerce, also known as
business to consumer (business to consumer) is the best known and surely you employ. It is one that takes place between the business or, in this case virtual store , and a person interested in buying a product or purchasing a service person. So if you have your online store and loyal customers who buy your products, you belong to this type. The most notable advantages are:

This is where the online intermediaries involved and includes all e –
commerce platforms, including Shopify. This is mainly when companies that facilitate purchases between customers and online shops in exchange for a payment are integrated. Companies make it easy for users to interact in similar areas of interest, and also include a payment system.

The business relationship
business to employee (business to employee) is mainly centered between a company and its employees. That is, they are the deals that the company can offer its employees directly from your online store or website, with attractive offers that serve as impetus for improved job performance. This type of e – commerce has become a new issue among companies to create competition among its employees.

Beyond an option, it is a portal where employees can use some company resources.
The employee will be able to make internal business procedures in this micro site, once on the network, you will reach the hands of the manager. Some of its advantages are:

When a person no longer uses any product and offer it
for sale searches, you can use e – commerce as a means to carry out this transaction with another consumer. This is known as
consumer – to – consumer (consumer to consumer).

This is an evolution of traditional and already known garage sales that are taking force on the
Internet. The final consumer is the primary consumer acquires the products he no longer wants or needs and you can give them a new utility at very affordable prices. The process of buying the traditional e – commerce continues. Some advantages are:

When a municipal, state or federal government allows citizens to
conduct their transactions online through a portal, known trade is
goverment to consumer (government to consumer) , and is considered a type of trade because a procedure is paid and can access information online at any time. Some of the advantages are:

Although these types of e –
commerce are not alone, they are best used on a daily basis. So you know, e – commerce are not only shopping in online stores, goes further and delves into more complex situations, such as the internal process of a company or actions by government. If you know any other e – commerce, we hope your comments below. 

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I am very interested in a type of Internet commerce than read something.
Trade online called it coparticipa-

X we have in our hardware items. In our

cooperative we have thousands of items more than we
wanted to provide our customers with features etc, I-Diante internet about advantageous prices. Does this trade? What Vdes think of this?

Hi Vincent.

From what I hear
you mention, what your looking for is an expansion of your business through online sales. Any type of electronic commerce will work, you just have to decide if you want to sell their own site or through third parties, as a free market.

I recommend that if you get the chance, do our 14 –
day free trial and see how you feel selling this way. It is an investment that you can generate big profits in sales and brand positioning.


Hi I am doing my thesis and theme am doing e –
commerce for a culinary school is well chosen topic?

Hello Jesi.

Perhaps this idea is
not well planned. You want to create an online store for a culinary school? I recommend putting it from another point of view. For example: Creating a gastronomic company in e – commerce. You can be premised on the growth of this new sales channel and the opportunity for growth of a business selling food products intended for a specific need.

Greetings and success in your thesis.

Hello, warm greetings and a big thank you
for the article.

My question is: encentro currently supporting me my chemistry teacher and water quality to develop your company.
He wants to create teaching materials to convey their knowledge in analytical chemistry and applied to many more people than he instructs in a classroom in a semester. Products would be texts, dynamic presentations and videos all at “cost egg” because it is an educational project that all he seeks is economic sustainability over time. That is, the page itself is held from selling electronic products. The teacher does not seek money from this, seeks to convey their knowledge and experiences, without affecting your personal finances in the attempt. (already contributed by the context, now if the question …

What are the tools we should use to protect the copyright of the work, allowing excellent visibility and supply of products, in a scenario of e-commerce? What recommendations we would to start working?

for your attention, time and cooperation, infinite thanks. =)

Hi Daniel.

Start, what you mention me regarding copyright and intellectual property matters a
lot. I suggest that you go to the institution that regulates this issue in your country and ask what steps to follow in order to market these products. E – commerce is no market for everything, so you just need to launch marketing strategies that help position the brand and generate sales. You have two main audiences; students and parents (since the former normally can not access online shopping), so you can write content on aid that provide these products in their academic life. All this to provide added value. Much success!

Excellent information, I am studying Engineering in Logistics, and has helped me a great help to finish a project on innovation and problem solving in the e-commerce

Hi George.

Thank you very much for your comment.
Greetings and much success.

hello guys

wanted to
know how emprezar one trade by online and are good markets in question that mmm .. for example clothes or things like

greetings, thank you

Hi could give examples?
or some pages according to each business model? Thanks in advance.

Yessica Hello

Thank you for your comment.
We will put to work to create content that responds to this question. We hope soon to have it published.


Can anyone give me ideas for my project regarding e –
commerce systems, aparate a virtual store that can make another project.

Thank you
for the very comprehensive document

very interesting contribution.
Thank you very much. I would like to know which relied for such classification? There is some literature that can recommend me ? Thank you!

Hello Milagros

Thank you for your comment.
If you are looking for literature provides information on e – commerce, we recommend our blog. We have basic themes and attached to the reality of any entrepreneur who wants to start selling in an online store.

We hope you helps.


holaa !!
I would like to know the date of publication of this issue to quote you . Greetings and success!

Agustina Hello

Thank you for your comment and for your
interest in our content. You can quote us with the date of June 30, 2014


Hello pink, there is
an Internet commerce that is as invested in MercadoLibre or Amazon? See that the buyer find the article in these pages, it is the other way round, the seller and the buyer seeks done faster business? Not if I understand ..

I would like to
open a business in Cusco mini market, then migrate to the provinces with the same name. requirements that I need to do as delivery.



Thank you for your comment.
Much success with your thesis and hope that our blog will be useful.


I think this is something productive

Thank Elifeth


Hello I want to
know if the page electronic market is a secure page EH miss a purchase but it took a week of waiting when they were 3 day sent me know if this page is good

Thanks for sharing this information very interesting, clear and precise successes

Thank you for reading, Rolando


Hola, que tal …

I wish the info were a little more detailed.
I’m conducting an investigation, but if I was helpful. Thank you.

Excellent article I have
been working in web development and I’m majoring in selling templates … you will have e-commerce platforms? Saludoss and I count on your support

Thank you for your comments.
Niel, Shopify is an ecommerce platform
🙂What can we help you ?

books you can send me e –

Hello Manuel

an apology, but we can not send books.
Yes, in our blog you can find excellent recommendations.


I think that information is the best, I helped a
lot in a job I had to do, thanks

Thank you, Deborah.

Much success and greetings

Good afternoon … I
want to know how you could guide me to an idea of comercialziacion and marketing that wish to develop where I can communicate with you and see my specific case and development of business idea ..espero your comments to my email … .Thanks …… greetings

hello Rosa you could help me
with audio truth need to do some kind of interview on the subject because I remain attentive


rose a question my thesis topic is the facebook and trade and have problems with the background that I help please

hello, I have been researching to make the SECT if I make a specialization in order to start a jewelry business online, not how easy you is in your experience that you
recommend will be especiaizarme in electonico to do trade, or I can start this business online? What steps should I follow? to create a successful shop in internt. Thank you for your attention I am attentive to their answers.

E –
commerce is an alternative trade we are accustomed, is very useful distance and is the future of commerce.

I use my coupons in the checkout page and I was buenisimo recommend

my teacher me left in the course of e –
commerce the next question I can help with that distributors and suppliers develop their company connections and information and electronic transaction?

laconclucion is Marco Polo task was left by the elvia master chavez Baptist is a moustra

laconclucion is Marco Polo task was left by the elvia master chavez Baptist is a moustra

A consultation classified as OLX they may or are part of electronic commerce.
I need to expose sobte this topic advance thanks

Good, I try to
understand the types of trade. I’m interested in a store that is an intermediary between different stores, and they can purchase these products through us and we can make the delivery.

The customer can compare their presios and purchase or request custom needs.
What kind of business would

Hola Eduardo.

What you’re looking for
, so I you mention, it is the selling technique Dropshipping. We invite you to read all the information about this technique in this blog, we have a comprehensive guide to successfully start a business of this type.


hello my idea is to
start selling oneline way, the issue is that the product is very specific paints for swimming pools, household and industrial not know if these products have potential in such sales.




Hello Paola

The e –
commerce has many advantages and represents a great opportunity to reach a large number of customers in different parts of the world. However, before you start any business, I recommend that you carry out an investigation to determine the demand, even a business plan will help you to analyze your options and begin devising sales strategies.

I share this guide:


I would like to
know on what date was published this information and the year. thank you very much.

Are very clear about
the five types of e – commerce that can be generated, each has its advantages and disadvantages, the most important thing is to identify what condition are us and get the greatest benefits. Internet businesses offer great opportunities for personal and business development, so we need to be very attentive to them, never fall into the comfort zone and investigate the methods and strategies that will lead to accelerated growth.

Thank you
for your comment, Karina.

Karen, the fact is: Mar 3, 2014


good nights rose was reading this article years ago to
work as an intermediary

in the
United States made him as a part time job besides my usual products sold second bone 4. E – commerce C2C what it seemed part time I liked the way the work was negotiating with vendors and getting them clients and earned me a small commission but physical to time I’m in mexico and I want to continue working but from here in mexico the question is that I do not see the way how to position myself for example there are new sellers who want to sell their used products and have clientele hour there is where I am social media because I if I can get you customers but there is a problem as I can get my commission if the reprecento both ami they can negotiate and neither one nor the other would pay me in fact I just spent 15 days ago reprecente about them negotiated and ami never deposited me m i compensation that was my question’m thinking depociten me before something paypal and after the transasccion reprecentarlos so no longer ignore I hope to have a better answer will I agradesco much if you need to open an online store or something like that so I have to wait for your message rosita greetings I served all the comments compartistes here on the page, well I hope mine god bless you forever

Hi Alex

the best would be to begin to create a formal business, an online store such , will help you have a form of payment and agreements on how to
get revenue.

If you are
not working the way you work now, you ‘d better begin to better raise your business and start creating it carefully.


greetings, very good information.
I’m starting a business e – commerce discovered and found interesting because until now I do not know if there is another platform that work just is Ventafun and Spain. This beginning but the interesting thing is that you Afilias and create a profile to sell your products or services by creating your own cabinet or products of third parties earning a commission on sales from your profile, ie your sales multiply because others will advertise free for various social networks. Anyone know if there is another similar and would fit that category?

Good afternoon:

I am currently developing a network marketing activity looking for
my personal and financial growth. For the time and not having enough knowledge using social networks, my approach I’ve had in voice contact voice in my own locality and truth the results are quite insignificant;

colleagues wearing very short time have achieved results, to say the least surprising on behalf of a habitual use of social networks such as facebook and others.

I believe that it is time to accept gallantly it would be wrong to
continue without supplement my activity exploring this excellent tool of social networks.

90% do not
know the subject; What advice can you give me to make my invitations and Facebook and twiter to reach out to many people who might be interested in joining this company that conducts business through networking market. Ignorance creates me many fears but I want your career guidance start but wrong when proceeding to invite: I invite him, as I do, I use a “filter” to identify first of all the contacts you want to also work in multilevel these systems?

Thanks in advance
for the advice you can give me that will be immediately applicable.

Hi Jorge

The first thing to do is to
fully define your business, so you can know the features you need to have the people you want to work with you.

I recommend starting a business plan because network marketing can be a touchy subject for many and is the best you’re prepared to explain it

Here are some guidelines that can help:


• https: //es.shopify .com / blog / 73160709-as-write-un-plan-of-business-to-your-investors


Hello I would like to
make a B2B business platform that is powerful as Amazon, which recommended me.

I learned that dropshipping is to
make electronic commerce “established companies selling products” without investing money, you could give me literature or information where informació get all this because I wish to exercise this option seriously. Thank you , my mail:

I wonder what name and date I can quote this article? Thank you!

Hello Miss Rose have a question about how I open a blog for beauty products and health marketnetwork home but want to
have a home page for my business

sales digital-It’s the same?

Thank you
for sharing this simple but very valuable information.

I appreciate if you
can guide with a name for my business Nimbre.

Quieri independent websites have 4 pages.

1 ads.

2 auctions

3 vouchers offer

4 page Dating

While each will have its own name, like domain and hosting.
But that could put name for the 4?

Quiserabque these four website, be represented by one.

Thank you!!

Hello Rosa, I saw your last answer was in September 2016, I hope you can answer.
Look’m from Bolivia, a few days ago I heard that there are people dedicated to business mail, then I started vuscar information and I’m here … I would open up opportunities for business in this area in my middle, but the custom here is that traders sell all up in the Asherim, I like business and let me know if you have some ideas or experiences of this business in countries like mine, agradecere a lot for your answer.

I just want to
know what is a local e – commerce

Hello Roman, Can

you better explain your question?
Local, in what country?


Hi, Greetings!

How to
increase my sales in Spain and other countries.

Wow, thanks for the post.
I’m dabbling in electronic commerce, before making a decision, I would like to know more and have an experience. On Facebook I count almost 100 thousand followers in a FanPage. I would like to know more about the plans and know the costs or commissions.

The publication neither the authors nor the date of publication is

very good information but right now I’m doing my graduate seminar on electronic commerce B2C !!!
thanks … ..

you have to do is define within you what you want to

and then look for
the buyer and negotiates ……….

A requirement that is critical of E-commerce is that it
contains detailed information about the products, their benefits and prices. This section is largely dependent on business success. I had a small business and one day decided to do all my savings ecommerce and so far has done very well, I share the page where I make my online store: de-Apps. ECommerce has grown dramatically in recent years, mainly due to the boom in mobility and B2B companies field.

a question what it is the bibliographic record of this information?

Hi I have a good night’s call it
a project and have many doubts or confusion matter is electronic commerce if they could support me to send me some information task. because

the objective is this: The student will
perform an analysis on online marketing through observation, doing a needs analysis and factors involved to give positive proposals in the area.

Name corresponding to the current trends means more


– Types (What are its main elements ?, How demonstrated its

effectiveness ?, does it apply?)

– Full Features

Analysis: (First installment)

– needs that responds (distribution of information, make

known, reinforcing campaigns, etc.)

Factors affecting effectiveness

proposal (delivery week 13)

from the analysis will have to make a proposal

that contains elements of relevance in which what elements can express modified within the viral marketing to improve their effectiveness (sent via Bluetooth, through video games, etc.) and suggest positive changes.

To mount an e-commerce is more advisable to
dedicate a new hosting and domain project or you can use an already registered domain by the company and make a sub-domain or e-commerce as a section over the page?

I appreciate the feedback.


I’m from Mexico, I start an online store alone, but I could never get the sale, I followed some tutorials and tips you find on the
internet, I finally had to invest in a specialized company (Lean Commerce) and thanks to them has been improving my sales, not a magical and miraculous formula. If required work and a different view.


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