The advantages of setting up your own alarm system at home (without fees)

The advantages of setting up your own alarm system at home (without fees)

Security alarms Todoelectronica carry no maintenance fees.

Home alarms are a very reliable security option.

The number of thefts tends to decline in Spain , possibly because it is increasingly common that people install in their homes, businesses and companies own security systems. Today we talk about security alarms , a very reliable and economical option to have controlled our properties. Want to know its advantages?

Broadly speaking there are three types of alarms . The first of these are the hardwired alarms , more traditional. Secondly systems are simple alarm which only have an audible alert. Finally there are wireless alarms , currently the best – selling, installation is very simple and does not need cables, also ensures that it can be controlled at all times by the user, which focuses on active safety.

alarms with no fees

Security alarms without maintenance fees.

Want to know what are the advantages of home alarms? We tell you:

  1. No maintenance fees. At least alarm systems we have in Todoelectronica no maintenance fees. The user makes a first and only investment in your security system.
  2. Easy installation. Installation is usually not complex, for example in the case of wireless even lead wiring.
  3. Control from mobile phone. In the event that a threat is captured, configured in the system users are notified by sms or phone call. Control can also be performed from a tablet or computer.
  4. Wireless accessories. Type wireless alarms also they have lots of accessories to keep improving the initial system and increasing safety conditions.
  5. There are different degrees of security , thus allowing the user to choose from several options.

In short, home alarms are one of the most effective security systems. Without the need for a large investment, and especially without being tied to a contract and a maintenance fees.

In Todoelectronica we have a wide range of alarms to adjust to the needs of each client. In addition, our technical support can advise you on the type of alarm that suits you.

Do not hesitate, With safety is not played!

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