The definitive shipping guide for this holiday season

The definitive guide for This holiday shipping season

 You made your dream come true! you manage your online store had a record number of sales in this Black Friday; But now you must fill and send the large number of orders. Phew !, Fortunately, we are here to help with this big problem and to prepare for Christmas sales.

This guide presents everything you need to create an excellent experience handling sales you make during the holidays, from planning your parcel shipping process until the strategy during the
opening of your packaging .

Let’s go slowly.
The first step in managing your shipments during high season or Christmas BFCM is to understand the process, as it is today.

 You know how your shipping process structured?

If the answer is no, this is the time to find out, and if the answer is yes, but do not have it
in writing, it is also time to do so. Having the writing process, and out of your mind, be useful for the team or for family members, the “volunteers” who grabbed last minute to help send packets of orders during this time.

To find out what your process, pay close attention to the next orders you send, or check with your computer if it
is they who are responsible for the parcel. Make a list of each step and record how long it takes (you can put approximate times!)

 For example, you might look like this … 

As you do this, carefully observe any difficulty and how delays in completing each stage of the process.

Can you do something to restructure the process or make it more efficient?

It may not seem like much save 30 seconds or a minute to
shipping, but if you do ten submissions per day, and five minutes are you (or your team) could invest in something else. 

To help you save time on every order you make, we will explain the two options available

If you find yourself in Spain: 
I recommend you print a batch of labels with the address of your store as the sender and enter the page Post where you can find a detailed list of parcel services offered by the company business in Spain. 

Another option for our Spanish traders is the integration with MRW through an app developed in Spain to use Shopify stores. 
If you are in Mexico: 
There are several options, from pre-paid guides Estafeta you can buy online, up options for shipping at close range with 99 minutes  or send parcels
For our customers in the US, Puerto Rico and in northern Mexico that use the postal service of the United States:
can buy and print multiple shipping labels simultaneously in Shopify, which will considerably reduce the time they spend fill orders from your store.

To get
started, all you need to do is enter the “Orders” page and select the orders you want to fill.

When you
select “Create shipping labels” you’ll see the full list of shipping prices and details of all requests you’ve selected, and you can buy and print shipping labels from that page. If any information is missing, you’ll fill it right there.


Remember, the time you save actually multiply during shipment of 10, 100 or 1,000 orders this season, but do not stop even if there are other parts of the shipping process you can optimize, be
sure to implement these changes long before the Christmas rush .

The information provided in this article is general for all Spanish –
speaking countries. Before scheduling your shipments, print labels and create your selection process, I recommend that you study the different shipping providers in your country and your location. Maybe some of them are not integrated with Shopify, so you must process the shipping labels outside the control panel of your store Shopify.

Once you know your process, you’ll know exactly what you
need physical items to complete each order. Now let ‘s see how your inventory for shipment, and if you have enough items to handle your estimate of sales during the Christmas period.

last you want is to realize on Sunday afternoon, that no longer are adhesive labels, and you can no longer continue the submission process.

If you use a desktop printer, verify that count on a sufficient amount of label printing.
This is the time to purchase supplies you need to be prepared. 

Perfect, you’re ready to start your process and you have all the required supplies.
Now, you need to resolve issues related to client, specifically, how are you going to charge for shipping?

The most common options are: free shipping;
Shipments of flat rate and accurate shipping cost. We have some tips to help you discover which one is right for your store.

Shipping costs are one of the
four main reasons why people leave their shopping carts online, so offering free shipping is a good way to increase your conversion rates – however, it is not always economical.

If you want to
offer free shipping to all, you must understand the impact this will have on your winnings. You should also know
all rates parcel that you should take, including sending heavier items, and shipping to distant places.

Although we must not go to extremes with respect free shipping, ie you can offer free shipping sometimes some of your customers.
sending a coupon with free shipping code to your existing customers to encourage them to buy back, or offer free shipping over a certain amount of items to increase the average value of your orders.

 What is the most difficult factor that must be considered for free deliveries during Christmas ?: maximum shipping dates.
If you propose sending only
standard free, your customers must understand clearly what are the dates of receipt provided , so that they can make the request in time for the holiday date they choose. 

If you want to
offset some of your shipping costs and still avoid the impact of prices when people make payment, a policy Shipping flat rate could be the perfect choice.

If you use a flat shipping rate, try to set a price that covers, most of the time, most of your parcel shipping costs.

Your customers will
always know in advance how much it will cost shipping, and still recover most freight costs, it is best for both.

If you want to
transfer the exact shipping cost to your customers, without adding anything extra, this is the strategy you want. When you add your parcel rates in the control panel Shopify, customers can see exactly the cost of sending their orders and accept them at the time of payment.

Just remember: the dropout rates tend to increase carts near the BFCM and Christmas, and a big reason is the cost of shipping.

Provide accurate shipping costs does not take away the attractiveness of the offer, especially if that’s what works best in your business, but it
is important to be aware of the potential impact and have a plan B to
win back customers who abandon their carts .

One of the biggest challenges in Spanish –
speaking countries is precisely the cost of international shipments.

In Mexico, for example, some traders use local services that transport products and packaged to the US border and send them
using the US postal service, while others have made agreements shipping with local businesses to receive reduced rates for this such sales. 

In Spain, Correos and MRW have resulted in
two great allies of Shopify merchants to make their shipments in and out of Spain.

My recommendation, for both sides of the Atlantic, is consulted well in advance, the rates offered by different service providers shipments to see which best fits the needs of your business. 

Show the exact weight of each of your products, will help you and your customers when making the sale.

Depending on the items that customers choose, you can show the exact shipping costs during the payment process.
Trust me on Friday morning Black Friday or on December 15 is not the right time to start despite your products in the kitchen scale. Prepare ahead of time, because you’ll need. 

Since the costs of unexpected shipping is one of the main reasons why people leave their shopping carts, if you communicate prices and shipping options before hand can reduce largely the number of abandoned upon payment carts.

In addition, the “how much will it cost?” Is not the only urgent question that your customers are made about shipping during the holidays, equally important is the “will arrive on time?”.

Do not be afraid to make
explicit enough to answer
both questions, because the answers are useful and important for both your current customers and new.

 This email Harry is a great example of how you can clearly inform your customers on time and day of court to receive their orders before Christmas.

Parcel services for Ecommerce

 If sophisticated mails are not your thing, informational text also works, especially if you put the details you know are important to your customers.
Consider this example of an email from
 in which he informs its customers about shipping details.
 Emily Law email info

Both your local and international customers appreciate the information and will be able to make better buying decisions.

Beyond the
use of email , we present some ways you can put that information in front of the right people at the right time this season. 

Are you looking for
some good images to improve your marketing messages about shipping? Check out the
collection of images Burst parcel , where we got pictures of this publication. There is a good selection that you can use to promote those shipping details. What ?, Best of all are free!

Having done all this work to get orders from your customers, you will surely want to have a great experience with your product, of course, but also to open it.
Simply a little planning, to create a
memorable experience with packages to generate real business results.

 So start with that in mind: What do you want me to be the result of your experience of opening the packaging?

If you want to
share more on social networks, consider things like the packaging of the mark; a small gift or a call to action asking people to share their experience. This can be as simple as a small card with your alias on social networks, a numeral and an application (respectful!) To publish in networks, if they like your products: It is a great way to get content generated by users to feed your posts on social networks in the coming months! Besides, who does not appear in the Instagram account your favorite brand?

It is an excellent way to get user –
generated content to feed your posts on social networks in the coming months.

Since there is a
good chance that some of your orders are gifts
for Christmas , including information from social networks within the package itself, it could be a good way to ensure they reached the hands of the recipient. Mom and Dad probably will not use that marker unicorn on Instagram, especially because it completely ruin the surprise.

 If you want to
boost repeat business, think about adding samples of your other products, or print a coupon that incites make repeated requests, such as: free shipping on your next purchase, or 10% discount if you buy in the new year.

To change the fact that most of your purchases are gifts, (fortunately for you), be
sure to include two coupons: one for making the gift and one for the recipient. It’s a great way to get two customers for the price of one. Also, if you include samples they could end up in the hands of someone who, otherwise, would never have tried your product.

As a
small business you are, you have an advantage over competition from mega-stores during the holidays, because you can do things that others might not necessarily make. If you want to make a good impression and remind your customers who are really supporting people with your purchase, consider then include a personalized touch as a thank handwritten.

Obviously, this will take a little more time in your submission process ….
It’s just a suggestion.

No matter what kind of experience you’re trying to build your package, you should make sure you have the necessary material available before the start of
the holiday madness. Stock up with the primordial material, prepare your samples, please have printed coupons or packages, and make sure you have sufficient resources to cover your sales estimates. Your great plan will go even better when you have enough supplies to implement it .

As a
small business is important to ensure that your logistics is ready and ready before the holiday shopping season.

With this you will help your customers have a great shopping experience and definitely give a more seamless experience for both you and for anyone to help you prepare the dispatch of those orders.

Do you have more tips to prepare for the holiday season?
We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 


Write him
an e – mail to our Technical Support team, and they will respond
in Spanish as soon as possible.

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