The importance of having a focus on your online business and how to achieve it

The Importance of Having a focus on your online business and how to Achieve it

This happens all the time. When we build a new online business, many entrepreneurs lose concentration in both strategy and execution, trying to move in many directions at once. This lack of focus ends up causing a lack of real movement for business can lead to a failure.

In this post we will explain exactly why the focus of your virtual store is so important.
You will also learn three critical elements of your business that may need full attention, and how to fix them .


probably understand that the approach is important.
You’ve probably known this for most of your life. However, when starting a new online business, there are entrepreneurs who lose.

The problem is that the lack of focus leads to having dispersed resources.
Devote time, energy and money to multiple strategies and marketing channels at the same time leads to no work well. It’s not possible. A daily level, a lack of concentration leads to loss of time. And in turn, frustration, lack of progress in the business and ultimately failure.

Alex Ikonn, founder of
Luxy Hair , mentions that “a unique approach is the most important thing in any business.” From the beginning, Alex and his partner Mimi executed an extreme amount of approaches. When they launched their business hair extensions in 2010, they had a deliberate decision on how to successfully carry limited range of products. Instead of having many sizes and colors they focused on focusing on a narrow range of products that meets most of the market.

As more focus is on the accuracy of your marketing.
Surely read marketing advice that can be found on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, among a host of other channels, but one channel identified where to put their efforts and generate more impact. Focus exclusively on YouTube as a marketing channel allowed to build a channel with more than 2.2 million followers.

Alex is definitely not the only one.
The founder of
Bonobos , Andy Dunn , also showed how to have a singular focus on your post, blog Get One Thig Right , saying:

“Many brands do not succeed because in the process of trying to get many things right, nothing goes well.
Why such a hurry? ”

Clearly, your strategy should focus on the benefits.
Let ‘s see how to achieve in your business.

To get an extreme approach for your business there are three main areas to consider: the general strategy of your business, your campaigns and initiatives for achieving a global strategy and finally daily activities and tasks associated with running campaigns.

These three areas are connected and each requires an approach.
Here are some of the most important elements that each area should take into account:

A general strategy is the big picture and the final address as well as the business purpose.
Usually it is something that does not change unless you are making a major change or money market. Within an overall strategy there are two important elements to consider:

Focus on a unique value proposition – Customers have dozens if not hundreds of other online destinations you can choose instead to visit you. So, why should they buy? That’s the question you need to answer when you start formulating your unique selling proposition.
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Focus on the market / product – Recently we discussed how the product and the market can fit, but your product / market is perhaps the most important thing you must think . Focus on this alone in the early stages of your business can come to mean the difference between success and failure.
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campaigns and initiatives support your strategy and goals.
Lack of approach can lead to a lot of wasted time and money on marketing channels and campaigns.

Focus on one marketing channel – One of the biggest mistakes beginning without an approach is that your marketing never going to provide all your marketing channels a fair chance if you can not devote the time, energy and money enough, which will force you to give up soon.

Whether dealing with SEO, search engine marketing, Facebook Ads or bloggers, all require a solid effort, sometimes to show results and sometimes to make

Particularly when you’re starting you must set priorities and choose your marketing channels and social networks based on what you think will work best for your store (based on the product / market).
Be sure to provide the time, energy and money enough before starting a new channel.

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Focus on a metric– How do you measure your business? Multiple measurements can be used when you start and can take you in many directions and leave you with fear. Choose one metric on which to focus. This metric may change over time, however it can help you have a definite and persistent goal with which you can work and with whom you realize your progress daily or weekly basis.
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Your daily and weekly focus will include tactics and activities that fall in line to achieve your campaigns and initiatives, as well as your overall strategy.

To achieve a focus on a daily basis, consider the following:

The Pareto principle (80/20 rule) – The Pareto principle is simple and can be applied in different situations of life. It decreed that 20% of your actions will create 80% of your desires. The key is to identify and focus on the 20% that currently need to achieve 80% of your desires, without falling into the trap of working in that 80% will achieve only 20% of your desires. 20% you choose to work with is what to improve to a metric.

See what Tim Ferris discusses the 80/20 rule in the following video:

Priority Matrix – This is another popular way to divide and give priority to some actions. Use the matrix to divide the shares into quadrants: it is important and urgent, important and not urgent, not important and urgent, not important and not urgent. This makes it much easier to sort each task and deal with tags in priority depending on the quadrant to which it belongs.

It mentioned that the matrix of priority was used by the
President of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower and there is a phrase attributed to him: “What is important is marked urgent and what is urgent is marked as important.”

Approaches to achieve your business strategy and daily tactics is not so easy.
We publish some tools that can help find and generate approaches:

Business Model Canvas – Writing a business plan does not always work. They are usually long, meaningless, full of words that are rarely seen on a normal day. Canvas business model is different. It is a single page that lists strategic key elements for business. Most importantly, it forces you to think about important elements of your business to identify and focus on what is important.

Check out
this video below to understand this model and
click to learn more.

RescueTime – When it comes to approaches in daily activities to build an online business, there are many deals in which you should focus. Social networks, forums and new sites are just some of the many distractions to keep in mind.
RescueTime is an app that works in hidden form and provides a breakdown of your day and week. Along with the activities that are going to help you better understand where you are wasting more time to regain focus and more productive.

Ambient noise and music – Noise in the atmosphere and music causes effects on the brain and can help keep you focused, especially when you’re working in a distracting environment.

Below are
five of the best sites ambient sounds and apps to increase your focus and creativity:

A clear focus of your strategy, your campaigns and your everyday tactics are vital to every business.
Without approaches, you run the risk of being one of two trillion sites in a sea four trillion people online.

The good news is it’s never too late to find and implement an approach for you and your business.
Use this post as a map and begins to reevaluate your strategy, making sure to have a proposal for clear and unique value. From that point, re evaluate your marketing channels and campaigns to ensure you stay in line with your strategy, you will be able to be on a clear path and having a business focus.

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