The new Qviart decoders

Qviart has launched four new satellite receivers with important novelties. The decoders Qviart Lunix3 4K and Qviart Lunix for the most demanding users. And in addition, renewed versions of Qviart Undro 4K with Android 6.0 and Qviar Mini2 . State-of-the-art satellite decoders already available .

Since a few days ago we have in our catalog four new satellite decoders. This is the new Qviart models, reference company in the development of software and hardware in the sector of DVB receivers.

The 4K technology and the flexibility offered by the high-end Linux E2 are the two pillars of its new devices. Decoders that offer their users an increasingly complete experience: watching television is now much more.

New Qviart decoders

Let’s see, one by one, what are these four novel satellite receivers of Qviart and their main characteristics:

Qviart Lunix3 4K

qviart-linux3-4k-todoelectronica 2

It is the highest decoder in its range, based on Linux E2 and manufactured for the most demanding users. In addition to being a 4K receiver, it has a dual satellite tuner that captures the entire band (FBC) to receive 8 programs of 8 different frequencies simultaneously. On the other hand, it offers 2GB of RAM, Gigabit LAN, USB 3.0, 12-digit display … in short, everything you can expect from a top-end receiver.

Qviart Lunix

It is the little brother of the Lunix3 4K, the most demanded in the Linux E2 family. Full HD H265 has smaller dimensions, but without giving up the best technology. It is more economical, small, with an elegant design and unbeatable stability. Undoubtedly, the best option for those seeking a middle ground.

qviart-undro4k-todoelectronica 3

Qviart UNDRO4K

The renewed and improved version of the mythical Qviar UNDRO, but with a different design and features that position it in a privileged place. Currently, it competes directly with the market-leading Android satellite receivers. It has 3 USB, Bluetooth 4.0, integrated WiFi with external antenna, 2GB of RAM, applications and integrated games, etc.

Qviart Mini2

The perfect option for those who want simplicity, guarantee and low price. The Qviart Mini2 is a Full HD decoder with a very intuitive interface, integrated applications and USB WiFi with antenna.


Bet for quality and innovation

These four decoders have burst onto the satellite receiver market in style. Betting on high technology and with the guaranteeof a reference brand in the sector.


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