The real “secret” to launch a successful store to thousands of excited customers

The real “secret” to launch a successful store to Thousands of excited customers

Most online stores fail because they do not have the ability to drive traffic.

For most people who have started an online business, there is
an intermediate when starting a store, which is entirely dedicated to finding the right products to market approach.

The great myth of e –
commerce is that by
a well – designed online shop and excellent product photographs are has what it takes to persuade people to take out their credit card and buy.

Now, this could become reality if you’re throwing your site to a group of people who are interested in what you’re doing.

However, most stores are not making this release to the right people.

Unsteadily start almost determines that the site becomes a beautiful mausoleum of products that never find an owner.

This forces the owner to put to work to find customers – largely through discounts and a communication strategy and marketing on
track to sound more like a beginner and less as confident, trusting in your brand and who knows what that makes.

But what if we
turn this.

What if you
build an audience
before you start taking millions of photographs of products and write the description of products with remarkable SEO optimization?

What if instead of launching your store and expect people to
come to her, and spears when you are sure that there are at least 5, 10 or more than 20,000 people who will come to your site that day?

Sounds crazy?

It’s what did:

It’s what Stripe made before airing:

It’s what Rakes Harry and others did before completely out:

The idea is simple:
Do not make launching your store until you’re sure your audience.

How is this possible?

You may notice that many companies are using the famous phrase “soon” on pages requesting email.
It’s part of it, but it’s not the whole story.

You might want to refer to a
marketing program reference , and that helps, but it is not the magic solution that you want to get.

And although the co-founder of Harry, Jeff Raider, share the step by step process that used to
have 100,000 online subscribers in a week on the blog of Tim Ferris, even this post is a little boost.

The real “secret” to collect 100,000 emails in one week is hidden in the following paragraph (emphasis mine)

“Before our launch, Andy and I spent a couple of months meeting with friends, entrepreneurs and virtually anyone who I would hear us talk about Harry. Whether or not they were interested in our history, with razors, we try to interest them in our history . This list of people was probably hundreds of people at launch and create the campaign to help this group of people to publicly share the excitement of the launch. ”

Was he caught?

Jeff Raider and its co-founder
spent months ensuring that hundreds of people talk about Harry, long before launching his campaign. In other words, a list that worked up to a larger list was built.

It turns out
that they are not alone.

The guys who created the water filter Soma began planting an idea with his friends many months before they launched their campaign of
$ 147,000 on Kickstarter .

Tim Ferris began building its base to send about 1,000 copies to make a collection of pre-orders for “The 4-Hour Body” three months before launching the book.

And in
this article about HubSpot , Noah Kagan talks about his experience with and how it started building your list of pre-launch 9 months ago .

Which brings me to my
next point …

In the period of 9 months prior to the
launch of, Noah built a database of contacts with the top 25 most influential bloggers and finance.

Having this enabled him to
build continuously relationships with these influential bloggers, as he far conducted marketing activities as

have 9 months waiting time allowed Noah introduce the audience to an unknown brand, explaining the benefits and taking advantage contacts to create a mailing list for pre release of 20,000 people really excited.

And while the initial task of Noah was to
have 100,000 users in 6 months after their efforts ended securing 1 million users in the same period of time.

For you it is important to
determine how big the list of pre – launch to see how successful it can be launched. Avoid throwing an arbitrary number and instead uses benchmarks, and reverse conversion rates to measure the number of people you need to launch your campaign in order to obtain a profitable first day engineer.

The important thing to consider is when you are building the distribution list of pre-launch (the first contact group that will provide more contacts) is a concept that Tim Ferriss calls “the perfect minimal dose” which tries to apply more energy necessary to obtain the correct results.

Harry meant to have channels of communication with the potential social reproduction.

For you, maybe you could be extremely smart with paid advertising, the uncanny ability
to hack press or your ability to make friends in a Facebook group.

The idea is that once there is
reverse engineering objective , with a list of 10,000 people – have to identify which is the best result by a small amount of effort.

recommended creating a spreadsheet to track distribution channels confirmed to help you build the list of pre launch. This spreadsheet contains the traffic source with estimates of traffic and conversion rates.

This can also be modified to include a potential email list, RSS Feed, the size of social networks and any additional allocation that comes from each source.
It is important that this sheet includes only sources that guarantee to help spread the word about an idea.

Depending on existing channels, and
sta distribution list probably not built in a day , which is fine. Worth taking an inventory of what you’re doing simple, then build a plan to expand your distribution on top.

Mike Del Ponte, who
belongs to Kickstarter , says that is essential reading for your release process.

In it shows some of the fastest ways to
find people of influence and identify itself to rank and choose a speech that reach relevant bloggers and journalists who provide the most important impact of your campaign.

This is a small fraction of the advice given:

Another suggestion includes:

This is one of the most difficult processes that take more time, so
be patient .

Use templates Mike to more easily able to
see part of the process and how you can outsource a viral assistant in order to focus on building relationships with people who have the greatest impact on their campaigns pre launch and launch .

For beginners,
Monetate reported that the average conversion rate is between 2-3%.

Although I am not usually that hat baseline data are put, it’s something to consider when you are building a brand new store.
Given the existing margins, what is the amount of traffic that is needed to have a profitable business with 2-3% conversion rate?

More Realistically, how
do you do that number appears if only 0.1% – 0.5% of the traffic converts? This is often the case with new brand stores, so when setting your goals better prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Now you should also take into account the increased cost of PPC, the ever –
changing Google algorithm and increased restrictions on distribution of organic media.

Gurus support Shopify are constantly getting questions like:
“How can I make my site appear in Google” While you should optimize your keywords long tail, the truth is that it can be really difficult to qualify for a new site .

This does not mean you should ignore SEO best practices, but rather not let the success of the company influence whether Google considers your site worthy or not.

Although building a list of pre launch means additional work, end up
being two really important lists:

Because You own these lists, these distribution channels are unaffected by the whims of Google and can become an asset real than at any time can share everything about your store.

While you’re building your list of pre launch, take the time to get to
know people in list and share developments about your progress:

Mike Del Ponte shares some ideas with which they managed to
get their first contacts:

The idea is to
make early adopters feel special and like they have some control in what you’re doing, you can motivate some of them to share what you’re doing organically.

Depending on what you’re selling, there is
also room to include regular game mechanics (Harry provides free products if you refer to a number of friends) or VIP access for those who can not wait to get their hands on what you’re selling.

The profitability of building this list of pre-launch and media can be felt when reading
“12’s I Learned Lesson While Marketing The 4-Hour Body” Charlie Hoehn.

From the perspective of the media list, seeing the huge amount of coverage the book got, you can see the absolute madness.

You should consider paying to send more than 1,000 copies, generating more than 200 positive comments on the first day.
(There are now more than 2,500.)

This, combined with the enormous amount of pre –
generated orders campaign pre launch of Tim on Amazon, serves to classify the book highly which drives more sales and book distributors to order a ton of inventory to anticipate demand from the store.

The result of all this was a debut at # 1 on the list of best –
selling books of the New York Times and maintaining a position # 3 for 3 weeks. He also was # 4 in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today list, as well as stay in the top 5 of Amazon bestseller between December 2010 and January 2011.

And it
‘s okay, you’re not Tim Ferriss.

But for Soma, company water filters Mike Del Ponte, uses a similar strategy that generated an increase of $ 100,000 in 10 days.

For Harry, this meant a release of more than 100,000 people, which allowed to
buy a German factory where manufactured today, up from $ 122.5 million additionally – all within a span of 10 months.

For, your email list 20 thousand users helped push more than 1 million users in 6 months and an acquisition of $ 160 million for Intuit.

What could this mean for you?


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