The resurgence of the search for gold in Spain

The Resurgence of the search for gold in Spain

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In Spain a lot of gold still remains to be discovered. Photo: Europa Press

¿For gold? Yes, search for gold . Not a thing of the past not only movies. In Spain there is still gold in fact has regions with more of the yellow metal in Europe. A hobby – for some something else, which is picking up in recent years . Asturias, León, Extremadura or Almería are some of the areas more concentrated amount of gold in rivers, streams, reservoirs and mines. 

The price of an ounce of gold is on the rise. Perhaps for this reason, perhaps because of the economic crisis, it is increasingly widespread search of gold. A relatively simple activity with an easy equipment to acquire can give more than one surprise. The attraction of gold has returned to levels last, is that Spain remains one of the European countries with the largest reserves of this precious mineral on their land.

2000 years ago the Romans took advantage of the great Spanish sites, today these places are rediscovering and new media available – gold detectors are increasingly sophisticated and yet affordable time – again found gold in places like Leon, Asturias, Caceres and Badajoz Almería or others.

Photo: MuyHistoria

Photo: MuyHistoria

Many gold to be discovered

What is clear is that there is still much gold in Spain, with a remarkable resurgence in the provinces of Salamanca, Cáceres, Badajoz and Leon, as highlighted himself Mining Museum , under the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain. In one of them, at the site of Casas de Don Pedro in Talarrubias (Badajoz) was found in the 90 largest gold nugget known to date, the Pepita Doña Josefa, 218 grams.

What are the highlights for gold in Spain?

  • Historically Asturias is one of the areas of the peninsula more related to the search for gold, especially Oro Valley located in the town of Navelgas. In this area there are many aquifers deposits in the riverbeds in the area.
  • Lion. In this province the Romans dug large aquifers deposits, especially in the area of Médulas. A reactivated by area fans still find nuggets of pure gold in its waters. The deposits of the region of Valdería continue to provide gold seekers precious metal as well as other mountains in the province. According to the researcher and popularizer recognized José Vicente Casado for the Diario de León, “there are currently at least 40 points throughout the province of Leon gold that continue to supply regularly.”
  • Cáceres and Badajoz. The two Extremadura provinces have experienced a resurgence in recent years. In the ‘ 80s they began to find gold nuggets of considerable size, and a decade later the largest nugget known, with 218 grams of weight. The site of Casas de Don Pedro in Talarrubias continues to give joy to the prospectors. In this area many mines are exploited professionally, given the potential of their land.
  • Salamanca. Of this province are from some of the most important findings in recent years, with nuggets of considerable size.
  • Almería. Almería years ago was another of the provinces where the gold mines were exploited. One is that of Rodalquilar, near the Tabernas desert. Although closed for over two decades, you can tour the surrounding mines and with a little patience and luck to find some nugget of gold coveted metal. As a curiosity, and for most moviegoers, it should be noted that in these mines some scenes of the movie were filmed Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade .
Mine in Rodalquilar scenes 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' were filmed.  Photo:

Mine in Rodalquilar scenes ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ were filmed. Photo:

Gold is under our feet. In Spain it is not so difficult to find, and amateur level are increasingly those who loaded a gold detector -asequibles for all pockets, patience and desire for adventure , walking favorable areas to find the precious nuggets.

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On these items we continue delving into the search for gold and major findings produced in Spain.

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