Tools for sending in electronic commerce: Apps and resources to help you optimize your business

Tools for sending in electronic commerce: Apps and resources to help you optimize your business

You’ve spent months building your online store and prepare your marketing strategy. Launched your business and presto !, you made your first sale now what ‘s next?

Some new e –
commerce entrepreneurs tend to neglect their compliance strategy and sending when they launch their online store and the main reason is usually that the environment is complex and confusing shipments. However, having a good strategy shipment is vitally important and is a good element to any successful e – commerce should consider.

In this post, we will see some of the most important tools and practices, some resources and apps that help develop a solid
strategy for your business.

We started.

The package that you drive is important and can have multiple purposes.
Not only is responsible for protecting your products in transit also serves as an extension of your brand experience. Luckily, there are many packaging options available to you.

There are
many good providers and online packages you can consider. Some of the most popular are: In

addition, you will want to
consider local packaging options. Often when you buy packages locally you can get away cheaper, since you save on shipping costs. Check the packaging line options and shipping boxes with your suppliers in your area.

When you’re packing your products, you’ll want to
make sure you can keep healthy your products as they arrive at their destination. The standard test is called four-foot drop (drop of 4 feet).

Image courtesy of Shipwire

Your products and packaging must be able to pass this test on a hard surface, protecting your product so that it will
not break. Do this test ensures that your products are going to be able to withstand typical impacts during shipment.

Test 4-foot drop consist of 5 types of falls: In

addition to this test, your products and your packaging must be able to withstand vigorous shaking one minute without the content suffer ruptures.

Each package has specific requirements for packaging.
Although most are standard and common, it is necessary to review the specifications that each require:

There are
a variety of shipping options and variables that come into play when a runner is chosen. Each offers different rates and services.

Below is a list of guidelines shipping services some of the most important post that will help give a better sense of each of their respective options and transport services are shown:

parcel services base their rates depending on a variety of factors.
Everything from weight and size, country of shipping and delivery as well as extras like insurance and tracking.

Here we present some calculators of the most popular parcel services which will provide cash easily cost your business needs.

If you are sending products to other countries, your customers will want to cotices them taxes and tariffs of the product.
These charges depend on many factors, which can become confusing. So that your customers have an idea of what they will cost this shipment, check out this
calculator custom taxes . You must enter only your country, the country of destination of the shipment, the product type and value; with this, the calculator will provide much is what your customers will have to pay in taxes and tariffs.

For more information on the forms and policies needed for customs declaration, please consult the following resources:

business accounts can save your time and money when shipping is concerned.
Each parcel service offers various discounts and services, so it is important to know and take advantage of the most applicable for you and your business.

If you’re like most new business, chances are you should start with handwrite addresses customers in your packages, and take them
directly to the post office to pay the postage. As will grow your business, there will come a point where this practice is no longer feasible. Fortunately, there are many options available for labeling the package and pay for postage directly from the comfort of your home or office.

Using a store can be a great option to help automate compliance orders.
If you choose to use a fulfillment company, you can store some or all of your products in one of these stores. When the orders come, they must pick, pack and ship the products required by customers and manage the customer back to your company.

There are
hundreds, if not thousands of companies from which you can choose. Then you’ll have three options that directly are related to Shopify. These apps will be integrated directly into your store and feed orders automatically in the warehouse.

As your business grows and you send more orders, you will notice that you
start to get more emails from your customers asking about the status of your shipment and parcel service.

Beyond getting your customers to
get your products, you need to consider the rules and policies on returns of your products, and that there is no problem with that. In this case, you need to have a good return policy in mind for your customers and yourself.

Send your product is complicated and for many entrepreneurs, a source of frustration.
Shipping a good strategy may not make your business a success, but a bad strategy if you can define it . However, with this list of resources, you must be able to develop a good strategy shipment handling and storage for your business, and generate a brand experience that will keep your customers interested in returning to your store again and again .

Bonus : Check out our guide shipments .

Richard Lazassera is entrepreneurial e – commerce and content strategist at Shopify. Find out more about Richard at Twitter .

Hello good afternoon.

Excuse me, know of any shipping provider ?, I can offer fresh cheaper than if bought directly with the carrier ?.

Thanks and remain pending.


Good afternoon, I would like a quote for the creation of a website including a blog and an online store for sale, initially only 1 product is a medical device for treatment among other things urinary incontinence at home.

I would like a website that does not have the mark of Shopify but our own name.

We also need the store is integrated with any of the services of warehousing, distribution or shipping that you promote on their website (Shipwire (World) type and we want to send to all USA and Latin and Central America mostly.

The size of the boxes where it comes our product is the approximate size of the box of a cell

thanks for your guidance.

Best Regards,

Senior Klara

Hello Klara

platform Shopify lets you create your personalized shop with your own domain and incorporate different forms of payment. We share our website where you can see the prices and features. in
addition, you can test the platform for 14 days free.

If you have doubts creating your store, write to support @ Shopify. com


I am interested in
a vendor to create my online store can contact me at cel 5533584294.

Hello I want to
set different prices for my shop on line depending on weight but every time I test a product 1kg free shipping that put me still taking the cost of the next rank, a counselor can help me set this up?

Good afternoon

I have a furniture company, I would like to
know how to send the entire Mexican republic.

We have a furniture store in Texas, USA as sofas, tables etc., are great articles and want to sell online and make shipments to customers ‘ homes, as could send low cost, please if you can help. Thank you

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