Top 3 satellite decoders / receivers: Qviart, Iris and Engel


Top 3 satellite decoders / receivers: Qviart, Iris and Engel

Receiver / decoders make smart televisions TV.

Decoders / satellite receivers meet the needs of the most demanding users.

Although we have dozens of TV channels to watch, they seem not enough. Television consumption habits have changed a lot in recent years, with increasingly demanding users . The producers know this , that offer more specialized content to reach everyone. And thanks to the decoders / satellite receivers the user can access hundreds of additional channels, with programming almost tailor-made Internet connection. Today we look at what are the 3 most popular decoders .

Homes and establishments have had to adapt to the new European standards, incorporating increasingly modern and multipurpose satellite receivers . Users no longer serves you to choose among dozens of television channels, they want more and increasingly specialized. Also require extra functionality : Internet connection to access content at any time (and manage: record, start, pause, etc), high quality, speed, etc.

In Todoelectronica have decoders have the best price and the best quality.

The Qviart are the option with the best value.

Qviart , Iris and Engel are three of the brands sold. But before telling its main features, we give some considerations that you should consider before choosing a cable box / satellite receiver :

  • It is very important to the image quality, make sure you play in Full HD (High Definition).
  • Acquires a receiver having internet connection via WiFi or Ethernet cable, is a functionality which can no longer do without.
  • Make sure that you have USB multifunction ports, card reader and additional access .
  • Show the technical features of the processor, the more powerful the better performance.
  • Design and functionality . You also have to assess the size of the device, its design and usability.
  • Extras : multi-language, TimeShift function to fast forward, rewind or pause live content, preinstalled applications, etc.

But once featured some of the points that must be evaluated before choosing a decoder, we tell you what are the brands currently sold are:

  1. QVIART . Today is one of the reference marks , and certainly one of the most sold and popular . Include its strong commitment to Full HD and multi – functionality of their devices, which besides having excellent color reproduction, providing value – added Internet connection, connectivity, applications, TimeShift and all the qualities you would expect from a decoder with a value enviable .

We encourage you to review it .

Undoubtedly, the star has been the Qviart COMBO , the most comprehensive of the entire range . This model is specially designed for users who want it all, including an attractive and functional design . In the technical aspects need to highlight a powerful processor of 667 MHz, 2 GB of RAM, 1080P resolution, recorder, player and Internet connection (WiFi, Ethernet or 3G).

Of course multifunction USB ports available for connecting an external hard drive to record for the TimeShift function and to update the software. Furthermore the Qviart COMBO has a card reader, support channels 8000, 4000 and 100 satellite transponders, 7 days EPG, Teletext and supports DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 (USALS) and UNICABLE.

2. IRIS . It is another reference receivers, high performance rank it as one of the most successful options among users. 9600, 9700, 2600 are your three most important models. WiFi Internet connection, applications such as weather or Youtube, games, USB connections and card reader are some of the extras of these receptors.

Iris specializes in television devices.

Iris has several models and very good performance.

3. ENGEL . Also at the top they are satellite decoders and receivers Engel, with its multiple functionalities turn any TV into a Smart TV with Internet access , applications and multiple possibilities of reproduction.

Engel decoders are among the best sellers.

Engel have also have very good performance.

In Todoelectronica You can find these and other brands of decoders / satellite receivers to extend the TV experience to something more complete: personalized content, an extensive program to choose, browsing the Internet, connecting devices, games … in short, a whole new way to enjoy television.

Qviar, Iris and Engel are the most competitive options, with the best value in the market. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask .

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