Types of surveillance and security cameras and how to choose the right system

Types of surveillance and security cameras and how to choose the right system

surveillance cameras and security in todoelectronica

Enterprises, establishments and private homes reinforce security in September.

New course and new goals. Enhance safety Is one of them? Then it’s time to know what types of surveillance cameras and security more convenient. It should be strengthened security companies, shops and private homes to meet the new course with assurances that thieves will not make mischief in our private property.

To help you choose well the most appropriate security system, today we are going to talk about surveillance cameras and security . To begin we will see what types exist, the characteristics that must be evaluated and other data to consider.

First of all, we will highlight its advantages , that will encourage them to continue reading:

  • The installation is simple , at least in small spaces that do not require a large number of cameras.
  • Viewing from mobile. If configured to do so, you can view images from the mobile phone live and direct.
  • Immediate notification to mobile if the cameras capture something unusual.
  • Simple purchase. Buy the right fit can be even easier turning to video surveillance kits that include the essential elements of any installation.
todoelectronica video surveillance and security cameras

Scheme closed CCTV television system.

Now, what are the types of surveillance cameras?

  1. Analogue cameras are installed using wiring . They are connected to a power supply and a video recorder to display images and store them on a hard drive.

    1. Conventional box type: all electronics (lens and power source) in the camera body. They used for interior and exterior.
    2. Bullet type: is a conventional model with cylindrical shape. Usually have infrared illumination for night vision.

      video surveillance cameras todoelectronica

      analog camera type bullet.

    3. Dome: hemispherical is a more elegant and understated design. Usually they installed on the roof integrated with the environment.
    4. Mobile PTZ: to control a space from all angles, rotate 360 degrees horizontally and vertically 180.
    5. Mini cameras: small dimensions allow hide anywhere. They have the same features as conventional cameras.

      mini cameras surveillance and espionage

      Mini surveillance camera and security.


    6. Wireless cameras: are used in areas where it is impossible to install cabling. They are only recommended in exceptional situations (campsites, rural farms, etc).
  2. IP cameras: These cameras have internet connection and can be controlled from the phone or computer. Its features are highly variable, both in design and technical specifications.

Technical specifications

On the other hand, it is essential to correctly assess the objectives of the facility to choose the system with the most appropriate technical specifications. Let us see what are the most important data to consider:

  • Field of view of the camera. We find fixed optics, manual and automatic variables that govern alone depending on the distance that is the goal.
  • Image resolution, or what is the same, the level of detail. The higher the resolution, the clearer the image. In addition, higher resolution greater will be the size of the file. Usually measured in pixels and / or TVL (horizontal TV lines).
  • Framerate, better known as frames. In other words is the measure of how often a player generates different frames.
  • IR or infrared, refers to whether the camera has incorporated the IR lighting system for night vision or not.

In addition to these concepts, we must also pay attention to the type of wiring, the wiring, whether or not incorporated microphone to pick up sound, etc.

In Todoelectronica every day we advise our clients to help them choose the video surveillance system that best suits your needs. Also on the web you can find all the equipment independently or in specific kits to further facilitate the election.

Anyway, whenever you have doubts, preguntadnos without obligation . We help delighted!

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