Uses and applications of the Point of Sale software

Uses and applications of the Point of Sale software

Software Point of Sale (POS according to their SINGLAS in English) is evolving at a considerable speed. If you’ve been in an Apple store lately you’ve noticed that the days of outdated and clumsy cash registers have been in the past. Traditional retailers are evolving towards the use of lighter systems that are managed from tablets and smartphones, leaving behind the complicated systems costing thousands of dollars.

But not only minority shops are interested in POS systems POS; owners of ecommerce stores that sell at craft fairs, trade shows and farmers markets solutions also need outlets accessible and easy to use. Install a selling point with Shopify is easy. Then the basic information:

Software Point of Sale (POS) is using traditional retailers to make sales.
Sometimes it’s a cash register, computer or even an iPad where cashiers enter their products, calculate the total cost, and carry out financial transactions. Most software that offer a selling point, also communicates with inventory levels to keep everything in balance. Many large – scale stores are outrageously expensive POS solutions, some tailored to your needs. Smaller – scale retailers are moving away from these traditional systems point of sale and dabbling in the use of cloud – based solutions

This is the latest trend in POS software and its popularity is increasing rapidly.
You can access the system directly from the Internet and is often compatible with most hardware outlets (cash drawers, printers, etc.). These cloud – based systems are less expensive, and are convenient because traders can access information from anywhere with an internet connection. This is great if you have a small business that sells in a traditional shop, e – commerce, and occasionally you attend trade shows or farmers markets. When you use a selling point cloud based and you link your Shopify store, your inventory is automatically modified.

All the time we have inquiries from retailers who want to
sell products online. Doing this is easier than people think.

Last year we went to a store called Taylor Stitch, a popular boutique handmade shirts in San Francisco. Taylor Stitch uses Shopify along with two user – friendly applications to handle all your business. Shopify use as your ecommerce software, Vend as their POS software based on the cloud, and Xero as your accounting software. Watch this video which was filmed when we were there:

Shopify merchants have a couple of POS applications to choose from . Any of these will help to change traditional shops selling point to a more user-friendly and accessible. It will also help store owners ecommerce install a POS system that can be used to sell at trade shows, farmers markets, and anywhere where they can make a sale.

Write him
an e – mail to our Technical Support team, and they will respond
in Spanish as soon as possible.

What is the cost of the program

Hello Betty

Thank you
for your comment. POS price is $ 49 dls per month. For more information, I invite you to visit the site and see all the requirements.


remains compatible with POS shopkeep Shopify, as in the Shopify App Store no longer appears.


Hello someone can tell me if I install this software on a PC to test monitoring from a central point, as I need to
know I’m doing a project monitoring of POS devices with such software. Thanks

Hello, I already have POS system Shopify, I could indicate where and what type of printer is the remains should I buy to print my tickets purchase.

Thank you!

Hello I am interested in developing a virtual store and have a POS cloud –
based ?.

The POS software has a Spanish version.

If I develop a store and I buy the point of sale as the software is integrated.

In my store I just need to
collect payments by credit card and national and international debit cards , I need to make collections only with customer data via a terminal POS like the cart (I do not need the physical card) You can do this type of transaction at the point of sale ?.

As you would have to invest to make this work.

which are the software requirements?

Thank you very much for your interest to our system.
I commented that the reader is only available in the US and Canada, but the system can handle as follows:

1. Acquire Shopify to an external POS authorized dealer (you can find it

2. to accept credit cards, use the card reader local bank (check availability)


Hello, I wonder if the transaction fees are also charged in operations in my physical store with Shopify Pos or only charge sales from online store.
Thank you.

Hello while buying a POS terminal POS Mamba but can
not find the instructions, have someone who can advise us with these systems?

Hi Priscilla Solis Moreno,

I recommend you contact our technical support team for you to learn if your POS is compatible with the software ShopifyPOS. write them
in Spanish and they will respond to you with pleasure.


as I get a POS terminal?

Mexico City



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