What are the most adequate security systems for neighborhood communities?

What are the MOST adequate security systems for neighborhood communities?

Neighboring communities require custom security.

Every community needs a proprietary custom security solution.

Each community of neighbors is a world; a world not always easy to ‘govern’. Different opinions of the owners make the decision-making is not easy. Still, security is an important issue to debate and requires a customized proposal for each type of community . From a goalkeeper to video surveillance systems and alarms , through access controls are the options most currently used. Find out more !

Surveillance cameras must comply with legal requirements.

Video surveillance cameras are one of the most used resources.

Security in a community is one of the priorities of its neighbors. The system of choice is very different in each case, because you have to take into account the type of property to be controlled, the spaces they want monitored, if they are just common areas and also wants to strengthen the safety of each household, etc. .

Not the same install a security system in a community of neighbors with several portals and common areas in a city, a country estate of detached in the middle of the field or community of villas on the outskirts of an urban environment.

Every community needs a neighborhood custom security solution.

Safety is a priority in any community of neighbors.

They are aspects that should be taken into account when developing a proposed facility that meets the needs of the community in question. Let ‘s see what the are security proposals most frequently used and effective :

  1. Video surveillance cameras . They are the most widely used solution. Video surveillance cameras are strategically positioned to be the most sensitive areas controlled
    In Todoelectronica information boards have approved.

    When installing video surveillance is required to report.

    : Access and exit doors, entrance and interior garage and storage space. The cameras are programmed to record 24 hours or motion detection, so that images are recorded only when the detected action. Thanks to the recordings in case of theft, vandalism or any other incident images can be used to assist in the investigation of the incident.

  2. As a complement of video surveillance cameras or as s ystem autonomous security in many neighboring communities to are used alarms , either connected to a central or own premises alerting in case of intrusion with an sms or call mobile phone.
  3. Access controls . It is a system well suited for enhancing security in public areas, restricting access to unauthorized persons . So well, with fingerprint, encrypted command, a code or coded cards, only step allows people discharged from the system. They are commonly used to enter the garages, storage rooms or community sports facilities (pool, gym, etc).

Access controls used to be used more in offices, gyms, factories … but their use in communities of owners is increasingly common because it allows control exactly who can enter and who not to areas of interest.

  1. There are many communities that besides security installations in common areas also involve each household with a video intercom . Thus, whenever someone rings the bell, the owner can see from his house -a through device- screen who is calling and decide whether or not to open the door.

Depending on the chosen device can even orient the camera allowing to observe a wider space and even see who is calling even at night or in low light thanks to night vision .

  1. Simulation activity. You have to think of everything, and not only in security when we are in the house. So in many houses are used for simulation systems activity , thanks to which it seems that someone is when it is actually empty. We talked about programming on / off lights, raising and lowering blinds … home automation at the service of security at home.
Alarm systems share are an economical and reliable choice.

It is increasingly common installation of alarms in the home.

As mentioned earlier, each neighboring community is different . But there are common solutions ‘ Of course customizing each installation- not fail.

Whether you are an individual or an installer in Todoelectronica you can find everything necessary to make these facilities, no maintenance fees and all collateral material.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to make them! We are happy to help.

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