What are the most efficient types of access and presence controls?

What are the Most Efficient types of access and presence controls?

Access control and presence serve much more than control.

Control fingerprint is faster and easier.

Many companies are turning to access control as a security measure and control . Controls used to restrict access to unauthorized persons, control inputs and outputs of staff, organize schedules and even optimize tasks and processes of staff among other uses . Small businesses, large businesses, gyms, schools, parking lots There are access control and presence appropriate for every need , let ‘s see what are the most important:

  1. Presence control and fingerprint access. It is the easiest and fastest method . The device allows you to record a number of up to 5,000 fingerprints for example with the Anviz T5 , although it depends on the model. All data is stored in the controller and can be transferred to a computer for display and analysis in the specific software.
  2. Control of presence and proximity card access. This type of device requires a customized card for each user . The operation is very simple, just the card must go through the reader to access a place or time control at the entrance and exit. They also have a software to download data on a computer. The number of cards that can be read will vary depending on the device, while some 500 only read other can register up to 30,000 .

    There are access control and presence appropriate for every need.

    Companies, gyms, schools … it is increasingly common to install these controls.

  3. Access control keypad. The device has a keyboard in which you must enter a numeric passcode.
  4. Access control and presence of facial recognition. Are devices that record biometric data through facial analysis. Normally also they work with registration fingerprint or card reader. Data can be extracted to a computer with a particular software.

These are the types of access control and presence more frequent. Some devices can even use several methods of identification -biometrĂ­a and card or numeric code and card, etc.

In Todoelectronica we have a wide variety of devices with the most competitive prices. Our technicians will recommend what best suits their needs without problem.

We want to know your opinion, what do you think of this system as a control system in enterprises, schools, gyms and other spaces?

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