What bots can do (and not) for your online store

What bots can do (and not) for your online store

It is difficult to speak of ” conversational commerce “, a concept coined by Chris Messina Uber to describe the future of messaging applications, not to mention the chatbots .

chatbots are programs that pretend to be people and you can interact via text or voice. In essence, you can talk to these chatbots messaging applications , as well as you would any other contact from your list , for the day ‘s news or even do something.

In the context of
conversational tradeWhere messaging applications become a bridge between consumers and businesses, chatbots seem to be the best answer for business owners ecommerce managing thousands of personal conversations with customers.

For many
owners of online stores that do not need to handle many conversations with customers at once, “outsource” the customer using a robot is not worth it, because it would sacrifice the quality of the experience of each buyer or whatever as owners they could learn from their customers.

These small
online businesses are often run by one or two people who, thanks to some automation, are more than capable of juggling several conversations with clients at any given time.

And with examples like the
controversial Microsoft Twitter bot , Tay, showing the current state of artificial intelligence; it is possible that many people are skeptical when a robot entrust something as important as customer service .

Instead, companies in
e – commerce should look at the conversational trade as an opportunity to engage privacy and automation to offer customers an experience more personal through messaging applications.

While the
chatbot has not evolved to the point where it could seem like a real person completely, the messaging application has evolved to improve a part of the business that is never completely physical store led to the online store : sales and service customer .

And it is possible now because messaging applications as a whole have experienced explosive growth compared to most social applications, offering users a
communication channel more committed and private that any social network.

These applications include
Facebook Messenger is one of the biggest opportunities right now.

Since its launch in 2011, Facebook Messenger has grown to 900 million users, far exceeding other messaging applications.
That makes it one of the best
platforms for companies seeking to explore the trade talk as a sales channel and direct customer support.

The integration of Facebook Messenger as a channel providing a continuous line of communication that customers can access when they
visit your website, creates a
conversation that stays with them when they move from one computer to tablet or a smartphone on a multi – device world.
Example: conversational trade

In a
conversation with a client , you can:
Example, manage customers

By coupling the practical service and a certain degree of automation, sending notifications and automatic responses, for example, you can
manage customer relationships more easily and at a more personal level.

This does not mean that the bots have no place in business.
Far from it, the chatbots are already fulfilling its promise to create more time for business owners, but differently.

While a
chatbot AI is not smart enough to become the face of the brand for sales or customer service , you are at a point where you can take some of the many burdens that involves running a business , especially when it comes to executing tasks of marketing and operations. The best work because they fulfill a specialized role.

These bots usually offer the user an experience that begins with a couple of options or closed questions (yes / no), before being diverted to ask more questions as needed or execute an action based on the information gathered.

bot Messenger NBA , for example, offers videos and answers to questions about recent games. The bot CNN news , in the same way, provides a brief summary of the main news of the day when prompted.

But for companies that compliance is the main task, the services usually outsourced to virtual assistants where bots can provide maximum utility.

Kit is a great example of how the bots can help online stores , it is a virtual assistant recently acquired by Shopify (for now only works in English).
Shopify kit

Instead of an application for each task, Kit may interact with different applications for you.
All you need is a word and try the action for anything, like:

As you can see, in this context
chatbots as Kit can give business owners an opportunity to save time , which can be used to focus on other things.

The easiest way to think of ”
conversational commerce ” is to turn the dialogue, the natural exchange of information, something which people, applications, companies and robots come into contact significantly.

While the concept of
creating chatbots artificial intelligence is not new, the amount of attention, acceptance and innovation that surrounds today is the result of advances in messaging applications of social networks where we invest our time actively.

Because when you think about it, the deepest and most personal form of
commitment that a customer can have with a business I am not like me on Facebook, email or even a purchase.
It’s the conversation!
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Braveen Kumar is editor of content Shopify, where it
develops resources to empower entrepreneurs to start their own business. 
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