What is Domotica X10?

What is Domotica X10?

What is Domotica X10?

X10 home automation home automation system is the most widespread and used in homes around the world due to its simple installation and easy operation that adapts to all current automation control needs in homes.

X10 is the “language” of communication using X10 compatible products to talk to each other and allow you to control lights and appliances in your home, taking advantage of the existing electrical installation 220V home, and avoiding having to install cables. This is the main reason X10 is considered a home automation system without installation.

Home automation products based on X10 system are designed so they can be installed easily by yourself without any special knowledge . Each device has an address to which reply or forward, there being a total of 256 addresses. All X10 home automation products are compatible with each other so they can be combined to form best suited to their preferences system.

If you want to make your home or smart office, just a few modules to install x10. And if you want a tip Start by Home Automation Kits or consult your settings will be happy to advise you.


The home automation system is not a mere whim, but it has the following advantages:

Protect your home and family

Simulates your presence when not.
Turn on all the lights with just one button. It also works with most widespread alarm systems. Check and check the status of your home remotely.

Adds value to the property

A house with a home automation system is priced higher in the property market.
Your home is easier to sell. It incorporates unique features that no competition. It is an added value that gives greater category.

Quality of life.

Think of all routine operations every day.
Come, turnthe porch light, then the room, turn off the outside, turn the bathroom, etc … Can you imagine that television had no remote control ?. Remember when he opened the car doors with the key.? And when he came up the windows by hand.? You’ve spent a lot of money on something that just enjoy whenuse the car. Whereas at home you can enjoy the same amenities you and your family throughout the day. Atendtheyou do not live in the car. (Although sometimes it seems).

Energy saving.

Add intelligence to your home,
addition to saving energy, it makesmore environmentally friendly. Everyone is clear that the double glazing save energy. Wellsimilarly, a system that monitors and controls lights and appliancesturningoff when not needed saves energy.

Protected investment.

One of the great advantages
the X10 system is thatis completely universal and therefore transportable. If you change your door, it’s natural that does not carry the day you move. Instead all X10 products are so easy to install and uninstall the day you change your home or office carries them, like television would take, it will continueserve in their new location.

Future vision.

One of the things that most concerns when investing in technology today is its life.
Andall know what the effect of a computer. Or what about the formats that are not universal (beta videos, CD video, etc.). Among the various home automation systems trying to impose today, the X10 system is the only one stillforce after more than 25 years and over a hundred million devices running worldwide. (Formerly only inUS)currently already adapted the system to 220V and is used throughout Europe. In Spain, already a compulsory part of the curriculum of FP2 in the field of electronics.


Not the same one, a hotshot house smart house. It is true that today there are programmers, remote switches, timed thermostats, etc. it is also true that all have the same problem. They are not smart, they do not interact with each other and do not adapt to the changing environment. For example, a programmer simulating our presence is not able to adapt to changing times. Nor will detect whether we are not at home. He’ll just turn the lights on and following an established program. What you decide to go this weekend to his villa in the countryside? as telephoning from the car and connects heating 2 hours before arrival.

The big difference X10 system is that this is smart and devices interact. For example when entering your home in the afternoon, the presence sensor can fire you sequentially hall, the hall, the bedroom, turn off the hall connecting the heater and light two lamps living 50%. They are over 11 and the sensor does not detect it ? Off the brazier to keep it stays on and off all the lights except the fourth child who stays lit dimly. And all this automatically. What today does not want the automatic sequence? With just one button sets the new mode of operation. I’m leaving Saturday weekend. I have to prepare the controller for the intelligent controller starts the simulation program has learned that just watching my daily routine. These are only a few examples of the endless possibilities.

The future is here and we will put at your fingertips ,
providing everything you need to make your smart home.

DIY until recently was the same as saying “mountain its own library”.
Now is the time
DIY Technology .

Application Examples


A control 8 in 1 RF and RF receiver can now control the television, the air conditioning or the intensity of the lights, all from the comfort of your couch.


By having appliances controlled by X10 kitchen can and set them up or stop them from anywhere in the house, and even with the ALL OFF function mini controller ensures that none is left in place by accident.


With this timer routine of getting up off the hall light always he stays on is over. In the morning when you wake up, start the coffee and turn on the heater so that everything is ready to rise. And it is also an alarm clock.


With the PC interface and the supplied software, you can now control your entire home from your computer, set on, prepare command macros and then dump them on the interface to keep things running even with the computer off.


Finally garden lights under control. No more coming home in the dark, with the control key can turn on the lights from his car. Rains?. Now who comes to turn off the lights ?. No problem with any command such as the remote control by rf they will no longer be the lights.

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