What is mobile marketing and what is important for an online business

What is mobile marketing and what is Important for an online business

This year, many companies have realized that mobile investment is a necessity to have success in e – commerce .

The challenge now is
no longer to be optimized sites or a good mobile application, rather it is to attract attention, build trust and meet customer expectations. But to achieve this , it is necessary for online business owners understand more about the strategies that can be implemented and best practices.

Now you’re starting in e –
commerce, it’s time to start thinking about actions that help boost your online business. Then we’ll tell you some basics you need to know to succeed in mobile marketing.

mobile marketingIt refers to the set of marketing strategies carried through mobile devices. This means a broad understanding of the mobile audience to meet their needs in the best way through their devices.

Undoubtedly, the use of mobile devices has changed the way consumers relate to brands.
People are conducting product searches, opening your email, update your social networks, visiting websites and even make purchases from your smartphone or tablet.

So, the
mobile marketing cash will be achieved through understanding the mobile audience, content creation for making such devices and adapt strategies to reach consumers at the right place and time.
Mobile marketing

To understand more about
the big picture and the
importance of mobile marketing for both established companies and small businesses, we will enlist some interesting facts.
Mobile marketing strategy

Like any marketing effort, companies must
develop mobile strategies based on an analysis of the audience and industry. Technology increasingly provides more customization options and therefore mobile marketing should also be treated like that.

So how do you create a mobile marketing strategy?

You can not begin to
create applications or advertisements without knowing the needs of your mobile customers.

So to start, what to do is to
analyze your audience and establish a mobile person buyer. That is, a profile that describes the characteristics of the client, but especially describes how to use technology as sources of information, purchasing process, consume online content, etc.

One way to understand how to
use mobile devices to search for information related to your product or shopping is using what
Google calls micro-moments .

micro-moments , according to Google , “are those key moments where people use their mobile devices to perform actions related to what they need or want at that moment. Users want information, go to a store or make a purchase and are loaded with intent, context and immediacy. ”

There are
four micro-key moments :

Knowing these micro-moments will help you understand the intent and context in which the customer need arises.


following questions will help you begin to identify the data you need to know:

You need to
define what it will be your success. Do not forget that your goals must be clear, measurable, specific and time – bound.

Currently, many users expect sites allow them to
make quick and smooth transactions from their mobile devices.

The defined goals, you can determine what tactics carried out to meet them
. The
mobile marketing strategies can be as varied and depend on the type of business. Some options you can adjust include:

Like any strategy, you need to
test and optimize. So once you define your goals, determine what key indicators that will help measure the success of your actions will be.

There are
many tools to help you control your results,
Google Analytics , for example, can provide useful information about the behavior of users to see how they interact with your site from mobile; conversion data; etc.
Mobile app

Today, many
websites already have a mobile version, but just enough to make sure it fits your screen, you must also be functional. The 79% of customers who declare themselves dissatisfied with the performance of a website, say they see little chance of buying back there.

Your site must provide a
user experience unique to mobile devices, and that means basically: In
Mobile optimization

addition, many
e – commerce businesses are taking advantage of the popularity of mobile applications for customers to have an easy way to make purchases and keep date with your business.

Some benefits of mobile applications for online stores with:

If you believe that mobile applications are for large companies like Amazon or Facebook, you have to know that small businesses have many opportunities, but you need to
find the best way to
adapt your business to a mobile application .

mobile marketing is not an isolated effort, are actions that must go hand in hand with your digital marketing actions.

So start optimizing your strategies and make your site adapt to new market needs.
Do not forget to measure and improve your actions to be more successful.

Super interesting given me a guide to follow.

Great post, help me to my blog

Hello Maritza and Jajo, thanks for your comments.


In addition to
the Email Marketing and Whatsapp messages and good mobile site experience, what other channels should be cared for digital mobile strategy ?, what other different be taken into account with respect to non – mobile?

Hi Roman

Social networks are definitely an important mobile channel, so you need to
create content that can be adapted to mobile. As well as applications and gadgets. However, something that should focus on mobile phones, is that unlike a computer, users must be comfortable interacting with your site or make a transaction.

It is important to
detect which areas of your site can be complicated mobile, for example, the payment process, possibly on a computer is easy to fill forms, but in a device no.

You can find more information: customers

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